Thrush on the tongue (candidiasis) in adults

When we are talking about disease, we often encounter in medical practice with a yeast form. In medicine it is called candidiasis of tongue or thrush on the tongue. The second name makes it clear that we are talking about unpleasant disease, be faced with which both men and women. Latest can just imagine what is thrush on the tongue. In the mouth accumulate unpleasant white flakes caused by fungal parasites.

Finding the disease, let us go on with the treatment, because the candidiasis on your tongue will extend to other areas the mucosa of the oral cavity and throat.

Despite the fact that, according to statistics, this disease is most common in young children and the elderly, in whom endocrine and immune systems not able to cope with usual tasks, thrush on the tongue occurs in adults and requires treatment.

How to identify the disease

Guess that you have candidiasis or thrush on tongue in adults is quite simple, let’s look at the classic symptoms or signs of this disease:

  • Молочница на языке (кандидоз) у взрослыхThe appearance of white spots on the mucosal surface.
  • Language becomes like lacquer.
  • Change the size of the language increase.
  • The corners of the mouth covered with small cracks.
  • The red border of the lips (the place of transition of the outer part of the lips into the inner) becomes inflamed.
  • Also on the mucous membrane may form mother-of-pearl spots.
  • The treatment of the disease cannot be ignored. In any case, the candidiasis can lead to complications. The appearance of the disease, as in «feminine» cases, associated with lesions of the mouth fungal parasites of the genus Candida.

    Benign form of candidiasis will retain such consequence as coarse hard spots on the tongue, and in the case of malignant course may complete degeneration of the tissue of the tongue.

    At the transition of the disease in the throat, in the last plug can be formed, making breathing difficult and swallowing. The emergence of fungal parasites provokes inflammation of the tonsils ring of Pirogov.

    Why the disease is dangerous

    Noticing the first signs of disease, don’t delay treatment. Candida can spread throughout the body, affecting not only the digestive system, but also heart, kidney and brain. To delay treatment is not worth it when it comes to the health of a small child.

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    Infected baby during childbirth or through breastfeeding. In adults, appears the disease by reducing the immune functions of the body, after continuous intake of antibiotic drugs that disrupt the natural microflora of the oral cavity and in women during pregnancy.


    Make sure that the candidiasis, not the coating on the tongue, by several symptoms:

  • Mucosa bleeds in that case, if you are trying to remove twaronite selection.
  • Body temperature may rise.
  • Tongue and throat feel dry and burning.
  • Chew food and swallow food lump gets too painful.
  • At the risk of candidiasis of the oral cavity can enter the subjects suffering from serious diseases. Among them, diabetes, tuberculosis, Oncology, diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, suppurative processes.

    Молочница на языке (кандидоз) у взрослыхMany preparations are found a warning that they can cause such side effect as candidiasis. List of hormonal drugs, including contraceptive drugs, immunosuppressants, all kinds of antibiotics.

    Among children candidiasis of the oral cavity is most common in those who are born with congenital defects of the immune system or a chronic form, infected from mother during childbirth or breastfeeding.

    In the adult the disease can develop on the background of permanent employment with vegetables and fruit in the process of their processing, care of the elderly, and women during childbirth and lactation, producing on the pharmaceutical factories of antibiotics.


    Finding patches on the tongue, the person is not immediately rushing to the doctor because people are used to with all the diseases on our own. A mild form of candidiasis can «disappear» on their own, and can become chronic, which must be treated with special care.

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    To help a person with chronic candidiasis, you must do a comprehensive treatment, which includes:

    • Молочница на языке (кандидоз) у взрослыхspecial preparations against fungi;
    • treatment with rinse decoction of herbs;
    • proper diet;
    • correct care for the oral cavity until complete recovery.

    To your treatment did not go unnoticed, a visit to a specialist who will make sure that you have no other diseases that would prevent recovery. With the treatment of the disease all the symptoms will disappear and life will return to normal. If because of the occurrence of candidiasis appear zaedy affecting the bite, after their disappearance should visit an orthodontist.

    So, what are the preparations made to apply in this disease? Most often, dentists and therapists come to the appointment of Nystatin and Levorin. These drugs is recommended to grind and put under the tongue for a speedy recovery. You can also use transbukkalno Молочница на языке (кандидоз) у взрослыхdrugs that are placed on the cheek. It is customary to use such medications every 3-4 hours not more than 8 times a day.

    Also the doctor may prescribe an ointment such pressure to be applied to the mucosa. Such means are well and rapidly absorbed into the mucous membrane, exerting almost lightning effect. Copes well with dealing with thrush a medication like Diflucan.

    To cleanse the mouth and additional disinfection, use iodide of potassium. This mineral salt is sold in the form of a solution with a concentration of a substance in the order of 2-3%. Necessary to take it several times a day after meals.

    An important role in the treatment of the disease, give the use of alkaline media in relation to the oral cavity of the subject. These include sodium tetraborate, boric acid (its solution), sodium bicarbonate. To oxalacetate mouth a few times a day to improve the effect of the disease.

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    Complementary therapy

    Молочница на языке (кандидоз) у взрослыхWe have already noted the importance of not only treatment but also diet, proper care of the oral cavity. To the body soon recovered from the disease, you must eat food rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

    Also, in the event of illness, you should pause the treatment with antibiotics, to abandon yeast products, to eliminate the imbalance of the normal microflora, restore hormonal balance, and eat more vitamins. Help your body with chamomile teas, calendula. To cope with the disease well as medications based on the drug.

    Avoid self-treatment. Running a candidiasis once, it is possible to regret for years to come.