Clinit cream for acne: effects on the skin and indications

Clinicom called medicinal product, whose main ingredient is adapalene from the group of retinoids. The drug is used to fight acne and pimples on the skin. The main task of the cream is reducing the activity of sebaceous glands and sebum, which the bacteria lose their environment for reproduction. Klesic, the acne cream has long established itself as an effective anti-inflammatory agent, eliminates skin rashes.

The content of the article

  • The principle of action of cream
  • Readings clansite
  • In what diseases is assigned
  • Composition
  • Analogue lensit With
  • The difference in composition
  • The effect on the pimples
  • Usage instructions
  • Application technology
  • Contraindications of the drug
  • Possible side effects
  • The recommendations of experts
  • The principle of action of cream

    The active substance adapalene in contact with the affected areas of the skin interacts with receptors of skin cells and has antibacterial action. Clinit inhibits the production of unwanted sebum. In addition to its main effect the drug effect on inflammation, helps cleanse skin and eliminate discomfort.

    Other components in addition to adapalene do not pass the white blood cells of pathological bacteria in the area of inflammation and thus stop it. External local application does not irritate the skin, and the main component penetrates into the blood and excreted by the liver. Prolonged use of clansite normalizes the sebaceous glands, which becomes the main cause of pimples and acne on the face.

    Means in the form of cream or gel effectively dries and rashes at any age. The skin under the influence of clansite not only gets rid of acne, but smoother, rejuvenated, color becomes more uniform. The pores become narrow, which allows to obtain long-term results of treatment.

    Readings clansite

    Among the main indications of the drug there are skin diseases:

  • acne at the initial stage;
  • Shine and high fat content of the skin;
  • as a preventive measure;
  • to remove pimples;
  • pustular inflammatory rash on the skin.
  • In what diseases is assigned

    The effect of clansite cumulative and do not wait for the results, stop treatment skin adapalene. Long-term use is effective for a person of any age in many skin diseases. Older people clinit used as a therapy against impaired sebaceous glands. In adolescence relevant to many is the problem of pimples on the face, with what will be an excellent cream. Skin rashes the female on the background of changes in hormone levels and drug.

    Клензит крем от прыщей: принципы действия на кожу и показания


    Clinit main component contains adapalene, which is similar to retinoic acid. Has a devastating effect on the comedones, so it is widely used in the treatment of acne. Additional ingredients help to soften the skin and moisturize it. The tool is made in aluminium tubes of 15 and 30 grams. Clansite concentration 0.1% active substance. Available in the form of cream or gel.

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    The cream is more suitable for dry and sensitive skin types, a gel for people with oily and normal skin.

    Analogue lensit With

    Adapalene antibiotic is included in another drug Priorat lensit With and is similar clansite. The presence of the antibiotic can be used for more complicated skin problems and severe stages of acne.

    Клензит крем от прыщей: принципы действия на кожу и показания

    The difference in composition

    Drug klesic and lensit created as one line of drugs aimed at combating pimples. They are used in different cases, due to the difference of the active ingredients. If the first drug is composed of only 0.1% adapalene, the second supplemented with 1% antibiotic clindamycin, which is very active against pathogenic bacteria. Clinit without antibiotic often prescribed in combination with other active agents against acne, for example, is not effective. These medicines applied to the skin with an interval of six hours or more.

    The effect on the pimples

    Clinit dermatologists often prescribed for acne, when, for example, on the face has black spots and joined in the infection, the skin there is inflammation and pustules, or very few of them. In the case of extensive lesions of the skin acne, for severe stages of skin diseases the doctor may prescribe clinit S.

    In case of combination the skin acne and inflammatory acne proven clinit S. the Peculiarity of the drug is what bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, so prolonged use can be addictive. To avoid this, the tool is applied is not more than 2-4 weeks, unlike clansite, which has a cumulative effect. The drug is one adapalena more safe, has a mild effect on the skin and safely used in small lesions.

    Usage instructions

    The cream is designed only for local external application. In the affected area and around it there should be no open wounds or scratches. After the procedure hands should be washed with warm water and soap to particles not to accidentally hit in the eye or mouth. If this happens, you should immediately rinsed with mucous large amounts of cool water. In case of ingestion inside take chelators, as well as the stomach is washed, if necessary.

    The duration of treatment and number of applications to the skin only defines the doctor. Usually clinit used for one or two months, will be discontinued after full recovery of the patient. The doctor may also prescribe a second course of treatment depending on the situation. The first noticeable will be in 3 or 4 weeks.

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    The drug is not addictive and can be used for a long period. Lasting result can be obtained after 3 months of treatment when the sebaceous glands and normalizes pimples or acne will be much less, or they will cease to appear on the skin.

    No need to use simultaneously with clinicom substances that can cause intense drying, for example, alcohol-containing lotions or tonics. Possible combination with other drugs for the treatment of acne. You need to keep at the temperature not more 25° protected from sunlight.

    Клензит крем от прыщей: принципы действия на кожу и показания

    Application technology

    The cream is applied up to three times a day for one or two months. To get the maximum effect of the medication you need to clean the skin before use, then allow to dry. Cream or gel applied with clean fingers. It is impossible to prevent the ingress of substances on mucous membranes, eyes, nose or mouth.

    If lensit applied only once a day, better to do it before bed, pre-clearing the skin of impurities. Adapalene increases sensitivity to sunlight, so you should use a cream with UV filter to avoid burns of the delicate skin of the face.

    Sometimes make a lotion of cream on the face and on the affected acne areas of the skin, but they cannot be combined in conjunction with other drugs. Antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the cream of clansite, because you need to take a break between use.

    Contraindications of the drug

    No need to use the product with adapalene for the treatment of acne in the following situations:

  • individual sensitivity to the active substance;
  • severe stage of dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • if you can avoid direct sunlight;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • an allergic reaction to the drug;
  • the burns and wounds on the affected acne areas of the skin.
  • Possible side effects

    Incorrect use of or Allergy to components of the cream were observed following side effects:

  • dryness of the skin;
  • peeling;
  • itching and redness;
  • irritation and inflammation due to allergic reactions of the patient;
  • wrinkles due to dryness.
  • If there is a reaction, treatment is suspended for some time, until the doctor will establish the cause side effects. Therapy can be continued in the absence of intolerance of the components of the cream. If the course of treatment consists of other tools with antibiotics, between application you should take a break for at least 6 hours. Overdose clinicom was not observed, but applied in thick layers is not recommended, since the absorption and treatment will not happen faster, but it may cause skin irritation.

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    Do not use during treatment cosmetics with drying effects. Do not apply to the area with the rash spirits, and the tools with ethanol. No need to use medications with salicylic acid and sulfur.

    The approximate cost of the drug

    The average price of the drug from 400 to 700 rubles. Lensit With has roughly the same cost. Packing 15 grams offer from 500 rubles, and a tube of 30 grams will cost no more than 800 rubles.

    Клензит крем от прыщей: принципы действия на кожу и показания

    The recommendations of experts

    Often at the beginning of treatment, patients face an even greater number of lesions on the face and in fear, to stop using the product. In this case, it is important to seek help from a specialist who will determine the cause of the rash and soothe the patient, if this is a normal reaction inflamed skin. Thus displays all the subcutaneous acne and this phenomenon is considered a temporary aggravation.

    One of the recommendations of the doctor is to use a moisturizer because the skin severe dryness occurs because of the action adapalene on the sebaceous glands. If a conventional product for moisturizing can’t cope with the peeling, prescribed bepanthen or panthenol. If you apply lensit at night and in the morning apply other medicines to eliminate acne, for example, antibiotic or benzoyl peroxide, you can get faster and more stable result in a difficult struggle with skin problems.

    Clinit established itself as a good agent for the treatment of acne and a small amount of pimples and pustules. It can be used to improve the sebaceous glands, eliminate Shine and get rid of acne for a long time.