Bleeding gums: what to do and how to treat them

Gums bleed? You need to think early visit to the dentist. Bleeding gums is a dangerous signal, which may indicate many diseases. Sometimes self-analysis of the condition of the body is not enough to determine what is happening. Here come to the aid of the dentist. An experienced therapist will always help to determine what else the doctor should ask and what to pay attention to.

In this article we’ll consider why heavy bleeding of the gums when brushing your teeth, what to do if I see bleeding from the gums, between the teeth, bleeding gums and how to treat them.


Next we will describe the causes of bleeding gums on the top and bottom, why have heavy bleeding from above and below the gums in a person’s mouth. Finding such a symptom, the person immediately thinks about what it means. The most common cause of bleeding are diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease. Although sometimes this can be a symptom of another systemic disease. For example, problems with the gums is characteristic of the disease scurvy, which occurs when Кровоточат десны: что делать и как их лечитьa lack of vitamin C in the body.

The primary cause of all pathology of the oral cavity is poor care over the last. With improper hygiene of the mouth on the mucous membrane develops pathogenic microflora, which affects the tissues. First, in this case, the effect on your teeth, spots in between.

If the person is not good enough cleans teeth, they accumulate soft plaque. Then it begins to harden, turning into Tartar. Dentists provide services for the cleaning of the teeth from the stone. If time does not do that, then a solid plaque begins to penetrate into the gingival pocket. Then there is spread of undesirable microflora, which affects the tissues and causes the processes leading to bleeding under and between the teeth.

The same effect causes excessive concern about cleanliness of the teeth. All toothbrushes, even the softest, damage the soft tissue of the mouth.

The bleeding is normal for a person who is fanatically keen on purity of mouth, without thinking about the consequences.

Normal brushing the mouth and teeth after each meal. To minimize this quantity should abandon the intermediate meals. Use wisely not just a toothbrush, but also special threads, other means on care of the mouth. If you think that hygiene is not enough, try to use rinses and sprays for the mouth to eliminate the discomfort up to new opportunities to use toothbrush.

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Кровоточат десны: что делать и как их лечитьTo deal with this problem, can people who become owners of prostheses, as well as those who have recently undergone medical intervention of dentists. We have already noted that the cause of bleeding there may be a systemic disease. This applies to diseases of the blood and connective tissues, these include scurvy and leukemia.

Correct operation of the organism depends on the presence of vitamins, therefore, in the absence of vitamin C and K. the gums may bleed. Pregnant women can face this problem at first pregnancy, as the body is going through «restructuring». Children of breastfeeding age, this pathology occurs during teething. Reasons for this phenomenon a lot so you need to consult with a specialist in each case.

Now, your bleeding gums, you want to know what to do if you have heavy bleeding your gums, tooth bleeding, blood appears every time when brushing your teeth. More on that later. We have already considered, why when brushing your teeth bleeding gums, i.e. gums bleed and what are your reasons. Remember that if the blood is coming from the upper or lower gums, it is worth considering why bleeding a particular tooth and what to do.

The symptoms of gum disease

Gum disease is closely associated with diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Let’s look at the differences between the diseases of the oral cavity.

  • Periodontal disease. This disease is found less often than others. It is characterized by the fact that the tissue on the bone becoming dark tint and bleed. Distinct signs of inflammation are not observed;
  • Periodontitis is most common in patients and has a pronounced lesion of the gums. It is characterized by the destruction not only of the periodontal tissues, and alveolar bone. This disease becomes the cause of gingival pockets, in which to gather leftover food and unwanted microflora. Together it becomes a cause of the inflammatory process and the appearance of bleeding;
  • Gingivitis is the simplest form of lesions of the gums in which the lesion affected only the soft tissue in the mucous membrane of the mouth. Gingivitis may be complicated by development of infections and the transition to periodontitis.
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    • Кровоточат десны: что делать и как их лечитьBleeding gums is accompanied by redness, because the vessels become more visible;
    • Bleeding gums can not only during clean teeth but also before and after it:
    • Patients often complain of pain and itching in the gums;
    • The patient is the most difficult to eat solid food, as it exerts more pressure on the fabric;
    • In some cases there is swelling;
    • The patient has periodontal pockets and increased gingival papillae;
    • The gum significantly lowered so that the patient can see the neck of the tooth;
    • Halitosis. The odor does not disappear even when cleaning the mouth.

    The danger of pathology

    It seems that this is a harmless disease, but in fact, bleeding gums is warning people about the many future problems. As you already noted , it can be problems with the Roth cavity and with the systems of the body. Upon detection of this pathology should be suspected imminent problems with gums or assume their presence. If nothing is done with the gums foci of infection can move to other organs and cause the following problems:

    • Predisposition to diabetes mellitus;
    • Gastrointestinal disorders;
    • Of cancer, in particular pancreatic cancer;
    • Possible heart attack or stroke.


    From the already described it is obvious that the treatment of bleeding gums should be. In this case, you must act as follows:

  • Consult a professional dentist that will determine the root of the problem and prescribe the correct treatment;
  • Кровоточат десны: что делать и как их лечитьPhysician – orthopedic surgeon or orthodontist is obliged to monitor the health of the gums of the patient. The wearing any fixed or removable systems in the oral cavity can cause the described pathology;
  • After each meal is desirable to rinse your mouth with a solution of salt or hydrogen peroxide;
  • At the time of treatment to stop using any drugs for the oral cavity which contain alcohol;
  • Take image of their life, the problem may lie in the diet, are experiencing stress, try to work as possible to eliminate from your life the factors that adversely affect health;
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as well as by specialists in that case, if You suspect hormonal problems, the same applies to children who have cut both temporary and permanent teeth.
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    Do not attempt to self-treat, is a sure way to start the problem so that its solution would be difficult. Only a professional can determine why this is happening to You and what you need to do in this situation. Draw Your attention to the fact that smokers are more likely to have gum problems. If You smoke regularly, visit your dentist at least four times a year. Try to reduce the number wykupienia cigarettes and clean the mouth after each act of Smoking.


    Кровоточат десны: что делать и как их лечитьPharmacology is not standing still and offers a lot of preparations to facilitate the patient’s condition. It gels, pastes, rinses. They have a calming effect on the mucous membranes and improve the condition of the fabric. Appointing therapy, doctors often turn to such means from bleeding. Don’t forget to browse the manual before starting using the drug. Of traditional medicine with bleeding mouth can emphasize the use of decoction of sage and oak bark, tincture of chamomile and rose hips. Do not forget to maintain the optimum level of vitamins in the body.

    As you can see in this article, we examined why your gums bleed, what to do in the case that is constant and very noticeable, heavy bleeding of the gums or teeth, how to treat blood from the gums when brushing your teeth. We also spoke about the treatment, that is about what you need to do when you have bleeding gums or teeth from the gums between the teeth bleed.