Thrush in adults: causes, prevention and treatment

Stomatitis in adults – the phenomenon not rare, and this disease causes a lot of trouble. Is it possible to determine the type of disease and how to treat stomatitis?

Often clinicians are faced with a thrush infection in young children is their weak immune system lends itself more easily to this disease. But in recent years, problems with the immune system occur more often in adults, as a result, patients suffering from the disease, becoming older.

What usually happens stomatitis in adults? Factors leading to inflammation can be many and varied, and to remove the thrush treatment will help only when it is correctly defined type of the disease. How to choose drugs from different types of stomatitis in adults? Than to treat stomatitis in adults?

What kind of disease?

Stomatitis – a disease that is a protective reaction to different types of stimuli and Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеexacerbations manifesting immune system. The disease manifests itself in the form of inflammation of the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Most often stomatitis is an independent disease, but in some cases can serve only a symptom of the beginning of the development of systemic disease.

Classification of the inflammation depends on the causative agent of the disease. Before deciding how to treat thrush in mouth in adults should be determined with the cause of the disease.

Pathogens can be divided into several types:

  • chemical: a consequence of burns of the oral cavity by acid or alkali. After the injury, ulcers are formed, which after scarring mucous membrane is deformed;
  • fungal: it provokes a sharp mouth fungi Candida after a serious immune system disorders or the prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • bacterial: can be caused by staphylococci or streptococci that are part of the normal microflora of the oral cavity;
  • viral: the second name is herpes stomatitis that occurs with acute virus Epstein-Barr;
  • radiation: the effect of ionizing radiation type or radiation sickness.


What could be the signs of thrush in adults and what will be its treatment? To diagnose this disease is easy after a simple visual inspection, but accurately determine the type of inflammation can only be a specialist. In children the disease is much sharper, and usually accompanied by a high fever, the clinical picture in humans adults a little softer. At the first sign of the disease should immediately consult the dentist to choose right treatment of stomatitis. As usually manifested stomatitis in adults and what to do?

Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеStarts any type of stomatitis with a redness in the mouth or on the palate in an adult. A couple of days around bright spots there is swelling, the tissues swell, during the meal, there are burning and acrid dull the pain. Touching the site of the lesion painful. The treatment of stomatitis should start already at this stage.

The most common type of bacterial stomatitis after one day on the mucosa, which was redness, there is a small round or oval ulcer. It is surrounded by a halo of bright red color, the edges of which are smooth, and in the centre – a thin whitish film. Gums start to bleed, increased salivation, there is an unpleasant putrid smell.

With stomatitis in adults temperature rarely rises, but does not exclude the increase to 39 degrees, it is accompanied by a sharp increase in lymph nodes. Along with this there is a sharp pain that prevents comfortable to eat food and open your mouth, movements of tongue or lips necessary to limit.

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Impress sores most often the mucous membrane of the cheeks and inner side of the lips, the tonsils and soft palatal areas. Rare cases of inflammation on the tongue or under it.

Can’t say for sure how much is usually treated stomatitis in adults, it is impossible. Due to the duration of the process, however, properly diagnosed and whether doctors to find a good medicine or tablets from different stomatitis in adults.


To understand how to treat stomatitis mouth, you need to determine the causes of the disease. Only then can you find the right products and to understand what prevention is needed to avoid re-inflammation.

So, what can be the causes of sudden onset of stomatitis in adults and what treatments may be useful?

  • Serious decline in immunity, after which the mucous membrane of the mouth ceases to perform the safety function and «looks» of infection.
  • Constant or occasional mechanical trauma of the mucosa. Move any sharp objects – fish bones, sharp chipped teeth, poorly fitted dentures, or even a problematic bite. In the resulting wounds penetrate to the infection, causing inflammation.
  • Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеAcute Allergy, caused by any pathogen, be it some food, medicines, household cleaners, or even individual components of toothpaste.
  • Viral disease (e.g., herpes, scarlet fever, or sore throat).
  • Excessive dryness of the mucosa. Because of excessive dryness of the mouth becomes more susceptible to the action of harmful acids. Appear the problem may be due to a General dehydration of the body, the wrong toothpaste and mouthwash, with stress. Often provoke dehydration, certain diuretics or medication.
  • An improper diet. For example, an excess of sugary foods can lead to increased acidity of the saliva, which will irritate.
  • The lack of iron (anemia), selenium, zinc, trace elements and various vitamins. Especially important for maintaining healthy oral vitamin of group B.
  • Toxic poisoning that can trigger excessive drinking.
  • Diseases of the digestive system that affect the immune status of the oral cavity. Among them – a dysbacteriosis, disorders of the liver.
  • Serious violation of the normal microflora of the mouth due to vitamin deficiency, long-term use of antibiotics or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Herpes

    Causes of frequent herpes stomatitis in adults are problems with the immune system, which is easy to attack a variety of viral diseases. According to statistics, the herpes virus is the most «popular». Carriers of this disease are more than 92% of adults. If the person at least once in my life picked up somewhere in the herpes it remains in the body forever. It will escalate during periods when the host organism is weakened.

    To awaken the herpes can a variety of factors:

    • Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеmechanical trauma of the mucosa;
    • stressful situation;
    • severe or prolonged hypothermia;
    • fatigue on a regular basis;
    • chronic diseases and their exacerbation.

    Herpetic stomatitis is manifested on the palate, tongue and inside of the cheeks. An acute reaction of the adults can not wait. The main difference is that on the affected area will be not one sore, and several small eruptions filled with turbid fluid. Over time, lesions will burst and turn into a large erosive lesion.

    Methods of treatment

    What to do with this stomatitis? Pain syndrome will help to remove anesthetics – «Linkler», «Lidocaine Aseptic» or the like. To reduce inflammation is to apply local anti-inflammatory type – «Kartalin» (rich in vitamin A), «Solcoseryl», «gel Holisal» or even natural oils, the most useful of which is from the hips. To accelerate the healing of wounds using gel «Kamistad». Do not be redundant anti-Allergy drugs and vitamin therapy. Of the available immunomodulators – «Tsikloferon», «Polyoxidonium» and «Immunal».

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    What drugs can be taken with stomatitis in adults? Antiviral drugs («Acyclovir», «Zovirax», «Giporamin», «Oksolina») or antibiotics to appoint themselves – a risky business, before it is better to consult a dentist.


    Regular stomatitis of this type in adults is rare, and the causes of this type of the disease, specialists are still not fully known. Some doctors consider this type of the disease as one of the manifestations of common lesions infection herpes. According to them, there is a loss of the mucosa due to sharp decline of immunity. How can I cure this stomatitis in adults?

    Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеAt constant (chronic) ulcerative stomatitis in adults the lesions appear periodically, they usually affect the upper or lower lip (inside the mouth) and the mucous membrane of the cheeks. Ulcers can be single or multiple. From the standard of stomatitis caused by herpes viruses, has a different type aphthous ulcers: rounded plaque is yellow or white, with bright red little ring. Acute inflammation can often be repeated, in some cases, the disease is years.

    Complete healing of ulcers should take a maximum of two weeks. If not, stomatitis goes into a more heavy form of ulcerous-necrotic form. This usually indicates severe health problems: leukemia, radiation, poisoning (e.g., different salts), immunodefitsitnye problems.

    The treatment process

    What can cure thrush mouth in adults? Treating ulcers with daisies and solutions of acid (boric). For this you need to prepare a decoction of chamomile, one Cup of liquid to 4 grams of acids. Rinse your mouth the resulting liquid, you need at least two or three times a day.

    Overall polozitelnye solutions for the treatment of stomatitis in adults in the mouth enough
    an effective method of treatment of wounds. Antiseptic solutions can cook from furazilinom tablets (diluted with boiled water), hydrogen peroxide (diluted with water in proportions one to one), weak manganese solution.

    Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеIs there a better means of aphthous stomatitis in adults? A definite answer is hard to find, every dentist adheres to its methods of treatment. For example, some doctors believe that a good local treatment is the treatment of aft Kalanchoe juice or natural oils peach or sea buckthorn.

    To purify will help sodium thiosulfate. Appointed he may need intravenous (injections should be daily), or in usual aqueous solution, which is adopted inside – will need 2 or 3 grams of the drug. Reactivity at the same time increase «Prodigiozan», «During» or «Lysozyme».

    Among the mandatory conditions – a combination of drugs with vitamin complexes. A special role for the immune support will play Niacin and folic acid, Riboflavin, vitamins C, B1 and B6. Additionally assigned can be «Dekaris» is not only prevention of disease but also a way to suppress recurrent manifestation of it.

    It is impossible to treat stomatitis without a certain diet. So as not to injure ulcer is necessary to exclude from the menu sweet and spicy, gets banned as well hard foods that can damage the mucosa. Also, the patient should try to stop Smoking and drinking: all of this has a negative impact on the immune system.

    As trigger canker form of the disease can be other troubles with health, will have to go through a few specialists. Look patients due to the condition of the nervous and endocrine systems and gastrointestinal tract. Effective means against the occurrence of sores on the gums and a treatment – the key to getting rid of stomatitis.

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    Dental inflammation of this type is usually found in people with the most weakened immune systems. Related diseases – HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes. Often it affects and those who are on treatment with steroid hormones.

    Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеThe causative agent is the fungus Candida. In certain quantities it is present in the microflora of the mouth always. The problems begin only when due to any failures in the body the fungus begins to actively proliferate.

    Notice candidal disease easily. In the initial stages it manifests itself in the form of cheesy white plaque on the mucosa. If this remove the plaque beneath produces inflammation. When overlaying one layer of fungus on the other appears a dense pellicle, beneath which lies a painful erosion. Additional symptoms – zaedy and cracks, unpleasant or painful sensations during food intake, increased dryness of the mouth.


    What drugs to treat thrush in adults, doctors recommend? First, we focus on antifungal therapy:

    • Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечение«Irunin»;
    • «Clotrimazole»;
    • Fluconazole;
    • «Pimafucin»;
    • «Nystatin»;
    • «Levorin».

    The surface of the ulcers need to treated with antifungal ointments. This can be done using the «Miconazole gel», «Nistatinovaya» or «Severinovka» ointments. Before use, be sure to read the instructions on the package. For the total rehabilitation of the oral cavity are used solutions of soda, «solution», «Efficient» or «Lugol spray».

    Cure for thrush mouth in adults is not the only treatment. Will have to comply with and diet. The chief AIDS candidal stomatitis sweets and flour, so this will have to give up in the first place. Additionally, you should visit an endocrinologist and gastroenterologist. The only way to avoid recurrence of fungus.


    In most cases, thrush is not a «one-off» disease and relapse can be repeated often. Therefore, the treatment of stomatitis in adults without prevention is almost useless. What to do to avoid problems?

    To prevent the disease help of simple measures:

    • timely visit to the dentist: it is important to get rid of caries, to remove the thick plaque and stone;
    • the use of dental floss and a solution for rinsing the oral cavity;
    • Стоматит у взрослых: причины, профилактика и лечениеmandatory hand washing before a meal;
    • surgical treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • correctly chosen toothpaste;
    • healthy wool;
    • immune support with vitamins.

    If at least once had to deal with stomatitis, pay special attention to is nutrition. To make a proper menu will help tests for food-allergens: food, posing a threat, the menu will have to be deleted. Add to it hot and spicy food, it is also important to control the amount of sweet and starchy foods.

    What if the first signs of stomatitis? One answer: immediately contact the doctor. Self-treatment can only exacerbate the overall clinical picture, and the sooner you get started the struggle with the disease – the easier it is to get rid of it.