Black spots on teeth and dental caries of deciduous teeth

Baby tooth decay is very common disease. Oddly enough, in many cases the parents of the child do not give it much importance. These appealing moms and dads to ensure that the milk teeth are temporary and sooner or later their child will still have to say goodbye to them. Another popular opinion: if the caries of deciduous teeth is already there, then get rid of him is almost impossible, therefore not worth trying to do something.

There are proponents of a completely different relationship to the health of the baby. They only noticed the black dots and stains on the teeth at the child, immediately seek the advice of a pediatric dentist. If the child has dark spots on the teeth, the milk teeth caries — what to do? How to stop childhood caries of deciduous teeth, treatment is very difficult? Consider the identified problems in more detail.

What to do?

It is not necessary to panic. Doctor need, also need to listen to his recommendations. Черные точки на зубах и кариес молочных зубовIf spots are still brown, and the child does not complain of pain in the mouth when ingested hot or cold food, then there is a good chance to stop the disease. If have been found in your child’s mouth on the teeth the black specks, will have to treat the tooth. In any case, it is better to get rid of the disease now, than then the child will suffer from pain in your mouth in a week.

Specifics of treatment of caries of deciduous teeth in children of early age is that the disease can cover several teeth and proceed rapidly.

Many dad and mom wonder if there are black dots and brown or black spots on the teeth of the baby, how to get rid of them? In order to understand which tactics will be most appropriate in each case required examination by a pediatric dentist. There are not many ways to stop a child’s milk teeth caries. Here are the main ones:

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  • removal of carious cavity with the help of a drill with a further sealing of the tooth;
  • removal of carious cavity with the help of chemical components with the installation of the seal;
  • the silvering of the teeth;
  • dental treatment with laser.

Choose a method of treatment

Treatment of teeth at children of early age implies a special approach. Not always justified is the treatment of the child with the use of a drill,although this option can objectively be considered as still one of the most effective ways in an attempt to get rid of the disease. Teeth in small children sometimes can be drilled without the use of anesthesia, in this case, everything Черные точки на зубах и кариес молочных зубовdepends on how ready the child is to go. If you want to do anesthesia, then acting medication taken in much smaller doses than is the case with adult patients. However, the young child and the needle in your gums can cause a lot of stress.

Silvering helps in the early stages and not always (if there are only yellow spots on the teeth). That is not enough teeth to Chad will be dark for several years, it does not guarantee that children’s tooth decay will continue its insidious work.

Treatment with laser has appeared quite recently, this method is not yet impressive statistics, for this reason to speak about its effectiveness is not very objective. However, this method has its supporters, who believe that laser therapy may help to get rid of such trouble, as decay almost one treatment.

A cavity can also be removed with the use of special chemical compounds, after which, as in the case of treatment by a drill, followed by sealing of the patient’s tooth.

Why need to treat?

Tooth decay in children need to treat for many reasons.

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  • The first and important of them is the condition of the teeth and shaping the future of the bite, the child of early age as the baby teeth affects these factors for further development.
  • Secondly, often unpleasant, the disease may worsen further, hurting the baby and anxiety to his parents. In fact, in case of unfavorable prognosis, and in the absence of proper attention from Черные точки на зубах и кариес молочных зубовparents, further tooth decay of milk teeth may lead to pulpitis, and if at this stage no action is taken, God forbid, the kid learns about this diagnosis, as periodontit. In order to avoid unwanted complications, should not delay with the visit to the doctor.
  • The third factor that is important to consider is the aesthetic moment: the black baby teeth are unlikely to please him and his family. But it is the prospect for a few years.

It is difficult to answer directly how to stop the disease; treatment of caries of deciduous teeth gives a very effective result when the disease is detected at an early stage. The first symptoms can be considered yellow spots appearing on the teeth of a child, soon becoming brown or dark spots. Later, black dots appear on the teeth, to mention a deeper loss of tooth enamel.

If the teeth at the young child still dark spots then there is a good prognosis for treatment with silver teeth. This method has both supporters and ardent opponents among physicians. There is one important caveat: the teeth of the baby after the procedure will be dark. This may make it difficult to communicate fully with their children, but more discomfort brings parents. In this case, if the child is already black spots on the teeth,this method can be very frustrating, as when developing the disease is not as effective as we would like.

The care of the oral cavity of children

The first years of life the use of standard toothpaste in kid excludes: approximately 4 years of age children have a large part of the paste is swallowed and enters the body. While pediatric dentists recommend that from the moment the first tooth to buy your child a personal tooth brush, designed for his age. Subsequently, the brush is changed about once a month Черные точки на зубах и кариес молочных зубовfor a new one. Before each use it must be washed under running water.

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Clean the teeth from plaque and food debris regularly, it will become an excellent prevention of dental caries and other diseases. Now in drugstores it is possible to buy special balms with minerals to cleanse and strengthen the teeth, on the packaging the information, how long to use them some solutions are suitable even for newborns. If swallowed this paste will not bring the child harm.

In General, to get rid of the disease — is the task feasible. The main thing to start to do something when a parent found his child brown spots on the tooth. Do not be afraid of dentists, because of how carefully you will treat the health of your child today, will depend largely on the quality of life tomorrow.