C-reactive protein increased: the norm and the reasons for the increase

Blood plasma contains hundreds of different proteins. Each protein has its own function fixed. Basically, they are formed in the liver and must maintain the osmotic pressure of blood, which it held water and salt. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a glycoprotein, which is also formed in the liver and also refers to proteins of acute phase of inflammation. Once the body starts an inflammatory process that begins to grow the level of this protein in the blood, and during the day it can exceed the rate of several dozen times.


As evidenced by the increase in SRB?

To identify the levels of CRP in the blood by analysis of C-reactive protein. Normally it should be absent or minimal — up to 5 mg/l. And the rule is the same for children, women and men. If C-reactive protein rises, it indicates the beginning of the inflammatory process. The rate is the earliest indicator of any violations in the body. At the transition of the disease to the stage of chronic C-reactive protein normalized, and then increases again during exacerbation.

С-реактивный белок повышен: норма и причины повышения

The reasons why the level of this indicator can be upgraded, various:

  • acute infectious diseases, often caused by bacterial infection is one of the major reasons why enhanced CRP;
  • the norm of this indicator is exceeded in the exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • this increase is observed in the case of burn injuries, frostbite, necrosis, and after surgery and other damages tissues;
  • the collapse of malignant tumors is accompanied by increased level of CRP;
  • increase in blood pressure entails the increase of this indicator of blood;
  • diabetes, obesity, or other endocrine pathology leads to increased CRP;
  • violation of lipid metabolism, which can lead to atherosclerosis, also accompanied by an increase in CRP;
  • in women during pregnancy and while taking oral contraceptives, this figure may rise;
  • frequent Smoking can also cause a deviation from the norm.
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The reasons for the increase in CRP

The rate of increased C-reactive protein may be exceeded, as mentioned above, in various diseases and conditions of the patient. However, depending on the reasons for this increase, C-reactive protein may have a different index:

  • If the reason why CRP is elevated, is a viral infection or a chronic indolent disease, the rate increases slightly. The norm content in the blood increases to 10-30 mg/l.
  • In bacterial infection rate the content of CRP in the blood increases tenfold. Its content can reach 40-100 mg/l. the same increase is observed in chronic inflammatory diseases and tissue damage.
  • Myocardial infarction is also accompanied by an increase in the content of the SLO.
  • Newborns who have C-reactive protein level reaches 12 mg/l, mandatory assigned antimicrobial therapy, because such an increase may indicate sepsis.
  • Burns, sepsis and severe generalized infection may increase C-reactive protein in the blood to the exorbitant 300 mg/L.

In all inflammatory processes, this figure rises very quickly. The subsequent dynamics of the disease immediately affects the levels of CRP. Therefore the need for treatment to pass a blood test CRP. If the level is reduced, so the treatment is chosen correctly. If C-reactive protein continued to rise or indicator does not change — it is necessary to adjust the treatment. With proper treatment the norm indicator is reached in 6-10 days.

When interpreting the results of the analysis, the doctor draws attention to one more indicator of sedimentation rate. It also increases with the presence of inflammation in the body, but not so fast and not so fast. Normal levels of CRP elevated ESR may indicate acute intoxication, as well as some other diseases.

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How to determine the increase in CRP?

Symptoms that may indicate increased C-reactive protein, no. Raising it is just one of the signs that the body violated in some processes. To determine the CRP should be taken in the morning fasting blood test from the vein. You can eat no earlier than 12 hours before, and half an hour before analysis, you need to stop Smoking. In addition, before analysis, you should refrain from strenuous activity and avoid strong emotional stress. Failure to comply with these conditions, the result may be inaccurate.

The reasons for which the physician may refer the patient for analysis can be various:

  • Letting such an analysis provides an examination of the elderly.
  • Patients with diabetes, atherosclerosis, as well as patients who are on hemodialysis, pass the analysis to exclude cardiovascular complications.
  • Hypertension and ischemic heart disease to take the test necessary to prevent possible complications.
  • After the coronary bypass surgery analysis of the rent for the timely detection of complications.
  • To determine the effectiveness of treatment. If the prescribed treatment does not normalize the indicator, it is necessary to change the prescribed medicines.
  • Control over the rate necessary to produce tumors and acute infectious diseases.

How to normalize the level of CRP?

As already mentioned, increased C-reactive protein is one of the markers, suggest that the body violated some processes. Therefore, in order to return the indicator to normal, it is necessary to find the reasons for its increase and eliminate them. If you do not pay attention to the deviation of this index from the norm, it threatens the development of cardiovascular diseases. In order to prescribe the right treatment, the doctor needs to conduct additional screening to study the full clinical picture of the disease. If C-reactive protein increased, in addition to the recommendations of the doctor, the patient must:

  • to stick to a diet that will favorably influence the cardiovascular activity of the body;
  • to lead an active way of life, to diversify your leisure time in sports activities;
  • to keep fit and prevent excess weight;
  • pay attention to the blood sugar levels and blood pressure;
  • to give up Smoking and alcohol.
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In the human body is arranged so as quickly as possible to inform of the malfunction of any system. The main thing — to listen to yourself and, if necessary, undergo a medical examination. C-reactive protein is one of those «bells» which at a very early stage will help to suspect a disturbance in the body. Of course, to draw conclusions and prescribe treatment based only on the deviation from the norm of this indicator is impossible. But this result should be cause for a more thorough examination. After all, without determining the exact reason why this figure is growing, the doctor will not be able to appoint adequate treatment.