Acne removal by laser: the essence of contemporary procedure and its indications

Skin diseases often afflict people of all ages, and they want to get rid of. Pimples are no exception and today there are many ways how to effectively and permanently remove them. Laser treatment of acne is among the most modern methods which give fast results. With its help, spend acne removal laser, eliminate their causes, and improve overall skin condition. The procedure is popular because of fast results and no complications.

The content of the article

  • Especially acne
  • Basic principles of laser treatment
  • How to perform laser therapy
  • The advantages of laser therapy
  • Indications and contraindications to the procedure
  • Possible contraindications
  • Modern laser technology.
  • Neodymium laser
  • Erbium laser
  • Fractional peeling
  • The use of laser therapy
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    Especially acne

    On acne affected by many factors. Hormonal changes in a young body, improper care and cleaning, state of the environment or an unbalanced diet necessarily affects inflammatory processes in the skin. Taking some medicines, contact with chemicals and contaminated air will cause the appearance of rashes on the skin. Classification of acne depending on the degree of development of:

    1. Comedones or white pimples. When grease tube clogs the pore, formed of black dots, as they are often called.
    2. Papules or pimples, which are painful when touched and have red or dark red color.
    3. The pustules develop from papules and constitute acne with a white dot in the middle, inside of which pus. The color of this skin formation is also red.
    4. Knotted and form cystic lesions on the skin that have pressed deeply into the skin layer. At this stage, the inflammatory process needs proper timely treatment.

    By severity distinguish mild stage, when the skin is not more than 10 pimples, the middle stage, number of lesions up to 40 and severe with a lot of comedones on the skin.

    Удаление прыщей лазером: суть современной процедуры и ее показания

    Basic principles of laser treatment

    Laser is used by beauticians the world over because of its practicality and effectiveness. In acne treatment use beams with length from 400 nm to 1400 nm. The advantage of the laser in its precise and meaningful impact on the problem area. The beam penetrates so deeply that it is capable to remove inflammation in the various layers of the dermis. Laser radiation leads to stimulation of blood circulation and effects on the cellular level. The patient feels no pain during the session, but only a slight tingling of the skin. Due to the lack of close contact with the skin, it is possible to minimize the risk of infection of the skin.

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    Acupressure is applied on the skin gives positive results:

  • thermal effects on bacteria and their elimination;
  • irritant that stimulates at the cellular level;
  • increasing the resistance to pathogens;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • the narrowing of the pores.
  • How to perform laser therapy

    Because laser treatment is almost devoid of complications, and today it is widely used all over the world. The duration of each session from ten minutes to half an hour. The patient lies on the couch, but this time the doctor, wearing protective goggles, draws his skin a special laser device. During a session monitoring the length and depth of penetration of the waves. After the procedure, patients present swelling and slight redness of the skin, which are less than a day.

    Skin needs deep cleaning before laser therapy. To do this, it removes makeup and impurities, disinfects. Then the selected individual composition of the mixture for application to inflamed areas of the skin. Beautician for each patient selects a specific wavelength. At the end of a session the practitioner applies to the treated skin soothing mask. Needs pain relief does not occur, because even people with high sensitivity during the procedure, there is only a tingling.

    Not in the rehabilitation period after laser therapy, swimming pools, beach, sauna and Solarium. Prohibited the application of decorative cosmetics. When going outside use a cream with UV filter, to protect sensitive skin from direct sunlight regardless of the time of year. It is recommended to use sunglasses, umbrella or hats in the hot season. Adhere to the rules a week or a little longer, then back to the traditional way of life.

    For the treatment of problem skin will need at least ten treatments. A break between sessions from one to two weeks.

    Often pimples on the face accompanied by internal diseases or disorders of the endocrine system. Laser treatment should be comprehensive and carried out only after careful examination and elimination of the causes of the inflammatory process on the skin.

    The advantages of laser therapy

    The laser method of removal of acne on the skin has many advantages. Since this is modern method of treatment of inflammatory processes on the skin, it has the necessary qualities to achieve the best result:

  • no pain;
  • safety of the method;
  • the antibacterial properties of the laser;
  • there is no direct contact with the skin;
  • after the procedure, no scars;
  • the result appears already after the first session;
  • the short duration of each procedure;
  • the possibility of combining with other cosmetic methods of treatment of acne.
  • In addition to the various acne and acne laser therapy is able to clean the surface from scarring and other problems, shrink pores. Solve the main task – the clogging of the pores due to the presence of bacteria or fungi. The sebaceous glands is normalized, which immediately affects the condition of the skin. The laser beam is able to improve overall skin condition, color and elasticity. After a full course of treatments, she still retains a clean and healthy condition.

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    Удаление прыщей лазером: суть современной процедуры и ее показания

    Indications and contraindications to the procedure

    The laser is able to eliminate many skin problems. If the cause of acne is the clogging of the pores of sebaceous secretion, as well as the rash is the result of presence of bacteria on the skin, the laser will cope with its task. The indications for the procedure have the following skin condition:

  • pores at any age;
  • acne and scars after it;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy and sudden weight gain;
  • various scars;
  • postoperative sutures;
  • spots on the skin diseases such as chicken pox.
  • Possible contraindications

    The laser, despite the security, there are some limitations to use. There are the following contraindications to the procedure:

  • malignant processes in the body;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the high sensitivity of the organism;
  • the tendency of the skin to pigmentation;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • psoriasis, vitiligo, herpes and other skin diseases.
  • Irregularities in the cardiovascular system, the kidney are also contraindications for laser treatment. Acute inflammatory processes in the body, the temperature increase does not allow to perform the procedure.

    If you have one of the contraindications for laser therapy is not assigned. It can replace other cosmetic procedures or use the laser after the removal of the diseases. Although age restrictions for laser therapy no, patients are most often young people, especially during adolescence. It is impossible to conduct courses of treatment because between them need a break.

    Удаление прыщей лазером: суть современной процедуры и ее показания

    Modern laser technology.

    Choosing a clinic for laser treatment, should pay attention to the availability of new laser equipment and modern technology. There are many types of laser apparatuses, which are selected according to the degree of lesions of the skin and the individual characteristics of the organism.

    Neodymium laser

    At the moment developed a new method of laser – neodymium laser. A whole new machine gentle on inflamed skin and cause irritation and redness.

    Erbium laser

    Erbium laser is also considered a modern method of removing acne. Active action is performed on the surface of the skin, therefore, to work with the deeper layers of the skin using other types of laser. Arbeely laser stimulates metabolic processes in the cell, improves elasticity, eliminates inflammation, and even smoothes shallow wrinkles.

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    Fractional peeling

    The use of a fractional laser to cleanse the inflamed areas of the skin can affect the inflammation. Acne and inflammation goes away after the action of this method. Laser system of this type has the highest precision and is often used in severe stages of acne.

    For deep cleansing laser device in case of serious skin injuries to patients administered General anesthesia for pain control.

    Удаление прыщей лазером: суть современной процедуры и ее показания

    The use of laser therapy

    Laser for there are many alternative treatment because other methods do not avail. For the procedure use the laser. The laser light is infrared and ultraviolet. To the irritated skin apply a hot or cold peel. Basically the problem areas are the back, chest, shoulders and face.

    At the initial stage, eliminate acne, and then applied fractional laser for deep cleansing. For easy stage of the rash will fit a laser of the same species, which will help to get rid of problem skin.

    In each case select the special treatment. For some people it is enough to make three treatments on the surface of the skin, and in severe cases, can not do without a series of treatment sessions. Sometimes for successful treatment combine two types of laser. The cost of the procedure depends on the laser, number of sessions and type of equipment. When choosing a doctor be sure to pay attention to his qualifications.

    A method of treatment of acne laser is one of the most effective and safe. With his help get rid of Mature comedones and inflammatory processes in the deeper layers of the skin. Minimal risk of complications and the results already after the first visit to the beautician doing laser therapy relevant to many people.

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