Thrush in the mouth child in the language, treatment of candidiasis in infants

Thrush in the mouth of a child occurs because of increased activity of yeast. Often this can happen in children up to one year. Expressed signs of thrush in the mouth and on the tongue of the child in a stable whitish plaque on the oral mucosa. This plaque, alas, is not the remnants of food and serious disease.

What is a yeast infection

Symptoms of thrush on the tongue in infants arise for the same reasons that adults, that is due to the activity of yeast-like fungi of the Candida type. They are on the mucous membranes and the skin throughout life. Their presence on the skin and mucous membranes – the phenomenon normal. Only pathological growth of fungi helps to ensure that the person has specific symptoms.

Молочница во рту у ребенка на языке, лечение кандидоза у грудничкаThat the number of fungi did not increase and they do not lead to undesirable phenomena in adults following immune system. It suppresses any abnormal activity of fungi. However, babies immune defense system is being formed, which leads to frequent signs of thrush. For this reason, manifestations of candidiasis in the newborn child up to one year are much more common than in older children.

Candidiasis in babies causes a lot of inconvenience: first of all, he causes pain and does not breastfeed. But if yeast infection on the tongue the child does not stop in time, some eldely mouth begin to marvel at, and then bleed. In severe possible spread of the pathological process at the genitals.

Why do I get

Causes of thrush in children’s mouth are.

  • Молочница во рту у ребенка на языке, лечение кандидоза у грудничкаWeakening children’s immune system due to the fact that the mother during pregnancy was sick. An important role in weakening the children’s immune system plays prematurity and formula feeding.
  • Failure to observe basic rules of hygiene. Infection can occur through dirty pacifier, or when the feeding is not to wash the nipple.
  • Infection of the birth canal.
  • Diseases occurring in infancy: a dysbacteriosis, rickets, certain infectious and viral diseases.
  • Injuries of the oral cavity.
  • Too frequent regurgitation.
  • The immaturity of the mucosa of the mouth (unfortunately, this happens too often in premature babies). Experience of pediatricians suggests that in this category of babies quite often vomiting. The mucosa of the mouth, they suffer more often due to mechanical damage and from irritations of artificial mixtures for feeding.
  • Symptoms of candidiasis in the child’s mouth arise from taking antibiotics.
  • Parents should remember that the symptoms of thrush in children with language arise more often if the room where the child is excessively dry and hot air. Parents somehow believe that the hotter the air in the room where the baby stays the better. However, you can’t do that. The child’s active immunity against yeast is formed when the mouth has plenty of saliva. In particularly dry air conditions, at high temperatures, the production of saliva decreases. Such conditions are ideal for growth of fungus Candida and the appearance of oral candidiasis in children.

    The same happens if the child often and long is screaming. In these conditions, the amount of the fungus Candida grows uncontrollably.

    Symptoms of candidiasis in children

    Symptoms of thrush in mouth in children depend on the severity of the disease.

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    A mild form of the disease in infants is characterized by the appearance on the oral mucosa of the small grains. They are located in small areas of the mouth, sometimes on the surface of the sky, inside of the cheeks. Any subjective sensations in this, the lymph nodes are not inflamed. Described plaque can be easily removed. Bad breath is also observed.

    Candidiasis the child has a moderate degree is characterized by the appearance dorogobuzova or plecoptera plaque in the oral cavity. The peculiarity of this oral candidiasis in a child that plaque always appears on the hyperemic basis. The diffuse plaque located on the cheeks, tongue, hard palate. He removed not fully. After trying to remove this plaque will remain a bleeding mucosa. If the inflammation extends to the entire surface of the mouth, the child is restless, sleeps badly, he can sometimes grow in the lymph nodes.

    Молочница во рту у ребенка на языке, лечение кандидоза у грудничкаSigns of thrush in the mouth in children can be combined due to fungal infection of the skin or genitals. In such cases, talking about severe candidiasis. Combined with fungal lesions of the skin of the perineum, inguinal-femoral folds, gluteal folds. Girls have a candidiasis is complicated by disease of the mucous membrane of the vagina, the vulva. Often the appearance of the so-called intestinal candidiasis.

    Sometimes the child is not only the thrush in the mouth, but also inflamed lymph nodes. It also says on the accession of the severe infectious process. Vaginal candidiasis vulva are red and swollen and also swollen lymph nodes. And girls and boys may result in irritation of the thigh and gluteal folds. The most dangerous complication in girls – atresia of the genital organs. For the treatment of this disease has to do the operation.

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    Complications of thrush in children

    Parents should remember that treatment of oral candidiasis in children will: it should not be taken as something harmless. It is very important to detect in a child the occurrence of this disease. If you start the inflammation of the oral cavity, it is likely that the pathological process in the oral cavity can spread to the digestive tract, lymph nodes. Inadequate treatment of candidiasis in children leads to the fact that it becomes chronic.

    The chronic course of the disease possible the emergence of such symptoms:

    • poor appetite (as a baby may refuse to eat, which adversely affect weight gain);
    • significantly disturbed sleep, why the first to suffer nervous system;
    • the child becomes irritable;
    • suffers the child’s immune system, it becomes susceptible to many infectious diseases;
    • much more likely to have allergic reactions;
    • swollen lymph nodes;
    • formed a strong predisposition to many diseases, and primarily to bronchial asthma.

    Treatment of thrush

    Treatment of thrush in the mouth in a young child should begin only after will be excluded such diseases as herpes, ringworm, eczema. Any therapeutic interventions should only be performed by a highly qualified specialist.

    Молочница во рту у ребенка на языке, лечение кандидоза у грудничкаIf thrush in the child are weak, no pronounced symptoms of the disease, it is sufficient compliance with hygienic rules. Suffice it also to strengthen the immune system so the body can fight off pathogenic fungi and yeast infection treatment in the language to be effective.

    The mother should maintain good hygiene of the breast. Before each feeding it is necessary to treat the nipple and aureole with a weak solution of soda. In addition, for the period of candidiasis in infants you need to take a warm shower wash the chest. This should be done regularly.

    When artificial feeding, thoroughly rinse the pacifier with a weak solution of soda.

    Thrush on the tongue is treated with special disinfectants. They appoint a doctor: self medication is strictly prohibited. Pockets of severe plaque should be carefully cleaned with a ball of wool. It is treated with a weak solution of baking soda. Pediatricians also credited with a solution of Nystatin. They also moisten cotton balls and treat the affected surface.

    The Clotrimazole solution is also suitable for the treatment of lesions of the oral cavity. To use the solutions of Clotrimazole to fight thrush in infants should be no more than two or three times a day to avoid the development of side effects.

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    What to do if signs of candidiasis on the tongue the child does not pass? First and foremost, parents should contact the pediatrician. Often the doctor may give the child a special anti-fungal medication and even antibiotics.

    If adequately treat candidiasis in children, as a rule, oral candidiasis in babies will usually through three, maximum of ten days. If the parents will strengthen the immune system of the infant through children’s vitamins, tempering procedures, the likelihood of developing this disease will be reduced.

    Folk treatment of oral candidiasis in children

    The child in the language is a candidiasis, what to do? Treatment of thrush in children can be home remedies. Some folk remedies fight against child yeast infection produce results. Here are some of them.

  • To prevent the appearance of candidiasis is necessary after each feeding to give the baby some water. It will wash away food debris, fungi and pests will be deprived of the nutrient medium.
  • A good effect is the smearing of the mouth with a mixture of honey and juice of viburnum. With the same purpose can be applied and carrot juice.
  • A decoction of the herb loosestrife or sage also helps with this candidiasis. They need to rinse the mouth. The procedure is repeated at least six times a day for maximum effect.
  • Prevention of candidiasis

    Woman during pregnancy should monitor their health and prevent infectious diseases. To prevent infection of the birth canal, the woman is very important to observe the rules of hygiene.

    The attachment of the breast each time promotes the formation of normal bacterial flora in the intestine. In turn, it helps fight pathogenic bacteria, yeast.

    Thrush in newborns it is easy to prevent. However, treatment does not need to be tightened in order to avoid complications.