How to pull a baby tooth in a child at home without pain?

Removal (extraction) is a surgical operation that must be performed by a dentist. But there are times when there is no possibility to see a doctor. Infant units have longer and thinner roots than the permanent, the walls of the alveolar bone is less durable, so you can remove the irregular tooth in the home.

The time units are involved in the formation of a correct bite, their status depends on the health of permanent teeth. So ahead of time to remove them is not recommended, but start disease is also impossible. How you can quickly snatch a small child a baby tooth at home and without pain?

When you need to remove?

Indications for removal of teeth:

  • Как вырвать молочный зуб у ребенка в домашних условиях без боли?Much wobbly.
  • Caries, destruction of the crown.
  • Inflammation of periodontal tissues.
  • Already started to cut the new unit.
  • Dental abscess or fistula on the gums.
  • Delayed resorption of the roots.
  • A cyst on the top of the roots.
  • Pulpitis, periodontitis.
  • Fracture of the crowns.
  • The removal of milk teeth in children is most often performed without anesthesia and without pain, because the alveolar wall is thin, loose unit is easily removed: the main indications for the use of pain – pulpitis, periodontitis.

    Home removal

    How to pull a tooth at home? Most often, the child loosens his tongue or fingers, and he falls himself. Promote removal eating solid foods: apples, carrots, crackers, candy toffee. But if the milk tooth is wobbly for a long time and does not fall, he needs help to pull a tooth at home.

    Как вырвать молочный зуб у ребенка в домашних условиях без боли?Pre-feed the child and guide the hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity, swish thoroughly with a disinfectant. You can use nylon thread or sterile gauze. Prepare an antiseptic (Chlorhexidine), apply hand tools.

    How to pull (remove) yourself and pain-free front baby tooth at home? If it is very loose and freely tilts in different directions, tie to the base of the crown thread, pull up sharply. Do not pull to the side, you may damage the gums, the roots can break off and remain in the hole.

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    How can you loosen and pull out baby tooth without pain to the child at home? Apply sterile gauze, firmly pinch your fingers. Front upper units have a root in the form of a cone, so you need to do rotational movements and swinging from the lip to the sky. The lower incisors root is thin and tapered, their undermining from the lips to the language. When the unit becomes mobile, it is removed from the hole.

    Removal dentist

    A child has wobbly baby tooth, inflamed gums, fever, swollen cheeks, what can I do? In such cases you should visit a doctor. The presence of inflammation may lead to the death of the rudiments of permanent units, so the surgical procedure should be done by a professional. Use special pediatric tools to loosen and remove the unit.

    Как вырвать молочный зуб у ребенка в домашних условиях без боли?How to pull a tooth without pain? Modern painkillers are application, by conduction disorders, infiltration and General. The doctor selects the most appropriate tool, so that the child felt no discomfort.

    Main features are removal of teeth in children are associated with the presence of rudiments of permanent units, characteristics of the structure of the jaw, the mixed flavor. Different structure of roots, thickness of the alveolar walls. Dentists know how to pull out a baby tooth, so as not to damage the gums, the adjacent units, constant beginnings. After removal conduct the audit of the hole to avoid debris roots.

    Does it hurt to remove?

    Does it hurt no anesthetic to remove a baby tooth the child? If the unit wobbles badly, the kid is not afraid, not resists, this procedure does not cause pain. So try to reassure the child that he did not, did not cry.

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    Does it hurt to pull in the dental clinic tooth? The procedure is performed under local anesthesia using a special short needles. The child will not feel pain. The method of anesthesia depends on the patient’s age, emotional state, extent of injury by decay.

    Removal of permanent units in children


    • Neglected cavities.
    • Trauma crowns or root.
    • Periodontitis, the mobility of the affected units.
    • Sometimes uninstall of certain units at the overcrowding to restore occlusion.

    How to pull a tooth without pain? The operation should perform pediatric surgeon-dentist. Used injectable anesthesia, special forceps.

    How to remove a permanent tooth at home without pain? To snatch such units is impossible. They have formed roots and take hold in the gums. To carry out the procedure Как вырвать молочный зуб у ребенка в домашних условиях без боли?painlessly will fail, this will lead to the development of complications, injury to the gums.

    It happens that in adolescence begin to erupt wisdom teeth (third molars chewing). Most often they grow in the wrong direction and destroy neighboring units, breaking the bite. In such cases, to get rid of them. Removal of wisdom molars in adolescents is less traumatic than at a more Mature age. This is due to the fact that their roots are not yet fully formed.

    How you can safely pull a wisdom tooth? The extraction is carried out at the dentist under anesthesia, so pain, the patient will not feel. Discomfort can occur after the procedure, when the drug wears off. You can drink pills.

    How to remove a wisdom tooth at home? Yourself to pull out a wisdom tooth is impossible. In this field it takes a large number of nerve endings, blood vessels that can damage. In addition, the pain will be unbearable. Hidden (impacted) wisdom teeth need to be drilled out of the bone tissue, this can only be done by a doctor.

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    Care hole

  • After the child was removed reeling baby tooth, the hole should put a piece of Как вырвать молочный зуб у ребенка в домашних условиях без боли?cotton or gauze and ask the kid her a little bite. Keep the tampon need not more than 20 min.
  • You cannot eat 2 — 3 hours after the procedure.
  • Do not bathe your baby in a hot tub in this day.
  • Don’t allow them to dig in the hole language or any subjects.
  • Maintain hygiene of the oral cavity. Have to do rinse after every meal.
  • If after completed the tooth at home, there is prolonged bleeding, inflammation of the hole, swelling of the cheek, fever, should consult a pediatric dentist. These are signs of complications.