Cream for breast augmentation: tips and suggestions

Every woman dreams of a luxurious, supple Breasts. But not every woman nature has endowed curvaceous. In pursuit of the perfect bust ladies are ready for more – a variety of expensive beauty treatments in beauty salons, regular massages and masks and even a surgical breast lift. But it should be noted that not every woman decided on surgery to correct the shape of the breast, some are afraid of pain, others are not satisfied with the high cost of this technique. That’s why every day are becoming increasingly popular special creams that help to increase the bust. How are these cosmetics and are they really effective?

How to apply the creams for breast enlargement

Today creams for breast enlargement are present in the Arsenal of many beauty brands – both democratic and elite. Regardless of manufacturer all cosmetic products act on the bust in the same way – through active actions of phytoestrogens.

Long been known that the increased bust is a natural result of fluctuations in hormonal levels in the female body. During the entire monthly cycle in the female body is increased production of sex hormones – progesterone and estrogen. Female sex hormones contribute to the activation of metabolic processes, expedited «delivery» of oxygen and other beneficial nutrients mammaries. As a result, the volume of the breast is significantly increased. Appropriately apply the creams for breast enlargement contain phytoestrogens – hormones of vegetable origin, which is similar to the effects of female sex hormones.

Creams for breast enlargement

Today you can find a huge number of cosmetic products for the correction of breast shape. They are divided according to their composition and effects on the bust. The main ones:

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  • Cosmetics, which include phytoestrogens, the so – called hormones of vegetable origin. Such creams are most effective as they affect the bust at the genetic level by stimulating the process of growth of glandular tissue in the breast. The basic rule when using creams with phytoestrogens – regularity. But these drugs have certain disadvantages associated with excess of hormones in the female body that can lead to serious hormonal imbalances.
  • Extracts of herbs often included in cosmetic preparations for skin care, including skin and decollete. Cream with plant extracts capable to make the breast skin softer, more elastic and fit, which visually gives the bust a few inches. But unfortunately, these cosmetic preparations are not able to increase breast size.
  • Vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides – has a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the breast, smooth and increase the elasticity of bust, stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the female body. As creams with herbal extracts, such means in the majority of cases improve the condition of the skin in the neckline. In many cosmetic preparations are also present collagen and elastin, which increase the effectiveness of the cream.

The advantages of creams for breast enlargement

Creams to increase bust is a simple and effective method of shaping your bust at home. Many women prefer this method, as it has many advantages:

  • The simplicity and accessibility – cream can be purchased in any salon, the pharmacy or store, as you can use it at home.
  • Low cost cosmetics is now in stores represented a huge amount of money with which to improve the bust, at the most affordable prices. Every woman can choose cream – democratic or category suites.
  • Creams, which you can use to increase Breasts, benefit from security and absence of any trauma, which is necessarily present during the operation for breast lift.
  • No less important advantage of these cosmetic products is complete skin care decollete cream not only increases the volume of the bust, but also significantly improves the condition of skin, making it younger and more elastic.
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The basic rule which should be observed when using creams to correct the shape of the bust is regularity. In most cases, the first positive results can already be noticed after 3-6 months of regular use.

As can be concluded from the above, the most effective means for breast augmentation is the cream, which includes plant hormones – phytoestrogens. But even with such a unique product «added» in the volume more than 0.5-1 cm is unlikely to succeed. In addition, such cosmetics have a number of disadvantages that must be considered before buying the cream.

Cream for breast augmentation — disadvantages of

Cosmetics with phytoestrogens affects the shape and size of the bust on the hormonal level, which can lead to a serious hormonal imbalance in the female body. Therefore, before using the product, be sure to consult with your doctor. A disadvantage of the serum is that it helps to only slightly adjust the bust. Major changes can be achieved solely as a result of surgery for breast enlargement.

Buying the drug should be remembered that the first positive results can be seen only after 3-6 months of daily use. Therefore, women have to regularly replenish your beauty Arsenal that will cost quite a large sum. With makeup you can enhance the bust only in the presence of minor defects. If the Breasts have lost their original shape after pregnancy or lactation, use of cosmetics will be ineffective. In addition, the use of hormonal drugs for the correction of the shape of the breast is contraindicated to young girls under 16 years of age and women during menopause. Impressive dose of phytoestrogens in the makeup may have a negative impact on the female body and cause hormonal failure.

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How to use cream for breast enlargement

Before you use cream for breast enlargement, you must read the manual in which the manufacturer advises how to use the product. Often the cream should be applied 2 times a day — morning and evening. Pre-clean your skin, wait until it dries, and apply with light massage movements without touching the nipple. You can dress after the cream is completely absorbed into the skin.

Modern cream for breast augmentation is a simple and effective way to improve the bust, to make it more elaborate and bigger in size without risk to health.