Climb teeth: how to help your child?

The baby is a serious step for any family, because the baby requires a lot of attention, care and warmth. In addition, the child ahead will be a difficult test, which is the appearance of the teeth and when they climb, you need to know how to help their child and understand what symptoms precede this process.

Children who have milk teeth erupt restless, often crying and screaming, but also this process is accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhoea and fever. In such a situation parents have to be patient and to thoroughly understand the reasons to be able to alleviate the condition of the baby.


Teething is usually around 5-7 months, but there is sometimes a delay. The doctors of this bill say that if the delay is not more than six months, it is not a pathology and is considered an individual feature.

When the baby’s upper or lower jaw teeth climb, when it can be these symptoms:

  • Лезут зубы: как помочь ребенку?Increased flow of saliva;
  • When you climb the teeth, it is possible to notice how swollen and reddened the baby’s gums;
  • The baby tries to shove something in his mouth to chew on;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • After eating often followed by vomiting;
  • In a bad mood, which manifests itself in cries and tears;
  • High temperature;
  • Insomnia;
  • Diarrhea and sometimes constipation;
  • Manifested symptoms characteristic of the common cold (cough, runny nose);
  • Allergic dermatitis (diathesis).

It should be noted fact that sometimes it is difficult to understand when do babies climb the first teeth, because every child carries this process on its own. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as of the jaw, they began to cut. If the teeth on the lower climb, it to indigestion, and when on the top, of the symptoms stands out increased body temperature.

In General, the symptoms peculiar eruption of the first tooth is very similar to the disease and many parents often confuse them. The children are experiencing discomfort and need to be prepared to remember them to schedule the appearance.

The schedule of appearance of milk teeth

If children climb the teeth, then there are clear symptoms, which can determine the beginning of the process, in addition to this, dentists recommend the timetable of eruption and note that small deviations from it are acceptable. In girls it starts 1-2 months earlier than boys, but overall the schedule looks like the following:

  • Лезут зубы: как помочь ребенку?The upper dental arch:
    • Central incisors 7-12 months;
    • Lateral incisors – 8 to 12 months;
    • The fangs are 1.5-2 years;
    • First molars — 1-1. 5 years;
    • Second molars – 2 to 3 years.
  • The lower dental arch:
    • Central incisors – 5 to 9 months;
    • Lateral incisors – 9-15 months;
    • The fangs are 1.5-2 years;
    • First molars — 1-1. 5 years;
    • Second molars – 2 to 3 years.
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Thus, the difference between the eruption of upper and lower jaw is a few months, especially when it comes to 1-2 cutters. In addition, the graph shows that the first tooth may appear literally in 5 months and the sooner this happens the better, because it will be good for proper occlusion, and at 3 years the child will be able to boast of a full smile (20 teeth).

Cut milk teeth often not on 1, and 2-3, and sometimes 4 at once. It was probably for the best, because so little suffering will be over faster and more likely that the occlusion (closing of the jaws) will be correct, but such mass actions in the mouth, will bring a lot of pain accompanied with unpleasant symptoms.

If this happens in the wrong order, which is considered normal, for example, first erupted lateral incisor, and Central or it happened earlier or later schedule, then there is nothing to worry about. Doctors call this specific feature and when it doesn’t harm you, and nothing to worry about.

Лезут зубы: как помочь ребенку?When children get their first teeth should begin accustom to hygiene of the oral cavity, namely:

  • Up to 1-1. 5 years to clean my teeth better special silicone brush which will gently remove them from the RAID;
  • When the baby is already 1.5 years, it is already possible to buy a baby brush;
  • 2 years old children need to show that after a meal you need to rinse your mouth with water to remove all food remains from the oral cavity.

According to experts, the first visit to the dentist too can not pull about 1 a year should do it. Then have the doctor will say when to come next time, but on average, a routine inspection is performed every 6 months.

Ways to alleviate the condition

After the parents were able to determine that the child climb teeth, you need to help your child, reducing the resulting discomfort to a minimum level and in this particular situation to do anything I don’t need it enough to give it more time and to show care and affection.

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It is recommended to perform actions such as:

  • Often physically in contact with the baby and take him in her arms;
  • Something to tell him or to sing, as long as the voice remained gentle;
  • Give him his favorite toys thereby distracting from pain;
  • It is impossible to give reasons to a child to worry, and for this you should not raise in his presence the voice.

Лезут зубы: как помочь ребенку?When the girls are still feeding their child breast due to teething he get itchy gums and he asks for his food and often moms don’t need to deny my child this and to let him eat as much as he needs. This period only lasts for 3-4 days and then all will return into place. These actions soothe infants, and it becomes less irritable.

To scratch the gums baby can usually her toy or any other object, so you must carefully wash and follow him to the baby not having stomatitis. To avoid this fate you can buy in a drugstore special teethers. They are made from materials that are completely harmless and they come in different types depending on the preferences of children. For girls have their own model, and the other boys, so you should take the child along to choose his favourite teether.

There are times when the kids completely refuse from them and continue to chew on his toy. In this situation, you should choose the most secure object for this purpose and note that it is not past the sharp edges and the material was safe for baby’s health. Most experienced parents give the child a shiny clean spoon or even a simple bagel.

Traditional methods relieving symptoms

If you do not want to take risks with medications, you can try traditional medicine, which is tested for centuries, but we must consider possible allergic reaction in a child. In this case, you must stop using it and contact your pediatrician.

Remove from the gums, discomfort, possible by applying such techniques:

  • Cold impact. For this purpose, you need to take a subject that likes to chew on the baby and put it in the freezer. The cold will relieve inflammation and reduce discomfort in the gums. If the children are older, for example, 2-3 years, you can give chilled vegetables or fruits, but you need to be careful not to catch cold;
  • Gum massage. To carry it out, take a piece of cheesecloth and liberally to handle it in Лезут зубы: как помочь ребенку?peroxide or decoction of chamomile. Then give them massage places, where she plans to erupt the tooth;
  • A decoction of motherwort. He has a calming effect, but instead to take Valerian root. For cooking you need to take 1 tablespoon minced ingredient and fill it in a liter of water, and then boil for about 15 minutes and allow to cool. Then you can put jam or honey and give the child under the form of a delicious drink;
  • Med. Before using you need to ensure that the child is not allergic to it, and then massaging movements rubbed into the gums to calm her down;
  • The root of the strawberry. It is possible to smear something sweet and to give the baby to chew on. By root, you will massage the gums and she calms down a bit;
  • A solution of soda. It may be cooked in a combination of 1 teaspoon of ingredient in a glass of warm water, and then mix well. After this, wet a piece of gauze in the solution and treat her gums.
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In addition to traditional medicine, you can use the soothing gel of the type «Kamistad» or «After», and a well-proven homeopathic remedies, like «Detoxing» or «Denting». If the baby is hard to cope with the pain, use painkillers such as Nurofen or paracetamol.

When you climb the teeth symptoms bring strong discomfort and the baby is often the temperature rises. In such a situation parents need to know how to help their child, and otherwise to take him to the pediatrician. Doctor will advise which methods best fit and if necessary, prescribe a course of treatment.