How to get rid of sores in your mouth fast and forever

Thrush affects the mucous membranes of the human oral cavity. The disease causes inflammation, ulceration of the epithelium, appear painful erosion that cause a lot of discomfort. Treatment of diseases should be comprehensive, you must remove the cause that caused the disease to accelerate soft tissue healing, relieve inflammation. How you can quickly get rid of sores in your mouth?

Rinse the mouth

With stomatitis in the mouth is disturbed the normal microflora and acid-base balance, pathogenic bacteria, fungi begin to actively proliferate and affect mucous membranes. To restore the pH by using antiseptic agents.

  • Как избавиться от стоматита во рту быстро и навсегда— Contributes to the destruction of cell membranes of pathogenic microorganisms, thereby causing their death. The drug inhibits only the structure of bacteria and does not affect the person.
  • Rotokan – anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agent, which effectively acts when the time came.
  • Alcohol solution Hlorofillipta amazes even resistant to antibiotics of the bacteria of the oral cavity.
  • Triclosan is antibacterial, antifungal broad-spectrum drug that inhibits the growth of bacteria at the cellular level.
  • To get rid of sores antiseptics used for regular rinsing of the oral cavity. The procedures are performed 5-6 times a day until complete recovery.

    At home you can rinse your mouth with a decoction of medicinal herbs. For its preparation brew chamomile, sage, calendula flowers, oak bark, or St. John’s wort.

    For antiseptic procedures you can also use the sprays for irrigation of the oral cavity: Hexoral, Orasat.


    For pain, use anesthetics as ointments, gels or sprays for local treatment of lesions. The most effective drugs:

    • Kamistad gel, it includes lidocaine and chamomile.
    • Kalgel contains lidocaine and the antiseptic cetylpyridinium chloride.
    • Solcoseryl is made on the basis of a dialysate of calves blood. The drug heals the wound, destroys a pathogenic microflora, normalize mineral metabolism in the soft tissues.
    • Dental gel Asepta extract of larch. This plant has analgesic, enveloping, regenerative properties.
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    For the relief of pain associated with stomatitis gels applied to the lesion after carrying out the antiseptic rinse. After that you should refrain from eating for 30 minutes.

    Antifungal agents

    Oral thrush trigger yeast fungi that begin to proliferate in the oral cavity of the person by creating an enabling environment. For the treatment of thrush take antimicrobials that affect fungi:

    • Как избавиться от стоматита во рту быстро и навсегдаFluconazole inhibits the growth of fungi in the human body. The course of treatment is 7-14 days.
    • Nystatin detrimental effect on yeast-like fungi. The drug has local effects, is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream and excreted through the intestines.
    • Miconazole destroys parasitic fungi and many species of gram-positive bacteria.
    • Milgaten active against protozoa, fungi, parasites in the human body.

    Taking antifungal drugs for candidal stomatitis should be held under the supervision of a physician. Medication and dosage are chosen based on severity of disease and patient’s age.


    Simple herpes virus causes the development of herpetic stomatitis in the oral cavity. While the mucous membranes are covered by translucent papules with clear liquid inside. After opening remain painful erosion.

    To accelerate the healing of soft tissue requires the use of antiviral drugs, which are aimed at strengthening the immune defense of the body.

    Tablets for oral administration:

    • Как избавиться от стоматита во рту быстро и навсегдаAcyclovir;
    • Root;
    • Zovirax;
    • Valacyclovir.

    Healing ointment:

    • Fenistil;
    • Panavir;
    • Famciclovir;
    • Vivorax.

    Herpetic ulcers are treated 5-6 times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms. However, all erosion should be lubricated with a separate cotton swab.

    Useful properties in the treatment of stomatitis in children and adults have natural essential oils. Herbal ingredients in their composition, reduce inflammation, inhibit pathogenic microflora, accelerate tissue healing.

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    To quickly get rid of canker sores smeared with oil:

    • Как избавиться от стоматита во рту быстро и навсегдаtea tree;
    • cloves;
    • fir;
    • pumpkin;
    • geranium;
    • lemon;
    • peppermint.

    Oils can be applied separately or mix several different types to enhance the effect. Treated painful erosion 3-5 times a day until the disappearance of symptoms of stomatitis. But such a vehicle is prohibited to use, if you have festering sores.

    Immunomodulatory drugs

    In the complex of therapeutic measures with stomatitis it is important to strengthen the immune system. Drugs that increase the body’s defenses, significantly increase the effectiveness of drug therapy and prevent the development of pathology in the future. In chronic forms of stomatitis are taking immunomodulators in remission for the prevention of exacerbations.

    Use the following medications:

    • Interferon.
    • Imudon.
    • Cycloferon.
    • Caramel with Gecamines.
    • Kagocel.

    How you can quickly and permanently get rid of stomatitis? This can be done by applying a range of treatments. These include: strengthening immunity, destruction of pathogenic microflora, the healing of the affected tissues. Modern pharmaceutical companies produce a huge number of effective drugs that will help to quickly cure stomatitis.