Mouth white sky and white dots in my mouth on my cheek have an adult and a child

The appearance of different coloured spots in the oral mucosa usually indicates problems or failures in the body. What diseases can cause this phenomenon?

Any rash on the mucosa in the oral cavity is disturbing. This is not surprising: as a rule, tumors and lesions showed various problems. Diagnose yourself in this case, it is very difficult, and simply ignore the phenomenon is not – it is unknown what problems that can result.

Talking about white rash?

Во рту белое небо и белые точки во рту на щеке у взрослого и ребенкаEven an experienced dentist can’t give a definite answer to the question of why there were white spots in the mouth (on the cheek) adult. White rash may be indicative of a dozen different disorders depend on the diagnosis is localization of the rash, its appearance, and side of symptoms.

In some cases white or red spots in your mouth can you talk about the problems with the immune system and white patches on the tongue – a viral disease (for example, on conventional SARS).

So, rich white plaques may be a symptom of candidiasis (thrush) of the oral cavity; the small bubbles are symptoms of herpes or pemphigus; nodules – growths or nodules.

To self-medicate only if the diagnosis is known with certainty. Otherwise, the mysterious disease will progress only.

If the mouth of the sky almost white, is to think about viral or bacterial infections. In most cases these symptoms are the first signs of stomatitis.


Во рту белое небо и белые точки во рту на щеке у взрослого и ребенкаThe first symptom of stomatitis – a little redness – may have gone unnoticed. But the redness quite quickly turns into an acute edematous inflammation, the day is a single white plague. After a constant pain in the affected area, bleeding gums, unpleasant smell. Ulcers most often affect the cheeks, the inside of the lips, soft palate, tongue or tonsils.

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The reasons can be many:

  • the lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • bacteria;
  • bad oral hygiene;
  • mechanical damage or burns;
  • the use of toothpastes with sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • Smoking;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • medications that reduce salivary flow;
  • a variety of diseases.

If stomatitis was seen in time to treat it is possible without the intervention of a dentist. This process will take about a week. For the period of treatment will have to abandon spicy, sour, salty and hard, it is impossible to sharply change the temperature (the consumption of very cold or hot food). Mouth rinse with antiseptic solutions or be treated with special gels. «Vinilin gel», «Lugol», «Holisal», «Taste», «Kameton.»

Pain can be so intense that the patient can not eat normally, to move my tongue or even talk. In such cases it is recommended to apply local anesthetics: «Lidocaine Aseptic», «Linkler», «Geksoral», «Benzocaine» (the tablet must be grind to a fine powder and sprinkle them on the affected area).

Folk remedies will fit decoctions of chamomile, sage and calendula or juice of Kalanchoe.

Oral thrush

Во рту белое небо и белые точки во рту на щеке у взрослого и ребенкаThrush of the mouth (oral thrush) usually in people with weakened immune systems. White spots appearing in the mouth and amazing sky during a thrush like cheesy plaque. If these white spots are disturbed, after their withdrawal appears edematous inflammation. When overlaying fungal layers under them there is erosion. Additional signs are discomfort while eating, zaedy in the corners of the mouth, dryness of the mouth.

The causative agent is a fungus Candida, a certain number which is present in the mouth constantly. Inflammation occurs only during active reproduction of the fungus, and the reasons for this violation can be identified only in consultation with an endocrinologist or gastroenterologist.

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To get rid of the disease, the necessary diet: diet will have to exclude flour and sweet. The oral cavity processing need «Efficient,» or «Lugol» (it is available in two forms – solution and spray) solution of baking soda. To combat the affected areas need antifungal drugs: «Miconazole gel», Sostitutiva or Levorinovuyu ointment.

Herpetic stomatitis

Во рту белое небо и белые точки во рту на щеке у взрослого и ребенкаAlmost 90% are carriers of the herpes virus, so herpes stomatitis is one of the most common. If the body is right, the virus becomes dormant, activate viral diseases, hypothermia, stress and poor oral hygiene.

Ulcer often affect the cheeks, lips and the sky. Multiple bubbles can be formed locally after they burst, there is one common ulcer. Discomfort in the mouth interferes with the normal consumption of food is likely to increase salivation.

To relieve the pain you can use «Lidocaine» or «Litohoro», inflammation – «Holesaler», «Cartolina», «Solkoserilom» or rosehip oil. Strictly under a doctor’s supervision to take antiviral – «Giporamin», «Zovirax», «Oksolina», «Acyclovir».

Aphthous stomatitis

Во рту белое небо и белые точки во рту на щеке у взрослого и ребенкаTo determine the exact causes of canker sores difficult. Some doctors believe his infection, caused by the fall of immunity; others refer to viral diseases. The main difference from the herpes sores during the appearance of the rash: on the cheeks or the lips appear round white or yellowish plaque with red rims. Repeated exacerbations can regularly, if not to get rid of the rash in two weeks, the plaques turn into serious ulcers.

At the time of exacerbation to refuse definitely need the sweet and spicy food, alcoholic drinks and Smoking. You can use antihistamines and sedatives, vitamins B1, B6, C, folic and nicotinic acid. Recommended antiseptic rinse – dissolved pills «Furatsilinom», a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide with water (the proportions one to one).

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If there was stomatitis, it is worth paying attention to food. You need to avoid vitamin deficiency, what food should be balanced and include proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates every few months vitamin a mandatory course. Large amounts of alcohol and Smoking on the immune system is affected adversely, so it is better to get rid of bad habits.

The most important preventive measure is careful observance of rules of hygiene of the oral cavity. Need to brush your teeth at least twice a day (preferably after every meal), be sure to use dental floss and mouthwashes for the mouth (to replace them can herbs or decoction of oak bark).