The temperature for stomatitis in child

Stomatitis early age – the most common diseases localized in the oral cavity of a child exhibiting certain symptoms, and most often develops when any infection or strong allergies. The disease cause the baby severe discomfort, resulting in food refusal, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, it is also possible fever with stomatitis of any etiology in a child.

Common signs

Frequently occurring symptoms – redness and inflammation of the mucosal surfaces of the mouth, burning sensation, formation of ulcers, their bleeding. The stomatitis peculiar appearance as in small areas, and the whole oral cavity. Formed stomatitis leads to the deterioration of the child has lethargy, difficulty while swallowing and eating, a significant increase in temperature.

Температура при стоматите у ребенкаSigns of development:

  • A slight reddening of some sections of the nasal cavity, is rarely possible dryness;
  • After a couple of days takes place swelling of this place with simultaneous appearance of a white plaque that covers the ulcer. Erosion there are different types: deep, covering only the surface of the mucosa, single, multiple and combined;
  • Delayed treatment starts disease throughout the mouth, including corners of it. Ulcers begin to appear in the cheeks, palate and tonsils, up to the formation of sores on lips in children.
  • The treatment process

    The first thing to do when stomatitis in a child – have to go to the dentist. But for home treatments, there are still some tips. So, what to do if your child has stomatitis?

  • For starters, do not forget that thrush has the infectious nature, and the need to protect other family members, to prevent risk of infection. Once detected any signs of stomatitis, is to protect the child from contact with other children, to provide him some items of permanent use (Cup, spoon, etc.).
  • Mandatory maintenance of cleanliness of the child’s room, repeated wet cleaning and regular airing.
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    High fever during sores

    Children of different ages exposed to various forms of stomatitis. Take for example the fungal disease, this disease suffered by kids under the age of 3 years. A large portion of school-age children often suffer from allergic stomatitis. Stomatitis bacterial etiology may develop in children of all ages, with poor care for the oral cavity and careless damage to the surface of the gums or tongue.

    Why are children susceptible to the disease

    Температура при стоматите у ребенкаMucous kids quite often injured due to its subtlety. Their saliva can’t cope with infection and bacteria into your mouth. The sores and symptoms the temperature of a child, ulcers, pain, a burning sensation is the result of a sharp defense of the body against infection.

    Can with stomatitis candidal forms to be temperature? Of course this is possible, since this type begins immediately with a sharp current, and the temperature rises to 39, and sometimes 40 degrees, there is an active inflammation of the lymph nodes, STO requires urgent treatment. Appeared erosive lesions are very painful and hamper the normal lifestyle of the baby.

    Sometimes if the fever is mild form of stomatitis in children? In such situations, the temperature is missing in most cases, rarely a slight increase. During the illness, inflamed lymph nodes, and white patches are completely easy to remove.

    Relief comes after rinse antibacterial agents (chlorhexidine, Miramistin).

    How long you can hold the temperature

    Температура при стоматите у ребенкаThe primary symptom of the disease – fever. Its rise cause of what is happening in the child’s body foci of inflammation. The main temperature increase occurs within 3 days after the beginning of the development of the disease. Early treatment will facilitate the prompt return of the child to a normal life.
    If the inflammation is managed to capture the area of the lymph nodes, the temperature rises up to 37 degrees will gradually increase.

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    How many days will stay fever with stomatitis a small child, depends on the form of the disease, and also the speed of the body’s fight against infection. For the herpetic form characterized by fever about 2-3 weeks when the easy canker keeps the temperature a maximum of 10 days. What to do if stomatitis and high fever in a child is kept too long? I need to call the ambulance for examination or treatment in hospital. There is a high probability of secondary bacterial infection.

    Frequently asked questions young mothers:

    • How to feed your child with stomatitis? For the period of illness is best suitable food in the form of liquid soups, all kinds of mashed potatoes, or milk porridge. You should reduce the amount of salt and fats to avoid extra irritation. If the kid eats one of the dishes offered, it is not necessary forcibly to suggest other, better to postpone this point until recovery;
    • How to feed the baby when the symptoms of stomatitis? Child is experiencing severe pain, so it’s best to feed him soups, compotes, everything should be of moderate temperature and be given only through a straw. After each meal it is obligatory to rinse the mouth with antiseptic;
    • Is it possible to go for a walk with a child with stomatitis and how much? Walking every day is not prohibited, but are directly dependent on the condition of the baby. Even if the walk will take place, you should not delay for too long. However, if there is to be a viral infection, it is better to sit at home to avoid transmission to other children;
    • Температура при стоматите у ребенкаIs it possible to bathe the child when the disease is stomatitis? If the body temperature is too high, it is necessary to abandon such procedures. When manifestations of the herpetic or ulcerative stomatitis, shows a strict bed rest. In order not to risk the health of the child, it is better to wait until recovery;
    • How to heal a crack on the lip in a child? The most important thing – in any case not to tear the dried wound, otherwise the propagation of cracks across the surface of the lips. You can smear the wound with vitamins A and E, if manipulations do not help, you should see a doctor to clarify the causes and assign the required treatment;
    • The treatment of stomatitis on the lip in a child? The treatment is based on the impact to the affected areas, local anesthetics or anti-inflammatory drugs, in rare cases, a General therapy.
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    Preventive measures

    • Providing a full-fledged baby care and stable immune system;
    • It is important to observe any rules of feeding (you can not wipe off the mucosa after ingestion);
    • To maintain a thorough oral hygiene;
    • Obligatory processing of toys and baby;
    • To start timely treatment for any manifestation of stomatitis.