Carrot juice for the common cold for children to drip the juice of carrot baby

Help nose drops of carrot juice?

Carrot juice for the common cold for children have long been popular, as has effective method against symptoms of infectious inflammation. While some doctors argue about the usefulness of this method of treatment, the effect is proven. Using nose drops of carrot juice eliminates mucus, moisturize the nasal passages, reduced signs of inflammation.

Before using this method, you must establish the reasons for the formation of inflammation. In some cases, the treatment may be unsafe, so it is recommended to consult with your doctor. However, with the usual runny nose using this method is absolutely safe. So you can not afraid to treat a child with an ancient method.

What is runny

Runny nose or rhinitis is a disease of the nasal mucosa, which is associated with the penetration, development and reproduction of malware trace elements. The cause of the inflammation includes not only viruses, but also the penetration of bacteria, fungi and some types of allergens.

According to statistics, an adult more than three years in life with mucous secretions. But only for one year a person can catch a cold more than five times.

Despite the fact that the nasal congestion and mucus by themselves are not dangerous, they can be harbingers of more serious pathological processes.

The common cold often causes inflammation of the middle or inner ear, sinusitis, sore throat and may even become the root cause of the meningitis. Therefore, the treatment of the catarrhal forms of inflammation it is necessary to obtain in a timely manner.

The only way to avoid any serious consequences.

The human body is designed so that when the lesion of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity is the development of a special secret. He, in turn, moistens the walls of the nose and causes a barrier between the nasal sinuses and viruses. Thus, there is a natural defense of the body against the development of inflammation.

Not always abundant mucus becomes symptom of the disease. Prolonged exposure to the wind or a walk in the cold time of the year provoke increase mucous secretion. Thus, the body protects the nasal cavity from the effects of the environment.

To treat such inflammation is necessary, under the supervision of a doctor therefore, before using folk methods determine the cause and then start the necessary therapy.

How to be treated by the juice of carrots

Before carrot juice dripping nose, you must get permission from the doctor.

During the inspection the specialist will represent one of the four causes of rhinitis.

Often unexpected rhinitis indicates the beginning of a negative process.

Experts distinguish four types of causes of rhinitis:

  1. Often the appearance of a cold caused by viral or infectious lesion of the nasal cavity. In this case, the rhinitis is manifested? as an accompanying symptom of viral respiratory diseases. In the case of SARS or respiratory cells in the nasal cavity are damaged and formed a large amount of mucous secretions. They contribute to the appearance of edema and the accumulation of secret.
  2. Unwanted the process of developing mucosal secretions can occur due to allergic reactions, in which the body’s immune system begins to synthesize the active components. In this case, patients complain of swelling and congestion of the sinuses.
  3. Common cause education becomes runny vasomotor rhinitis. At this time, the patient mucous membranes of the nose expands and forms a large swelling. Most often, this symptom occurs as a response to the stimulus, which interferes with the function of blood vessels inside the nose.
  4. In the latter case, the rhinitis appears as a side effect after the use of drugs. When thoughtless medication or long-term treatment with antibiotics is formed rhinitis. In this case, the cold manifests itself as a symptom, rather than as an inflammation. At this time, you must seek the advice of a specialist and review the course of treatment.

Only after approval of a physician can without fear drip carrot juice from a cold for the baby. Apply self-treatment for inflammation in children is dangerous, as due to ignorance of certain factors aggravate the process.

Carrot juice is used against mucosal secretions.

Often, this ingredient is assigned in conjunction with other components, but is most often used as a single product.

Juice carrots helps reduce swelling, thinning mucus, and restoring the functions of the upper respiratory tract.

Carrot juice is effective treatment when the disease is vasomotor rhinitis or sinusitis, various forms of inflammation. This method of treatment can benefit expectant mothers and children of different ages.

Keep in mind that carrot juice contains a large amount of volatile. They directly affect malicious objects.

Carrot juice does not irritate the mucous membrane of the nose, so the ingredient can be performed therapy cure inflammation in children.

  1. For making mortar you will need to wash and clean the carrots.
  2. For efficiency, you can add in the carrot juice, the honey, the juice of garlic or aloe.
  3. Ensure that the carrots were intact, without stains and cracks, and its colour was rich and bright.
  4. Do not use carrots of other colors, as they have fewer volatile and less efficient.
  5. With a squeezer will get the juice.
  6. Dilute the resulting liquid with purified water in proportion of one to one.

After the implementation of these procedures may instill the obtained diluted juice. To enter a substance should immediately after cooking. Do not store the liquid after use.

In the case of the treatment of young children the juice of carrot should be diluted with warm water in the proportion one to two.

Immediately before instillation guide hygiene of the nasal cavity with warm water or brine. Thus, the positive substances will work much better.

Then, using pre-sterilize the eye dropper and drip two drops of the substance. The interval between administration of drops should be two hours, and the course of treatment should not exceed three days.

Sometimes a dosage and a treatment course may be extended to five days, but it depends on the form of inflammation.

In the case of treatment of sinusitis with this method rate increased to eight days.

If the inflammation after five days of treatment does not render proper results, it is necessary to address to the otolaryngologist.


This form of treatment has no contraindications and side effects so it is allowed in the treatment of children and pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

However, with hypersensitivity to this component to be treated with carrot juice is prohibited.

To maintain the result, immediately after instillation of the component in the nasal passages, close the nose pellet for fifteen minutes.

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