Colds pimples on the face: treatment of traditional and folk ways

The skin is an indicator of the health of the body, and rashes on her – not only a cosmetic defect, but also a signal about internal problems. Common symptoms become colds and pimples on the face, treatment and differentiation which in the same way as other pathological elements of the skin, confer on dermatologists. How to fight cold sores are and why they appear, discussed below.

The content of the article

  • Unlike colds acne
  • Factors provocateurs
  • Localization of lesions
  • The treatment of cold acne
  • Local therapy
  • Systemic treatment
  • Traditional ways of treatment
  • Expert advice
  • Prevention of occurrence of colds acne
  • Unlike colds acne

    These elements are the most painful and unpleasant subcutaneous formations. In the first place the development of inflammatory reactions there is a sensation of tingling and discomfort. Later – slight hyperemia of the skin, and in the thickness of the seal is palpated in the form of a knot.

    With the increasing size of the pimple the skin over it becomes more edematous, appears purple-bluish color, and pain is worse.

    Distinguish catarrhal inflammatory element of acne that appears for other reasons, not difficult. Cold doesn’t have a soft purulent content and on its top there is a characteristic white point. Pus is a thicker texture, it is virtually impossible to squeeze. As a rule, the elements of single. Mature lesions are longer – up to 2 weeks. All this time of a man tormented by the pain in the area of the inflammatory process.

    Factors provocateurs

    The main cause of colds rashes consider a reduction in the activity of the immune system. In most cases this happens on the background respiratory infection (hence the acne and got the name). Concomitant precipitating factors are:

  • inflammatory processes ENT organs on the background of catarrhal diseases (rhinopharyngitis, laryngotracheitis);
  • violations by the gastrointestinal tract or the endocrine system;
  • systemic infectious diseases (chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever);
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • herpes infection;
  • lack of sleep, excessive physical exertion, stressful situation;
  • external factors (draught, cool wind in hot weather).
  • In most cases, colds acne are the result of combined action of one or more factors with primary respiratory disease.

    Localization of lesions

    The arrangement of elements may indicate the cause and precipitating factor. The table lists common locations and what they say.

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    Where is cold pimple

    Features appearance


    A favorite place of localization. There are a large number of sebaceous glands, which creates favorable conditions for rashes on the background of colds


    Pathological elements indicate the presence of accompanying problems with the gastrointestinal tract or the use of substandard cosmetics


    Arise on the background of the habit of licking his lips in windy weather. May accompany herpetic or other systemic infection


    Talking about the pathologies on the part of the intestinal microflora or can indicate problems with the gallbladder


    Cause cephalgia. Are the result of respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, hormonal imbalance


    The result of draughts or cool wind in hot weather (sleep draught, riding in the vehicle from the open window)


    Talking about the presence of hormonal imbalance in the body, which is a cover to the real reasons


    Typical for men. Pimples appear on the background, or excessive sweating after a cold shower on a hot body


    Are the result of sudden exposure to low temperatures, improperly performed procedures of tempering, swimming in cold bodies of water


    Similar to pimples in the area of the perineum


    The treatment of cold acne

    Medication to take is not recommended as it can lead to a prolonged course of therapy and spread of inflammation. Dermatologists prescribe local medicines and drugs of General validity. In addition, all factors are considered, against which there was an aggravation of the pathology, and assigned to the necessary tools to deal with them.

    Простудные прыщи на лице: лечение традиционными и народными способами

    Local therapy

    For areas treatment pathology are used in antiseptic preparations. They will stop the process of propagation of inflammation. For this purpose, use:

  • point moxibustion 5% iodine solution (how effective iodine from acne will see here);
  • treatment salicylic acid;
  • spot treatment with ethanol.
  • To accelerate the maturation and extrusion of purulent content of cold pimple apply:

    1. Vishnevsky ointment is administered in the form of applications or compresses at night. The product is applied on a folded piece of bandage or gauze is applied to the site of inflammation and is fixed with an adhesive plaster. In the morning the remains of the ointment carefully removed, and then a pimple is treated with antiseptic solution. For the removal of purulent content is enough for 2-3 treatments.
    2. Ichthyol ointment, the drug is not able to accelerate the ripening process of the pathological element, but allows you to pull the pus to the surface, promotes the healing process. Apply as well as ointment Vishnevskogo, but is applied already at the ripe pimple.

    Простудные прыщи на лице: лечение традиционными и народными способами

    Cold elements characteristic for problem skin, and then there are all favorable conditions for the breeding of pathological organisms. To stop the process of redness, swelling, to stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria help ointments and drugs based on antibacterial components:

    1. Levomekol – derived methyluracil in combination with chloramphenicol. Until the opening of pimple ointment applied locally, rubbing in the areas of pathology, and then in the form of applications.
    2. Sintomitsinovoy ointment, contains anesthetic and antimicrobial substance. Eliminates painful sensations in the area of inflammation. Acne treat 2-3 times a day.
    3. Baziron AC gel antibacterial that fights pathogens, eliminates grease tube, normalizing the condition of the skin. Use twice a day.

    Systemic treatment

    Prerequisite is therapy of the underlying disease. In the case of bacterial processes antibiotics used for respiratory viral infections – antiviral drugs. Parallel to prescribe antihistamines to reduce the likelihood of complications and allergic manifestations on the action of the pathogen.

    To strengthen and restore the immune system, doctors recommend a multivitamin complexes, including part of the vital macro — and micronutrients:

  • Send;
  • I-Immuno;
  • Multi-tabs Immuno+;
  • The Black Immuno Forte.
  • The important point is the use of immunomodulators in the period of appearance of pimples or as their prevention in the autumn and spring periods. Representatives – Echinacea, Siberian ginseng extract levzei, Pantokrina.

    Traditional ways of treatment

    There are a large number of recipes to use if colds. They strengthen the immune system, to restore the protective force, to accelerate the healing process. These recipes are effective in combating colds acne.

    Простудные прыщи на лице: лечение традиционными и народными способами

    Delicious and healthy mixture of lemon saturate the organism with necessary vitamins. So as to cook it 2-3 fruit is ground in a meat grinder, add half a Cup of sugar and 100 g of honey. Use a tablespoon to 5 times during the day.

    The diet includes products:

  • garlic – intake can be combined with garlic inhalations;
  • sea buckthorn – a great tool in the composition of fortified fruit drinks and fruit drinks;
  • black currants – berries, which occupies a leading place among the other assets in the amount of vitamins and minerals in the composition;
  • raspberries – a natural antioxidant and agent, has an antibacterial effect;
  • cranberry is recommended to use fresh.
  • Expert advice

    The application of all the above funds will have efficiency only in the case of compliance with the best practices:

    1. Do not squeeze pimples cold! This will not only slow down the healing process and spread of the inflammatory process, but will leave on the face, skin on other body areas scars and scars (read more here).
    2. Do not use the process of steaming. This will exacerbate the problem.
    3. Do not use peels and scrubs.
    4. To exclude cosmetic products to cover the field of pathology. This enhances the pollution to the skin.
    5. To normalize diet and rest.

    Prevention of occurrence of colds acne

    Preventive measures consist in avoiding hypothermia and drafts. The important point is to support the immune system, the use of vitamin-mineral complexes and antiviral medications during outbreaks of respiratory diseases.

    Простудные прыщи на лице: лечение традиционными и народными способами

    Timely treatment of chronic inflammatory processes (tonsillitis, carious teeth) will eliminate the excessive number of pathological microorganisms in the human body.

    Attention should be paid to the rational balanced diet, normalization of sleep and activity, the process of hardening.

    Colds pimples are an unpleasant problem that bothers for a long time. To prevent their appearance much easier than to restore the condition of the skin and the health of the organism as a whole.