How to give birth with hemorrhoids?

During pregnancy almost all women face some problems. For example, this age spots and striae on the skin, exacerbation of chronic diseases and more. Often pregnant women experience discomfort from the increase of hemorrhoids. Often this occurs before the emergence of the child into the world. So you need to understand how does the hemorrhoids and childbirth taking place in a natural way.


Many women are worried about what appeared hemorrhoids becomes a contraindication to natural delivery, because it can negatively affect the appearance of the baby. But it is not. Enlarged hemorrhoids does not hinder natural childbirth, but the process will have some nuances.

Как рожать с геморроем?

On the eve of the birth of a child have hemorrhoids, a woman should be prepared for the fact that after birth the problem will worsen. In addition, this nuance will cause additional pain and discomfort during passage of the fetus through the birth canal. But if the expectant mother will immediately start the treatment of enlarged hemorrhoids, it will ease the situation.

However, if a pregnant woman started having serious hemorrhoids before childbirth, which is bleeding profusely, the decision is made in favor of surgical delivery. The same applies to thrombosis of the veins and the rectum and infection. In the natural process of birth into the light the problem worse. In this case, natural childbirth hemorrhoids can cause serious complications.

Childbirth can hemorrhoids fall out, but experienced midwives quickly right inside. When the infringement of the mother helps the proctologist. However, if the birth takes place normally, such situations rarely happen. Hemorrhoids is not a reason to perform a cesarean section.

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Pregnancy and childbirth in most cases, the cause of haemorrhoids in young women. The growing fetus puts pressure on the pelvic organs and disrupts blood circulation in them. This is due to compression of blood vessels, which leads to an increase of hemorrhoids. So as pregnancy is a precipitating factor for the appearance of hemorrhoids, treatment may be futile. However, many doctors still insist on treating this disease, because births will only exacerbate the problem.

The future mother in the first place is doing all it can to normalize the chair. The bowel should be emptied daily. First of all on an empty stomach to drink a glass of warm water. If there is no tendency to the formation of edema, the day should drink two liters of clean water. The menu includes products, activating peristalsis. This:

  • steamed vegetables
  • baked apples;
  • yogurt;
  • yogurt;
  • oatmeal;
  • apricots;
  • plum;
  • peaches;
  • the prunes.

From the menu exclude products studs. It is pulses, rice, flour. Constipation provoke additional compression of the veins and straining when you try going to the toilet, and this exacerbates the problem.

Как рожать с геморроем?

Hemorrhoids carefully monitor the hygiene of the perineum. After going to the toilet to wash thoroughly with cool water with children’s soap. If a woman is on the road or away, washing away substitute the use of wet toilet paper.

For pain relief you can do sitz baths with a decoction of herbs. The water should be cool, as high temperature provokes the risk of miscarriage.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy treated medically. However, to choose the drugs impossible, because during pregnancy list of medicines is limited. Pregnant women can use medicines with local effects (candles and ointments). Importantly, components of the drug does not pass to the baby via the placenta. Often potential new mothers are discharged:

  • Relief Advance;
  • Bisacodyl;
  • Natalise;
  • GameStop;
  • The caffeine and other.
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The selected drug is treated not only at home. Take it with you in the hospital after a baby cured hemorrhoids may again escalate.

As for alternative medicine, the use of folk remedies from hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be unsafe.

During pregnancy you need to regularly unload the veins of the rectum. To do this every day at least for a few moments be in the knee-elbow position. It will also improve the outflow of blood from the perineum. Daily walks and exercise for pregnant women will help prevent the complication of hemorrhoids.

After delivery list ways of dealing with this disease is expanding. In some cases, a woman surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.