Ointment for periodontal disease and for strengthening the gel and gum treatment

In the treatment of periodontal disease to the gums using special gels and ointments, which have a therapeutic effect, serve to strengthen them and protect against eye infection. Such preparations do not require a prescription and can be purchased at any pharmacy, but you need to remember that self-medicating is harmful and it is better to start an appointment to the dentist, and after examination he will prescribe a course of therapy.

The features of pathology

Periodontal disease is a quite rare pathology, in which are the disease of the tissues around the tooth. For this disease is characteristic of these symptoms:

  • Мазь от пародонтоза и гель для укрепления и лечения десенThe gums become lighter in color;
  • The tissues around the tooth are destroyed and bare it down to the root;
  • Tooth enamel begins to be covered with erosions;
  • Start to feel discomfort in the gums and itching;
  • The teeth become more sensitive to stimuli.

When the disease is already in the later stages, it has these distinguishing features:

  • During a meal may be severe pain;
  • Gums profusely bleeding;
  • Periodontal pockets become larger in size.

Even at these stages the teeth are not loose and the RAID poorly expressed, but may be present wedge-shaped defects. When the disease has long been neglected have these complications:

  • Teeth may begin to wobble;
  • Visually you may notice heavy inflammation in the gums.

Such complications can be the starting point for the development of periodontitis.

Not to run the disease until its late stages, you should regularly visit the dentist, but if the disease is still there, he will be able to recommend a ointment for periodontal disease.

The correct choice of medication

Gum disease treatment is performed after a complete examination at the dental clinic. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and tools for outdoor use, are applied to the gums, such as gels, ointments and creams. These drugs promote healing and remove inflammation.

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Drugs for external application have the following features:

  • Мазь от пародонтоза и гель для укрепления и лечения десенOintments and creams for the gums extremely poorly absorbed into the affected area, when it comes to mucous membranes. They are not fixed in one place and almost immediately are swallowed by man and therefore will not be able to provide quality care in treatment;
  • Gels for the gums. They are best suited for outdoor use in the oral cavity. In addition, gels are well absorbed in the damaged area and securely attached to the mucosa in the oral cavity, therefore they are indispensable in the treatment of inflammation of the gums.

Medicines should be applied thinly to the affected area and be sure before that read the instructions.

Down to the deep stages of periodontal disease you may not notice and to help with this problem can a visits to the dentist to prevent. The doctor will be able to detect pathology early in its development that will greatly simplify the treatment.

Gels from gum disease

Gels are the most popular for the treatment of pathologies of the oral cavity and have a wide range with different active substances in the basis of medicine.

Medication where the active ingredient is chlorhexidine, usually you need to enter under the gum for best effect. This category includes gels «Aluguel» and «Holisal». They are based on choline salicylate and cetalkonium chloride. Thanks to its active ingredients of these drugs are perfectly cope with inflammatory processes in the gums and perform the following functions:

  • Мазь от пародонтоза и гель для укрепления и лечения десенKill germs;
  • Reduce inflammation;
  • Have antipyretic and analgesic action.
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These drugs can penetrate deeply into the mucosa, that allows to obtain this effect. Of analogues of these drugs need to allocate «Mundial-gel». In addition, there are equally effective drugs that can help with gum disease:

  • «Metrogil Denta». This drug has two main active ingredients. One of which is a special antibiotic metronidazole, and the second is performing the function of a chlorhexidine antiseptic. Despite the good composition, the drug poorly penetrates into the deeper layers of the gums and mainly has a surface effect;
  • «Kamistad». This drug is well relieve the damaged tissue of the tooth due to lidocaine. Also has anti-inflammatory properties, which endows the drug chamomile. When the drug deposited on the surface, it begins to numb and possible short-term loss of sensitivity to language;
  • «Forest balsam». This drug has a good antimicrobial effect. The makers of this drug called it balm. However, when applied to the surface does not feel any difference due to the pectin, which is included in its composition. In addition to the basic Мазь от пародонтоза и гель для укрепления и лечения десенactive ingredients are the same as the «Metrogyl Denta»;
  • «Troxevasin». This tool is a great helper to reduce inflammation and swelling with damaged surfaces. The basis of preparation is troxerutin.

It should be noted cryogels for treatment of gum disease. They serve mainly in the treatment of severe purulent inflammation, abscesses. Such a remedy in its action resembles a sponge. Cryogel is extruded and divided into small pieces, and then inject them into the pockets of the gums. There they absorb exudate and thus reduce inflammation.

Based cryogels are used to recover for the destruction of microbes and paliparan that absorbs toxins. Most popular cryogels are «diplen-Denta» and «Polyphepan».

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It should be remembered that regardless of the positive results you need to continue treatment further, because only a doctor after examination has the right to appoint and cancel the drugs.

Ointment periodontal disease

According to statistics, the best efficiency among the ointments and creams showed the following medications:

  • Мазь от пародонтоза и гель для укрепления и лечения десенHeparin ointment. It is based on heparin, which acts as an anticoagulant. Heparin ointment is used to treat and strengthen the gums, eliminate inflammation, restore normal tissue microcirculation and greatly reduces the level of platelet aggregation;
  • «Scars». This drug is a homeopathic remedy, which have only vegetable and mineral substances. The main action is aimed at reducing inflammation, improving conductivity and reconstruction of the density of vascular walls and improves immunity. High efficiency the ointment shows in the early stages, and in severe cases the tool is not so useful.

To the drops rolling down from the places it is strengthened by bandage or impose teplinovo film. Using similar methods, extends the effect and therapeutic properties of drugs of this group.

Thus, in drugstores there is a considerable range of ointments and gels for the treatment of periodontal disease, but need to be chosen carefully and in advance after consulting with your dentist.