Castor oil for acne: indications, contraindications and effective face masks

One of the most popular means of natural cosmetics, which gave the people the nature is castor oil. It has powerful regenerative and antiseptic effect. Its healing properties have long been known and applied for different skin types. Moisturizer, as well as a pronounced anti-inflammatory action allows you to apply castor oil for acne.

The content of the article

  • Effect on the skin
  • The effect for dry skin
  • Oily and combined type
  • Testimony
  • Contraindications
  • Cosmetics with natural ingredients
  • Product application pure
  • The stages of purification of the skin
  • The result when used properly
  • The use of home treatments
  • Mask for normal type
  • Oil for problem skin
  • Mask against dry
  • The fight against pigment spots
  • Where can you find a drug
  • The approximate cost
  • Effect on the skin

    Made oil from the seeds of perennial plants castor beans. The product has a lot of useful fatty acids. To power in the composition is indispensable for the skin vitamin E, and minerals. Ricinolein acid helps to smooth the skin to even up the color. Oil for acne is applied both separately and as part of face masks, as well as a component of various cosmetic products. Castor oil has the following useful properties:

  • great hydration and nutrition;
  • exhibits anti-inflammatory effect;
  • detrimental effect on various bacteria;
  • powerful regenerating properties;
  • cleansing the skin of excess oil and impurities;
  • healing of small scratches and cracks;
  • eliminates signs of acne.
  • The effect for dry skin

    Castor oil is very good for dry type of skin. The tool not only moisturizes, but also regenerates at a deep level and removes the inflammatory process. Ricinolein acid, part of the oil stops the growth of bacteria.

    Oily and combined type

    Most often, the natural oils used to treat excessive dryness and flaking, but castor oil is also effective against black spots, marks and stains, because helpful for fatty type. Mask product help reduce the sebaceous glands activity. Triglycerides acids can successfully deal with the rash, because on a deep level affect bacteria and viruses.

    Касторовое масло от прыщей: показания, противопоказания и действенные маски для лица


    Castor oil is the main way to eliminate dryness. But thanks to the useful composition and exposure on a deep level it’s successfully used to eliminate pimples, blackheads, and pigment spots. The tool eliminates the following problems:

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  • dryness;
  • peeling;
  • roughness and irregularities;
  • various traces of the pimples;
  • when the loss of elasticity;
  • for the cell regeneration;
  • against comedones.
  • Besides elimination of any inflammatory process, the butter is able to smooth out fine wrinkles around the eyes and accelerates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.


    Ricinolein acid is a strong allergen, because you need to be careful using the product at home. Before any procedure you need to do an Allergy test. A small amount of oil applied to the elbow or at the wrist area and wait 30 minutes. If no reaction is observed, we can safely use the tool. Oil, despite its useful properties and natural ingredients, has some limitations in the application:

  • intolerance to the components;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions.
  • Cosmetics with natural ingredients

    In the modern professional beauty castor oil and the mask based on it is also very commonly used. A natural product used as a component of emollients for the face and the creams against wrinkles. Emulsion oil-based penetrates deep into the skin and smooths it. Day and night creams contain oil in combination with other useful components. As the main component of your own tool is not used, since it can be very pore clogging.

    Product application pure

    Natural oil can be applied on clean skin, but only after testing for allergies. Because the remedy is quite fat, not less than once every 10 days do a face peel for a more thorough cleaning. Useful are the packs that leave on the face for a while. A cotton pad dipped in a little heated oil and apply on the problem area. For best result mix it with wheat germ oil. To find out whether the procedure is possible only after some time.

    If a person suffers from allergic rashes, it is better to use the product only in connection with any other base natural oil.

    Касторовое масло от прыщей: показания, противопоказания и действенные маски для лица

    The stages of purification of the skin

    Very effective cleansing with castor oil. The procedure allows to act on a deep level that allows you to eliminate all bacteria, remove debris and blackheads. Duration of cleaning 20 minutes and it is carried out in stages.

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    1. First you need to steam the skin, all the pores are maximally opened. Yourself you can do it using steam baths over which 5-10 minutes should sit, covered top with a towel. For the procedure suitable decoction of chamomile, succession.
    2. Next, apply the product on cleansed face with a cotton, dismi. You can mix the remedy with olive, almond oil in equal proportions, if the skin is too sensitive and prone to allergic rashes.
    3. The remains of the oil off with a dry cloth, without washing it from the skin.

    To completely get rid of the blackheads, this procedure should be carried out daily for 14 days. This cleaning much faster and more efficient to eliminate excess fat and blackheads than willing alcoholic lotions and tonics.

    The result when used properly

    To get the desired effect, it is important to make masks or compresses from the oil regularly. The application of oil on the prepared skin will allow you to obtain from it the maximum of useful components and vitamin substances. Blackheads and inflamed pimples disappear after one or two weeks of daily applying the product on your face. It is important that the tool is not disrupting the natural water-lipid balance, as many finished cosmetic products.

    The use of home treatments

    Essential there are masks for acne with castor oil. A inflammation, blackheads and other problems can be eliminate with regular home care. The choice of additional ingredients depends not only on precipitation, but also on the type of skin.

    Mask for normal type

    Good hydration and removal of blemishes suitable mask with castor oil and honey. One tablespoon of oil combined with the same amount of natural fresh honey, add 2 tbsp. lodges. chopped banana, 1 fresh egg yolk. All the ingredients leave for 15-20 minutes once in 3-4 days.

    Oil for problem skin

    Castor oil in combination with aspirin and other components helps to remove pimples on skin problems. Will need 1 h lodges. product, pill acetylsalicylic acid, one protein, 1 h lodges. of tincture of calendula. Immediately apply one coat and when it dries then rinse and repeat a few times with a break of 5 minutes. This procedure is recommended to repeat 2 times a week.

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    Mask against dry

    A good result in the fight against various rash and peeling gives popular home treatment with castor oil. For the mask it is necessary to boil one medium potato, remove the skin, chop it and add one egg yolk, 1 tbsp. lodges. milk, 2 h lodges. oil.

    The fight against pigment spots

    One of the best ways to even out the complexion and remove spots, freckles is the mask of 1 h lodges. castor oil, 1 tbsp. lodges. cucumber juice, lemon. Further added 1st. lies. natural honey. The prepared mixture is left on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

    Касторовое масло от прыщей: показания, противопоказания и действенные маски для лица

    Where can you find a drug

    To buy a tool at any pharmacy where it is sold in small vials from 30 to 100 ml of a dark orange glass.

    The approximate cost

    Natural product available for each, the average price starts from 60 to 100 rubles depending on the volume.

    To how to apply castor oil for face acne, you need to consider the type of skin and the tendency to allergic rashes. Mask with natural oil is perfect for almost any problem, but still, it is impossible to put the product in pure form daily. After each procedure, you need to take a break so as not to harm the skin. Little castor contains many healing ingredients, antioxidants and fatty acids because of its long used for the treatment of acne.