Can the cystitis he go? Answer the question

Many women are interested in: can the cystitis he go? This disease of the bladder, during which the inflamed mucosa of the organ. Are suffering from this disease, mostly women. Male gender also can recover, but much less frequently. This is due to the anatomy of the body. Cause inflammation of the mucous membrane may be:

  1. Hypothermia.
  2. Poor immunity.
  3. Poor hygiene of the genital organs.
  4. Damage to the bladder.
  5. Infection body infection.

Alarming symptoms are: blood in the urine, pain in the abdomen, cloudy urine. Many women are wondering: what happens if not treated? Can the cystitis he go?

Acute and chronic form of the disease

If you became ill with cystitis and for 3 days has passed, so your body overcame an illness and you need to see a doctor. Do not delay a visit to a specialist. A mild form of the disease lasts about 9 days. It can be treated at home. You should definitely drink plenty of water — around 8 glasses a day. And to take painkillers. If the cystitis is acute, it may be a fever. In this case you need to take antibiotics.

Upon detection of inflammation in men and children should immediately seek medical attention. Girls, too, do not neglect your health, because subsequent recurrences of the disease if untreated can cause serious complications. If women cystitis occurs more than 3 times a year, you also have to go to the hospital. You cannot self-medicate, selecting the first that came to hand antibiotics. This way you can just eliminate the symptoms, and the cystitis remains. And after a while it will make itself felt. If not timely treated, it can become chronic. And then the problems will be much greater. It is impossible to underestimate the possible consequences. Or to treat cystitis yourself. You need to see a specialist, which will choose the right treatment and will appoint him individually.

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If the disease has become chronic, to cope with it are much more complicated than the initial one. Very often in the hospital treated patients with complications. During chronic cystitis irreversible processes in the bladder. But even a severe form can be treated effectively if you find the right treatment. You must follow a diet and avoid sexual intercourse during treatment. Then recovery is guaranteed.

If left untreated the chronic form, the infection can reach the kidneys and cause pyelonephritis. Refresher cystitis, a person can become disabled. If left untreated mild form, it can lead to irreversible consequences. And then the only way to get rid of the inflammatory process, becomes removal of the bladder surgically.

Useful tips

From the development of the inflammatory process, no one is immune, but there are a few simple rules, following which you can protect yourself from the onset of the disease:

  • regularly observe genital hygiene;
  • to treat inflammatory processes;
  • to avoid hypothermia;
  • after sex to go to the toilet;
  • to lead a healthy lifestyle:
  • at the first sign of disease need to visit the relevant specialist.

The disease itself does not pass. When the first symptoms should consult a doctor. Do not put it off for later. Because it will be much harder to overcome the disease. And the consequences can be irreversible. If we do about your health not worried about it didn’t worry anybody.