The oral candidiasis in adults: symptoms, yeast infection treatment and diet

The oral candidiasis is a disease caused by infection of the mouth yeast infections related to the genus Candida. Colonies of these fungi are part of the healthy flora in each of us. These microorganisms comfortable feel while on the skin, genitals, digestive system or mouth, completely without causing any inconvenience.

But under certain conditions, it is reproduction, resulting in candidiasis of the mucosa of the oral cavity. When this condition on the affected part occur discomfort, not giving the patient the chance to relax. That is why, while in your mouth primary symptoms of this disease, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor.

He will be able to competently answer the questions: how to cure yeast infection in your mouth? How to treat thrush? How to treat oral candidiasis without affecting other systems and organs?

Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

The root causes for which you receive a candidiasis of the oral cavity are:

  • A weak immune system of the person.
  • The presence of serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, diseases of the endocrine, digestive system, diabetes.
  • Prolonged administration of corticosteroid, antimicrobial, antibiotics, cytostatics.
  • Long use of birth control pills.
  • Exposure.
  • Infected people spreading the infection by kissing, intimacy.


Candidiasis of the mouth has the ability to manifest itself in different ways. Route of exposure is directly dependent on the age of the patient characteristics, the quality of functioning of systems and organs responsible for the formation of immunity, presence of side diseases, medicines that a patient takes and other things. Often there is an infection of the oral mucosa in certain areas: the tongue, cheek, palate, lips.

Symptoms of candidiasis in the oral cavity are dependent on forms of fungus infection of the oral mucosa.

The development of thrush in the mouth can occur acutely or in a chronic.

Pseudomembranous acute

This form of thrush in the mouth is the most widely encountered form of the illness. She often exposed infants and the elderly. The features that characterize a yeast infection of the oral cavity:

  • Swelling,
  • Redness of the mucous cover.
  • The presence of whitish patches on the lips, tongue, palate, cheeks.
  • Softening of mucous membranes, presence of ulcers, of blood.
  • Pain, burning and itchy sensation in the mouth.
  • Difficulties with food.
  • Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

    Candidiasis in the oral cavity of this type tends to progress, spreading to the throat and esophagus.

    Atrophic candidiasis of the mouth acute

    A candidiasis in your mouth is running the form and it occurs in the absence of therapeutic interventions.

    Candidiasis of the oral cavity in this case has the following symptoms:

  • Desquamation of the upper epithelial tissue of the oral space
  • Thinning, redness, swelling of the inner integument.
  • The atrophy of lingual papillae..
  • Characteristic is the absence of plaque in the oral space

    Hyperplastic thrush chronic nature

    This yeast infection of the mouth characterized by a strong appearance of the rash and plaques on the body language and the cheeks, sometimes they may form adhesions, adhesions. Each entity is surrounded by redness. The oral surface of the mouth is dry, appear roughness, because of the pain the patient is difficult to speak and eat. This type of disease is typical for the male population. The basic cause of this kind of thrush is a frequent injury of the mucous cover of the mouth, wherein the oral tissue becomes reddish, covered with white flakes starts to hurt and oven, dry.

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    Thus, the main symptoms, which is characterized by candidiasis of the oral cavity are: bleeding, discomfort, manifested as pain, itching, burning, appearance of metallic taste, temporary loss of taste, a sense of having throat foreign body hyperthermia, the occurrence of fungal Zayed.

    Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

    Therapy candidiasis

    The main principle of treatment of any disease is a correct therapy. That is why, before you start treatment, you must consult the doctor to confirm the diagnosis. To this end, the doctor will conduct a laboratory examination of a scraping from the walls of the oral cavity and the patient’s blood. Based on the results of the study and confirmed the diagnosis, candidiasis treatment is a special that is suitable for this patient.

    Treatment of thrush in adults

    The first thing you begin to treat oral candidiasis – elimination or weakening of such chronic illnesses as: cancer of the blood, diabetes, bowel disease. Distinguish the General and local methods of treatment of yeast infection of the mouth.

    General methods of therapy

    This kind of treatment of candidal lesions of the mouth is based on the use of medicines which have a resorptive effect on the entire body. These tools eliminate the fungus yeast infection not only mouth, but also on other organs. People treat these drugs ceases to be the bearer of candidiasis.

    Antinicotine drugs are divided into:

    • polyene antibiotics,
    • the imidazoles.

    To polyene antibiotics include Nystatin and Levorin. The intake of these allocations up to six times daily after eating. The treatment duration will be up to two weeks. Drugs are available in pill form, it is necessary to dissolve that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the pills. The symptoms begins to abate already on the fifth day: whitish becoming less erosion begin to disappear.

    Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

    In that case, when the treatment proved ineffective, prescribe a stronger drug Amphotericin, which is used as tablets or intravenously. The tablet form is used after meals in the morning and the evening. Duration – 14 days.

    Imidazoles represented by such drugs as Miconazole, Econazole, Clotrimazole. The duration of 7-21 days, depending on the age characteristics and intensity of the disease.

    Very often in the fight against yeast infection apply the medications that can stop the growth of fungus. Such drugs include:

    • Fluconazole. Medicine is a very strong antifungal medication used once a day at a dosage of 200-400 mg.
    • Capsules Of Diflucan. To take the drug recommended weekly term.
    • Nizoral in tablet form. Daily dose – 200 mg. she two to three weeks.
    • Decalin produced in the form of caramel. Apply by sucking within a couple of weeks.
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    It is useful the use of vitamin preparations for the General strengthening of the immune system, antihistamines and medications containing iron. Also, the positive effect has the use of calcium Gluconate during the month.

    Sometimes prophylactic doctors appointed Candida vaccine that promotes immunity to the causative agent of thrush.

    Local therapies

    Treatment of oral candidiasis in adults, in local form, the means operating only on the mucous coating of the mouth. These drugs not enter the bloodstream of the body preventing the growth of fungus, clean the symptoms of thrush.Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

    Local drugs include:

    • Dyes based on aniline oxidized, such as methylene blue, fukortsin, brilliant green.
    • Godovye drugs, such as: Logician, Lugol’s solution.
    • Tablet Lysozyme or Lizak.
    • Levorinovuyu ointment is used in cases when the defeat suffered lips.
    • Solution of alkalis and chlorine for disinfection. Well help rinsing with an aqueous solution of iodine.


    An important element in the treatment of fungal lesions of the oral space is the diet in oral candidiasis, the main principle of which is the rejection of sweets, bakery products, spicy, sour, and spicy foods. Food should be low in fat and served warm.

    It is necessary in limited quantities to eat sweets, yeast, dairy foods, beverages containing caffeine, alcohol, soda, fatty meat and fish products, smoked, fruit. At the same time, it is recommended to eat: cereal of cereal, pastries without yeast, lean meat, fish products, liver, various vegetable dishes with herbs, fresh juices, teas, herbs, vegetable oil, sour berries, fruits, kernels and seeds.

    Diet food is not able to get rid of the fungus but it can help speed up the healing process.

    Folk remedies

    Supplement medication can drugs of folk medicine. This will help teas and tinctures from the flowers of calendula, onion, garlic, wormwood extracts, juices from cranberry, cranberry, carrot, decoction of leaves of Hypericum, rosemary, oak bark, rhizomes parsley, dill seed, oil application, honey lotion, soda rinse.

    Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

    Treatment of candidiasis in women

    The distribution of this fungus in women, is a complete analogy to this process in men is accompanied by similar symptoms.


    Except the occurrence in the oral cavity milk, beige, yellowish, similar to the flakes of curd plaque, oral disease provokes a burning sensation mucous membranes, pain, the response to acid and bitter food, bad aftertaste and an unpleasant aroma. Violation of the integrity of the affected areas is accompanied by discharge of blood, pain. In women during lactation, thrush also provokes inflammatory reactions, burning pain in the region. In addition, oral disease in women can provoke the development of vaginal mycotic diseases.

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    In the case when the yeast infection treatment was wrong or lacked common Candida infection is able to affect the throat, vagina and even the skin.


    Methodology of treatment of thrush mouth in women are completely identical with the principles of treatment of this disease in men. In that case, when the development of the oral infection provoked the defeat of other organs, treatment will include a comprehensive fight against this disease.

    With the exception of in the treatment of oral candidiasis persons are expecting a child and nursing mothers, because of the limited list of approved drugs. Treatment of oral disease in pregnant women is extremely important, as because of the oppression of the immune system, the fungus rapidly infects the area of the nasopharynx, esophagus, intimate area.

    A woman expecting a child, you cannot apply self-treatment or traditional medicine in this case can ease symptoms, but cannot completely eliminate the problem. It’s also worth considering the danger of some herbs to the fetus.

    Кандидоз полости рта у взрослых: симптомы, лечение молочницы и диета

    For rapid healing, a woman should follow some principles:

  • To adhere to all doctor’s appointments.
  • To perform hygienic procedures of the oral cavity and teeth.
  • The therapy includes a couple of areas: addressing the symptoms of candidiasis and treatment of the underlying disease. Often prescribed local medicines. Such drugs include various protivomikrobnye gley substances, preparations ointment, cream, polozitelnye a variety of drugs that can disinfect your mouth, candy pills.

    With severe candidiasis is fairly simple changes to diet, which must homemade yogurts and juices from sour berries that can resume the natural bacterial balance and to inhibit harmful fungal environment. In the case of severe illness in the third trimester do not use antibacterial or antifungal tablet means. Intravenous treatment is prescribed only in cases, when threatened the woman’s life.

    A yeast infection that develops in the mouth, is a serious disease, which, if delayed therapy is able to spread to adjacent organs. With the aim of relief of disease and its elimination in the manifestation of the first symptoms, you should urgently make an appointment with a specialist in this field.