Cough syrup wet cough for child and adult

What to take for a wet cough?

The main symptom of many colds or infectious diseases of the respiratory system is cough. It manifests as a protective reflex and helps to cleanse the accumulated phlegm and mucus. Cough appears not as an independent disease, but only as a symptom of inflammation, so the patient should start the treatment immediately and eliminate provoking factors as quickly as possible. To eliminate and facilitate the manifestation of the disease is possible with the help of medical treatment.

Today, there are many medicines that are designed to combat wet or moist cough. Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry, the question of what to make when the wet cough an adult, is quickly resolved. However, you should not choose medicines without a doctor’s prescription. You may not know about the hidden side effects of a drug and cause the formation of undesirable consequences.

Types of drugs for the treatment of cough

There are more than twenty inflammation of the respiratory system, accompanied by a wet cough. This protective reflex indicates inflammation of the respiratory system, therefore, it is crucial to eliminate mucus and accumulated dust or dirt.

For the treatment of inflammations in the respiratory system expectorants are usually prescribed medicine against cough.

For reference! Wet cough the patient is not assigned antitussive drugs. They do not liquefy thick mucus that contributes to the lack of drainage and accumulation of mucus inside the body. In the end of this process there is a risk of development of pneumonia or obstructive syndrome.

In the treatment of wet cough prescribers of several groups:

  1. Secretolytic drugs. Basically, this group is considered optimal for treatment of wet cough at any age. Mucolytic drugs influence allocated a secret, diluting it and removing body. Preparations of this group, as a rule, do not cause the increase in the number of mucus. The vast majority of cases, medicines of this direction are prescribed in the treatment of coughs because of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, acute and chronic tracheitis, inflammation of the bronchial mucosa and lungs. Secretolytic drugs active in the case of bronchopulmonary diseases, as well as rhinitis and sinusitis. Mucolytics can be used from the age of three.
  2. Expectorant medicines. As a rule, this group includes drugs of natural origin. They increase the amount of mucus and output in a relatively short time. Drugs for expectoration shall be appointed for a short period of treatment, because often cause the formation of side effects and addictive. Herbs in this group can significantly increase the volume of bronchial secretion, which is dangerous in the treatment of young children. Such a process becomes a cause of a violation of the drainage in the lungs.
  3. The combined funds. In certain cases, patients of prescribers of the group. Cure wet cough for children are multi and are able to stop the inflammation in the respiratory system. Acting on inflammation, medications in this category increase the productivity of cough and eliminate spasms.
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Choose the drug for treating adult or child is possible only after a personal conversation with the doctor. Independent decisions can cause the formation of a number of adverse syndromes and worsen the patient’s condition.

Medicines for the treatment of children

To choose a cough syrup wet cough child should be in accordance with the cause of the inflammation in the Airways. In the treatment kids doctors prefer a secretolytic drugs, as they do not cause respiratory failure and in most cases do not cause the formation of side effects.

Below is the list of the most effective means of wet cough.


«ACC» has a direct impact on inflammation and thins mucus. Reducing its viscosity, means normalizes the rheological properties of the organism. This effect is achieved by neutralizing free radicals.

The drug restores the respiratory system, reduces the signs of intoxication, facilitates expectoration and improves the well-being of the baby. The drug affects the mucus of any kind, so the «ACC» can be applied not only when the mucous secretions, but also in bacterial inflammation. This allows the use of the drug in viral, infectious and bacterial lesions of the respiratory system.

Important! The safety of this medication has been demonstrated by numerous studies. Doctors prescribe, «ACC» with two years of life.

It is important to note that the product is no sugar and alcohol, so it has virtually no restrictive limits and dangerous consequences.


New generation of drug for the treatment of children is syrup «Ambroxol». He belongs to the group of mucolytics and does not cause breathing difficulties, so it is considered safe for treatment of children.

Due to the fact that the tool is a metabolite of Bromhexine, and it has a positive effect and contributes to torciano. Affecting the synthesis of secreted secretion, the drug dilutes the acid mucopolysaccharides. Through this action, the drug enhances mucus secretion and restores the function of the throat.

The action of «Ambroxol» is proven by numerous studies, so the tool can be used without risking dangerous consequences. Syrup drug can be used concurrently with other medicinal drugs, including antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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«Ambroxol» can be used for cough caused by acute or chronic inflammation of the respiratory system. The tool approved for use with the very young age.

Important! «Ambroxol» is able to increase the content of surfactant in the lungs. This process causes the lock decay and an increase in the synthesis of secretion. Therefore, before use, check the dosage from the doctor.


«Ambrobene» is considered the best way for kids from wet cough. Syrup drug used in various inflammations of the respiratory system, but most often the remedy is indicated for cough due to pneumonia, asthma, bronchiectasis and as a result of colds or viral inflammation.

The drug is not addictive, so it is safe for the treatment of children.

«Ambrobene» refers to the group of mucolytic and expectorant action. The active component of the tool acts on the carbohydrate part of proteoglycans, composed of amino-hexosamines. Thus, the drug liquefies thick secretions and improves the well-being of the patient.

The tool can be used with three years, however, before buying, make sure that the child has no hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug. In addition, the main contraindications include:

  • infant age;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • inflammation of the duodenum;
  • the age of three;
  • recurrent seizures that develop at high sudorozhnoe readiness of the brain.

The main side effects of the drug include the formation of profuse discharge of saliva, dryness of the mucous membranes, rhinorrhea, nausea and vomiting, and cramping pain in the epigastric region. In addition, the patient may appear rash, urticaria, angioedema of the face. In the manifestation of any undesirable symptom, treatment should be suspended.

Therapy with inflammation in adults

For the treatment for wet cough in adults are assigned antitussive drugs of combined action. This is usually the medicines of plant origin that can increase the number of allocated secret. If in the treatment of cough in children such funds are strictly contraindicated when inflammation of the respiratory system in adults, they have the most pronounced effect.

Below is the list of the most popular medicines for the treatment of patients 18 years and older.


To provide quick effect in the treatment of adults pay attention to «Geelix».

Effective for the treatment of infectious inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and bronchi. Especially useful to apply this preparation at the complicated outflow of a sputum.

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In addition to expectoration, «Geelix» has a mucolytic effect and reduces pain in the throat, exerting antispasmodic effects.

«Geelix» it is forbidden to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby breast milk. In addition, the tool shouldn’t be drinking in case of bronchial asthma and with a special sensitivity to the active components.


Another drug expectorant meaning — «Gabrion». The tool is included in the group of combined drugs has an impact on inflammation. In the treatment of wet cough, doctors recommend to use syrup with primrose.

You should not use «Gabrion» if the patient suffers from allergic reactions or sensitivity to the primrose and other active ingredients. In addition, «Gabrion» prohibited in peptic ulcer disease and chronic deficiency sucrase-isomaltase.

«Hebron» is not prohibited during pregnancy as the remedy has no negative effects on the fetus and placenta.

Interesting! The composition of the drug allows to provide antiphlogistics and antimicrobial activity. In addition, the tool improves immunity and acts on the protective functions of the organism.


To provide a pronounced antiphlogistic action adults often prescribe means «Bad». In addition to the main action, the drug has mucolytic and expectorant action.

Important! In the composition of the medication no butamirat, so «Bad» has no strict contraindications.

«Not bad,» reduces inflammation and improves the flow of mucus, providing anti-inflammatory action. Prevents the development of bronchospasm, the tool improves the health of the patient on the third day of treatment.


Presents are the best drugs for the treatment of wet cough. However, for the treatment of the inflammatory process should seek qualified help and not to make independent decisions.