Than to treat stomatitis in children in the mouth: treatment of the oral cavity of the child

Many parents often turn to children’s dentistry with the question of what the child has, for example, 6 years has stomatitis, so, what to treat it?

If your baby doesn’t want to eat, afraid to open his mouth, because he’s in pain, his temperature rose, there was redness and favocci mouth – this means that he develops thrush. There are several types in the child’s mouth, so treatment in children will always depend solely on what the causative agent it is caused. In this article we will focus on how to help parents in the treatment of specific diseases such as stomatitis in the mouth in children. But before to understand the issue than to treat it in your child’s mouth sores, you need to figure out why I got an infection.

The reasons for the development

Чем лечить стоматит у детей во рту: обработка полости рта ребенкаAppearance, usually due to the fact that oral mucosa is very delicate, and immunity is still not strong enough to resist the penetration in the mouth of different kinds of infections. In the saliva of the adult are essential enzymes that protect the mouth from falling into the mouth of different species of microbes. In the saliva of the baby they are not enough, this is the reason that occurs in the mouth.

If You see any of these symptoms, look your child in the mouth and evaluate the condition of the mucosa.


For each age period is characterized by the appearance of your form:

  • oral– from birth to 3 years;
  • specific herpetic and aphthous stomatitis Bednar — up to 3 years;
  • simple aphthous allergic and have older children and many adolescents;
  • bacterial for children of absolutely any age group.

Let us consider each view and determine what you can treat thrush in the mouth in children.


Чем лечить стоматит у детей во рту: обработка полости рта ребенкаCommon fungal stomatitis in the mouth takes place without an increase in temperature, but this does not mean that the treatment it needs to be tightened. Ulcers are pretty painful, so the baby can be hard to open mouth, have a bad appetite, sleep, mood. The baby can tolerate the unpleasant sensations in your mouth. Affected by a fungus in the oral cavity in children the gums, cheeks, lips and tongue. Appears cheesy plaque under it noted bleeding.

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To the growth and spread of bacteria in the mouth contributes to an acidic environment. Therefore, the goal is to increase the alkaline balance of the mouth, and then conduct the processing of:

  • treatment of the oral cavity in children with stomatitis and baking soda in a ratio of 2 tsp of baking soda diluted in a glass of water. Older children can use the solution blue or two percent boric acid mouth rinse;
  • the use of Clotrimazole, Nistatinovaya ointment;
  • for older children, the doctor will prescribe antifungal drugs. For Example, Fluconazole;
  • children from 3 years prescribe a course of vitamins to strengthen the immune system;
  • mandatory diet: exclude all sweet and with high acidity.

Herpes stomatitis

The appearance of this type is determined by the decrease of the resistance of immunity. Herpes is dangerous because Чем лечить стоматит у детей во рту: обработка полости рта ребенкаeven if it is left untreated, it will not disappear, but may become chronic, periodically disappear and then reappear. Most often, this form of stomatitis appears in babies. The reason is that the antibodies they receive from mother’s milk have waned, and the private had not yet generate.

When the first time occurs with herpetic stomatitis, the body begins to resist, so the temperature rises. First, there is redness, then formed capsules that burst and sores appear. The condition can go up to very heavy, with all the signs of SARS. Can also get inflamed lymph nodes, headache and possible vomiting. In mild form, fever is rare and the process soon ceases.


For many parents, the question arises, how to handle the developing mouth in stomatitis in children? Treatment of herpetic stomatitis depend on the severity of the disease. If 1 and 2 form the flow of the child can be treated at home if the process is acute, it must hospitalitynet.

  • very good helps treatment mouth herbs of sage, chamomile. This procedure is performed several times a day. For older children and teenagers, these decoctions are used for rinsing the mouth;
  • older children can rinse the Taste and taking pills Hexoral tabs, Чем лечить стоматит у детей во рту: обработка полости рта ребенкаwhich also have analgesic effect;
  • propolis always has a good healing effect;
  • also apply antifungal ointment, such as, Zovirax, Acyclovir;
  • promotes healing regular sea buckthorn butter and rosehip;
  • use as an antiseptic balm of shestakovskoe, Rotokan;
  • during specific treatment was also shown to and vitamin therapy to enhance General immunity.

What you can treat your mouth with sores in children one can choose independently from proposed by Dr. list of drugs.

Aphthous stomatitis in children

The doctor can’t come to a consensus, why is there this type of stomatitis, in particular in children. As well as truthfully say, than to treat such sores in the mouth of a child.

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The main reasons for its appearance are:

  • Чем лечить стоматит у детей во рту: обработка полости рта ребенкаa disturbance in the normal functioning of the digestive system;
  • allergies;
  • injury to the mouth or contact the mouth infection.

Because it is impossible to identify the causative agent, the treatment of this variety is very difficult. Most often seen in children of school age and some adolescents and is accompanied by such symptoms as the appearance of white ulcers. These ulcers aphthae are painful and cause a number of unpleasant sensations such as with herpetic stomatitis. They then completely covered with a thin film and burst. In secondary infection, after the aphthae burst, the process is compounded.


Depending on identified pathogen that caused the disease or no treatment is carried out by different doctors:

  • if the cause is allergies, eliminating the allergen and assigned to such drugs as Suprastin Tsetrin syrup children after 2 years;
  • to process the resulting aft, you can use a solution of soda, and boric acid and methylene blue;
  • as an antiseptic is well suited to Rotokan, but these funds are chosen individually;
  • appointed vitamins of groups and, if necessary to treat gastrointestinal tract.

You should immediately consult a doctor, if You notice in children these specific symptoms:

  • high body temperature;
  • the inability to normally swallow food;
  • anxiety;
  • the language your child suddenly appeared white patches or small sores.

Bacterial (which restores)

Чем лечить стоматит у детей во рту: обработка полости рта ребенкаWhich restores stomatitis in common called zaedy. If such sores occur, treatment should be immediate. Manifested in the form of skin irritation in the corners of the mouth, with a shortage of iron in the body. Mistaken belief is that the iron content can be increased with the help of food. It only ticks with the use of drugs.

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Additional measures

Depending on the type of the developing stomatitis in addition to General therapy is an additional treatment corresponding to a particular type of child stomatitis:

  • preparations of acyclovir in herpes stomatitis;
  • drugs that increase the level of iron in the body – in which restores;
  • if aphthous, lasting more than 15 days, be sure to re-visit the doctor.

Treatment of the stomatitis can be done at home, if not serious complications. It is necessary to follow a diet and careful hygiene throughout the oral cavity through proper tooth brushing and Palestine with an antiseptic solution. Fit, and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

If you climb a very high fever you should give antipyretic. But how to treat this disease in teenagers are sometimes quite difficult to determine.

Specific treatment for each disease and each patient is an individual.

The treatment of any form of stomatitis in children is conducted under the supervision of the attending doctor. To self-medicate is not recommended. Unfortunately, no prevention of stomatitis the oral cavity in children does not exist, as the pathogens it is completely different. Therefore, it is necessary only to treat. But if Your baby has a strong immune system, the possibility of infection is reduced significantly.