Allergic to potatoes: myth or reality?

Аллергия на картофель: миф или реальность?Dear visitors of dermatology, Hello! Unbelievable but true: Allergy to potato is real. Why is this disorder?

That is one of the most popular food is causing the intolerance? In this article you will find all the information about potato hypersensitivity and recommendations regarding her treatment.

The reasons of intolerance to potatoes

Potato Allergy is a nutritional disorder associated with a weakening of the immune system. This disorder occurs very seldom. Consisting of potatoes, there are certain substances that provoke intolerance, namely starch and proteins: Penton and tuberin.

Аллергия на картофель: миф или реальность?Often the cause of allergic attack are the aforementioned proteins. Reaction can occur from even minimal portions of potatoes, regardless of the preparation (disorder sometimes provoke chips).

The second reason potato intolerance — cross allergic reaction. Potatoes are dangerous for you, if you have a hypersensitivity to tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.

Are vegetables of the family Solanaceae. In their composition are also present above-listed proteins. To recognize an allergic attack can the symptoms, which will be discussed further.

Manifestations potato intolerance

The symptoms of this disease can be very diverse. In milder forms is:

  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • rhinitis — a runny nose in the common people;
  • urticaria — Valderice to the epidermal cover, reminiscent of those that occur after contact with a burning nettle;
  • various skin irritation (spots, minor rashes, blisters).

Severe potato Allergy is accompanied by swelling, bronchospasm, shortness of breath, discomfort in the mouth, irritation of the throat.

Аллергия на картофель: миф или реальность?First, the allergies appear small red spots or rashes around the mouth. In addition, you may experience itching and burning in the oral cavity. New potatoes are especially dangerous, but only if you are allergic to starch as the substance concentration is higher than in the old.

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If you doubt that the attack happened because potatoes, be sure to visit an allergist, who will conduct local tests and blood tests for antibodies.

The doctor will put an accurate diagnosis and quickly find the allergen. Only with regard to this information, you can appoint a really effective anti-allergic therapy.

Most interesting is that allergic rashes are often treated with juice of raw potatoes. Can a potato be used in this way in the presence of intolerance that provoked them. Not recommended, as the juice, especially not diluted, can aggravate the condition of allergies.

Potato is a part of the first feeding and artificial feeding for babies. Could it be the response in infants? It turns out that can. Let’s take a closer look at this child’s eating disorder.

Potato intolerance in babies

Babies more than anyone else prone to allergies. The reason for this is not fully formed gut in infants.

Аллергия на картофель: миф или реальность?Its walls are too thin, which have high permeability. Causes of infant allergies may serve as early complementary foods, excessive consumption of potatoes, heredity.

Mommy also can cause a reaction of potatoes to the baby. Allergens are easily transmitted to the baby with breast milk.

So, if you are breastfeeding, try not to use products that are potentially dangerous for people with allergies. The most dangerous are:

  • seafood;
  • exotic vegetables/fruits;
  • chocolate;
  • natural/instant coffee.

Symptoms of potato intolerance in a child under years old is almost the same as fully formed adults.

Reaction to components of the potato occurs in 26% of infants. The first symptoms begin to appear after 30 min — hour after drinking a malicious product-allergen.

The principles of treatment for potato Allergy

Аллергия на картофель: миф или реальность?Food intolerance is commonly treated with the exception of product-allergen from the diet. It is the first principle of Allergy treatment.

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Potatoes triggers a vivid and very unpleasant deterioration. To eliminate them, you need to stop the progression of the disease.

This will help antihistamine drugs. For the kids choose medications of the new 3rd (most secure) generation. Suitable for adults drugs of the 1st and 2nd generations.

If ill have any severe symptoms of potato Allergy, for example, anaphylactic shock state, then he needs urgent assistance from physicians using an injection of adrenaline.

To go to the doctors must necessarily and immediately, if the attack happened in infants.

How to prevent potato Allergy?

The most effective preventive method is to eliminate potatoes from your life. Small children often outgrow this eating disorder, if not worse. Adult allergies are more dangerous, as last a lifetime.

Аллергия на картофель: миф или реальность?Allergies must avoid not only potatoes in any cooked and uncooked, but meals containing starch (if the reaction occurs in it). So, if you plan to visit a restaurant or cafe, you have to specify the ingredients that are going there.

Ask about the presence of potatoes and starch in their composition. Make sure to inform the staff about your illness.

If the potato has severe reaction, then be sure to carry around a mini first aid kit with medicines for first aid. It can include a simple antihistamine, or more serious drugs, such as adrenaline.

In addition, the first aid kit should be instructions explaining what to do with the allergies in case of allergic attack.

This concludes my article on potato intolerance — a rare but real disease. I hope to read it was interesting and entertaining.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)