Correction of the labia: the description of the operation

Ugly, deformed labia is a serious reason for dissatisfaction with their appearance. Many women face the problem of enlarged labia minora – this may be the consequence of age-related changes in the female body, pregnancy or childbirth. Modern plastic surgery makes women charming floor-virtually limitless opportunities to address any shortcomings in appearance. The bikini area is no exception. Correction of bikini is produced by labiaplasty – operative recovery is harmonious, anatomically correct shape and size of the external genitalia.

The essence of labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery to restore the shape and size of the labia minora. Are an integral part of the female reproductive system, they have a significant impact on genital hygiene, the quality of sex life and the state of women’s health in General. Deformed labia can interfere with active movements, while walking or doing sports. That’s why over the last few years, labiaplasty has gained immense prevalence among women in the different age categories.

The essence of labiaplasty is that everything is stretched, deformed tissue of the labia minora are excised, and the bikini area attached to the beautiful, anatomically correct form. It should be noted that modern plastic surgery has identified several stages of deformation of the external genitalia:

  • the first stage is a small deformation: small labia are large for not more than 1 cm;
  • the second stage is 1 — 3 cm;
  • the third stage is 3 — 5 cm;
  • the fourth and most difficult stage of 6 cm or more.

Indications for labiaplasty

Labiaplasty shown to the fair sex in the following cases.

  1. Deformation of tissues in intimate areas due to difficult childbirth or any other mechanical injury, resulting in the labia greatly protrude outside the great. Recovery through intimate plastics allows to achieve perfect form.
  2. Asymmetry, elongation of the external genitalia.
  3. The restoration after the sagging, sagging tissues of the labia minora as the result of age-related changes in the female body.
  4. Congenital absence of symmetry in the genital area of the lips.
  5. Recovery enlarged labia minora in size regardless of the reasons, accompanied by appreciable discomfort for women during sexual intercourse, sports or when performing active movements.
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Labiaplasty allows you to quickly and safe for health to give intimate region harmonious and aesthetically attractive form. This type of surgery is considered «day trips» — in the majority of cases within a day after an intimate correction of a woman discharged from the hospital. And after 3 — 5 days it can return to its usual working rhythm.

Labiaplasty: contraindications to

Despite its many advantages, labiaplasty has some contraindications that must be taken into consideration before going to a plastic surgeon.

  1. Related chronic diseases, which at the moment are in the acute stage.
  2. Infectious, inflammatory, or sexually transmitted diseases. Even with the common cold should immediately report it to your plastic surgeon. Perhaps the intimate correction will have to be postponed.
  3. Serious contraindication to cosmetic surgery of intimate areas is the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  4. The implementation of surgical intervention is not recommended for girls under 18 years of age.

Preparing for labiaplasty

Preparations for intimate plastics starts about 7 days before the scheduled operation and is as follows.

  1. Women planning surgical reduction of the labia minora, it is recommended that a week before operations to abandon the use of any drugs. It was found that many medicines – for example aspirin — may have a direct impact on the process of hematopoiesis, and therefore the use of such drugs can aggravate the process of rehabilitation after the labiaplasty.
  2. Approximately 2 — 3 days before surgery, avoid any sexual contact.
  3. The procedure for the correction of the labia is assigned the week before or 7 days after the next menstruation.
  4. Before performing intimate plastic a woman must undergo a full medical examination, including examination by a gynecologist and oncologist and passes all the necessary tests – General blood and urine samples for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Labiaplasty is performed most often under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is rarely used and only at the insistence of the patient. In the case that was chosen the last type of anesthesia, before the surgery, the woman must undergo a consultation with an anaesthetist.
  6. On the eve of the intimate plastic, you need to do hair removal bikini area; the bladder and the bowel must be completely empty for their evacuation can be applied enema.
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Labiaplasty refers to the so-called «fast» surgery – it lasts within one hour and being in the hospital usually takes less than a day.

The postoperative period

The rehabilitation period after the correction of the labia lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks, and the first results of the intimate plastic can be assessed not earlier than in 6 — 8 weeks. In the postoperative period must adhere strictly to all the advice and recommendations of your plastic surgeon.

In the first days after labiaplasty may cause swelling, pain in the region of the labia minora. To eliminate the pain of a woman prescribed painkillers drugs. Immediately after the intimate plastic can be prescribed a course of antibiotics is necessary in order to prevent the development of various complications.

Until complete healing of the tissues of the external genitalia seams should be treated with antiseptics. Most modern surgeons use absorbable sutures that do not require additional withdrawals. But regular antiseptic treatment of wounds is necessary.

After carrying out labiaplasty for women is not recommended to stay long in sitting position. Also need 6 — 8 weeks to withdraw from sports and other heavy physical activities. Regular sex life is allowed to return not earlier than through 1,5 — 2 months.

After the restoration of the labia minora should not wear close-fitting undergarments made of materials of questionable quality. It is best to give preference to high-quality products from natural materials. After labiaplasty, women are encouraged to abandon the use of various cosmetic products for intimate areas – sprays, deodorants, creams and lotions.

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