Circumcision of the labia: the stages of the operation, possible complications

To intimate the correction includes surgery that corrects certain flaws in the genital area of women. Every girl wants to have not only a perfect look, fit and attractive shape of the labia. Many women dream of doing an intimate plastic, but because of the delicacy of this topic too shy to ask for help to the surgeon. Professional will help you in eliminating the physiological disadvantage of the method of reduction of the sizes of genitals. Such changes will undoubtedly give you confidence in its beauty, which has a positive impact on the mental and emotional state and significantly improve your sex life.

The reasons for conducting intimate plastics

It so happens that too large of a labia to bring the woman discomfort, limiting her to wear certain underwear or tight-fitting clothes cause constrained behavior during sex. Some women are not satisfied that the labia minora protrude above the line of large. According to statistics, 40% of women dissatisfied with the size or shape of their labia, so my dream is to fix this aesthetic problem by using plastic surgery. Labiaplasty is performed for both small and large labia.

Technology adjustments genitals

Circumcision of the labia is considered a safe procedure with lasting results; after her female intimate area receives an attractive appearance, with out all the systems and improves the quality of sex life. This kind of surgery is performed only if the patient has no contraindications to it. The operation is performed under the action of local or General anesthesia, with an average duration of up to two hours — the duration determines the complexity of the operation. All important details are discussed before the correction of the intimate area. The surgeon will remove the excess tissue on your genitals, this will retain the natural shape and size. Then stitch the incisions. Increasingly the emphasis is on correction of the mucosal surface to the scars hiding on the inner surface of the labia. Importantly, after intimate plastics were saved the relief of the small lips and the sensitivity of the intimate area.

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Plastic of the labia majora.

  1. When a large amount is applied liposuction.
  2. With a small amount is injected a biopolymer gel, which gives not only the volume but also shape.
  3. If skewness is a full-fledged operation to eliminate the defect.

Plastic labia minora is performed:

  • if imperfect form of the genitalia gives a lot of problems when wearing underwear;
  • if small lips have an elongated shape and extend beyond the labia majora, unaesthetic and unhygienic;
  • if you need to remove the sagging, sagging.

In parallel with labioplasty labia minora actually accomplish clitoroplasty (removal of excess skin from the clitoris to open it).

Labiaplasty will help to eliminate painful sensations during sex, exercise, riding bike, wearing narrow clothes. Free the women from the constant irritations and difficulties that they were experiencing with each hygienic procedure in the genital region. Also, this intimate correction will help to regain form parous patients.

All surgical interventions, there are contraindications, and labiaplasty is no exception.

Limitations to cosmetic surgery of intimate areas:

  • diseases related to the heart (malformations, stroke, heart attack);
  • the age of 18;
  • venereal disease;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • mental disorders;
  • inflammatory processes of genitals;
  • the period of menstruation;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • heightened chronic disease.

Women, in the future, planning a pregnancy, carry out the manipulation in the form of plastic surgery of the genitals is not recommended: due to the fact that after delivery the genitals in some degree change, a preliminary operation is useless.

Postoperative recovery

Plastics after some time genital area will be sore and is swelling. The doctor will give several compelling recommendations under which all the pain will go away in just a fortnight. The scars will heal quickly, and thanks to a good blood circulation in the area of the labia will become completely invisible. At the end of the month after plastic surgery the patient can return to normal, active life. Mostly doctors recommend at the time of rehabilitation to refrain from physical exertion, not to use tampons, to wait with the sex.

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Possible complications:

  1. The appearance of thick scars.
  2. Decreased sensitivity or increased pain.
  3. Rough appearance.
  4. The wound infection.

Satisfactory performance held intimate plastics are:

  • the achievement of reduced size and symmetrical forms;
  • the flow without complications of the postoperative period;
  • lack of physical and sexual awkwardness;
  • the elimination of aesthetic defects and dissatisfaction of the woman.