Vinilin and Candide with stomatitis in children

From such infectious diseases as stomatitis, kids suffer more often than adults. It is found not only among pupils, increasingly, they suffer from very young babies. Most doctors for the treatment of advised to use Vinilin with stomatitis in infants.

How does stomatitis

Винилин и кандид при стоматите у детейOlder children can always complain about any problems with the oral cavity, but for babies it’s necessary to observe the parent. If the child refuses food and becomes cranky and irritable, not be amiss to examine the oral cavity.

The primary symptoms of thrush – white patches covering the palate, gums and mucous membranes on the lips. After a while it turns into painful ulcers bright.

Not to see the symptoms in children of any age is difficult:

  • gums turn red and swell;
  • an unpleasant odor from the gums;
  • increases salivation;
  • the temperature can rise to 39 degrees.

Defeat the mouth in children can be local (will have only one sore) or is extensive, covering the entire mouth. Older children need to take a consultation with the dentist, infants should show the pediatrician. The treatment is simple, and the task of the specialist is to identify what led to the stomatitis. One of the most unpleasant reasons for the Candida, it happens with stomatitis.

Oral thrush

Винилин и кандид при стоматите у детейCandide from ordinary stomatitis is characterized in that the pathogen is a fungus of the genus Candida. Usually the source of the disease is the person-the carrier of the fungus. To get a toddler can even at birth, and often the source is a mother suffering from candidiasis. One of the names of the disease is thrush of the mouth.

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Often the Candida of the mouth with stomatitis, sometimes in children with lowered immunity. Among other reasons:

  • welcome gormonoterapii drugs or antibiotics;
  • various somatic diseases;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diabetes mellitus (candidiasis – one of the symptoms, but appears several times in a month).

The older children candidiasis is the consequence of multiple caries and poor oral hygiene. Conventional means the particular does not bring relief, you need to use the Candida from this disease for children.

How to treat stomatitis

For the treatment of disease using a number of drugs.


Винилин и кандид при стоматите у детейFor treatment of infectious and traumatic or bacterial stomatitis in children usually use Vinilin (balm of shestakovskoe). Means is the regenerating and anti-microbial, and polivinoks, is part of it, clear the wound and eliminates the «extra» bacteria. Thanks to the drug blocked the sores, and wounds heal quickly.

Vinilin — a substance with no taste and sharp smell, so even the small children usually do not respond. It is available in the form of a balm. Apply Vinilin with stomatitis in young children easily at home: simply moisten a cotton swab and blot the affected area.

The mucosa forms a thin film that protects the inflammation from a variety of stimuli. Thanks to this relieves the pain and the healing process is quick.

For older kids Vinilin can be an effective means for rinsing the mouth. Thus, a substance will spread throughout your mouth, which will prevent further development of stomatitis. The main thing – to explain to the child that the tool is in any case impossible to swallow.

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Lubricate the inflammation should be every 2-3 hours, after – do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.


Oral thrush (thrush) require a slightly different treatment. Salvation might be induced to treat stomatitis, it is used for children. Unlike other similar drugs – the active ingredient clotrimazole, acting directly on the fungus-the causative agent. Apply a solution of Candida it is even possible to treat very young children.

Method of application from the use of Vinylinum is no different: the solution (enough for 20 drops) is applied on a cotton swab that gently handled problem areas. Apply Candide 3-4 times a day, improvements will begin on the second day of treatment.

In the first days of treatment of particular importance is the oral hygiene: after each feeding, leftover food will have to be removed with a soft gauze swab, moisten that need boiled water. So as not to injure the mucosa in the diet of the baby should be only soft food and drink is only boiled water.