Dangerous is the appearance of purulent pimples on private parts for women?

Acne is always unpleasant, and if he jumped on intimate place, to cosmetic inconvenience added to concerns.If it’s a symptom of a disease? Isn’t it time to go to the doctor? Festering pimple on an intimate place in women there for different reasons. In his appearance and health it is possible to assume, why it has arisen. In some cases, you can handle yourself, and sometimes you have to see a specialist.

The content of the article

  • Suppurative diseases of the skin
  • Folliculitis
  • Boil
  • Fungal infection in the groin area
  • Viral diseases
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • The reasons for their occurrence:

  • messy hair or poor hygiene
  • suppurative diseases of the skin;
  • allergies;
  • venereal disease;
  • fungal infection;
  • viruses;
  • decrease in immunity.
  • Suppurative diseases of the skin


    Inflammation of the hair follicle. Occurs when inadequate hygiene, skin injury, work in dusty environments. The main manifestation of small vesicles filled with pus. To get rid of them, it is necessary to observe hygiene, treat the skin with antiseptics or ointments with antibiotics.


    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    Inflammation of the hair follicle and surrounding tissue. Cause infected by bacteria, trauma to the skin, obtained, for example, when shaving. When reduced immunity, lack of vitamins, long-term chronic diseases, diabetes these lesions can occur more often. In this case, the process is called furunculosis.

    Interesting fact: he never formed on the soles and palms, as in these places there is no hair.

    The main symptom is the appearance of painful, bright red, hot nodule up to 5 cm with purulent contents. The infiltration gradually increases in size, and then opened, the pus comes out, and at this place formed an ulcer, which gradually healed. The whole process takes up to two weeks. When you have one source, the General health does not change, but when multiple fever, weakness, headache, fatigue.

    Dangerous is situated on the face, head and neck, as infection in the blood can get into the sinuses of the brain and cause meningitis. For prevention it is necessary to consult a surgeon. If a single boil in the groin has no effect on health, a specialist is not required. If a lot of them or they occur frequently, it is better to visit doctor to identify the cause and eliminate it.

    In the maturation stage, that is, before opening the bundle, it twice a day treated with alcohol and apply Ichthyol ointment or «Levomekol» («Levosin»). Heat the site of inflammation in any case it is impossible! After the discharge of pus ulcer treated with ointments with antibiotics such as tetracycline, lincomycine, etc., When the deterioration of several boils, recurrent course you need to consult a doctor. You may need a surgical opening of the source of inflammation and common treatment.

    Did you know that when you merge multiple boils carbuncle is formed? This condition requires surgical intervention!

    When hidradenitis inflamed sweat glands. Most of them are located in the inguinal and axillary areas.

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    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    The reason – work in high humidity conditions, decrease in immunity. Bacteria living on the skin, penetrate the gland, and breed in it, causing the development of symptoms. Symptoms are the same as those in the furuncle: a painful knot formed up to 5 cm, which is opened with the release of a thick white pus. The treatment is similar. In the formation of multiple foci, their merger, the frequent occurrence of inflammation shows the appeal to the surgeon.

    Ordinary acne is the inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    Interesting fact. During the day, the person can be allocated up to 20 g of sebum.

    Women are affected more often than men. 70% suffering from the exacerbation occurs a week before the onset of menstruation.Occur during puberty, with stress and emotional overload, work in areas with polluted air, can be triggered by taking certain medications.

    Acne accompanies diseases of the reproductive organs, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. More common in women with hirsutism (increased hair growth).

    Did you know that in clinical trials failed to prove the connection between acne and eating chocolate and fatty foods?

    Under the influence of the starting factors listed in the sebaceous gland is disturbed, the process of synthesis of the secret, it obstructs the passage develops a bacterial inflammation. The disease is manifested by the appearance of the skin, including the groin area, various lesions (comedones, purulent papules).

    Did you know that the black color of the comedo oxidized melanin gives?

    Usually occurs fairly positive, the only concern is a cosmetic defect, but there are such forms in which can not do without medical intervention. Fulminant course characterized by heavy precipitation, which tend to ulcerate. In addition, increased body temperature, worried about the headache, feeling unwell. When acne conglobata elements merge with each other, forming ulcers, abscesses, cysts.

    Did you know that the black color of the comedo oxidized melanin gives?

    To reduce the appearance you need:

    1. Daily wash your face with a special gel. To do this, you can’t use soap as it dries the skin and increases the formation of acne.
    2. To limit the fire, because under the influence of the sun, the sebum production increases.
    3. To normalize the sebaceous glands will help the benzoyl-peroxide, retin-Salitsilovaya acid, resorcinol.
    4. Local antibacterial agents will reduce the number of bacteria on the skin.

    In severe may be administered oral contraceptives.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    Attention! To prescribe drugs containing female hormones, needs a doctor!

    Fungal infection in the groin area

    . – Defeat by a fungus called red Trichophyton (rubrum Trichophiton).

    Do you know the name of this fungus received for the formation of the red pigment when vysielanie on the environment Saburo.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    The source of infection is a sick man, transmission occurs in humid warm environment, for example, in swimming pools, baths. Predisposing factors: diabetes, obesity, impaired immune system, abrasions of the skin in the crease area.

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    In the groin area appear red patches with sharp boundaries, covered with dry white scales and flaking of the epidermis. From healthy skin lesions circumscribed cushion speaker rings (papules) and blisters with fluid (vesicles). Involved in the process, the hair becomes weak, brittle, fragile. Worried about little itchy. The progression of the affected area expands, the individual parts coalesce into large conglomerates.

    Treatment is carried out applying on the affected areas with antifungal creams: «lamisil», «Clotrimazole» or other. The ineffectiveness of the fungicides inside are: griseofulvin, Orungal and others. As this disease is difficult and treatment often becomes chronic, it is better to consult a doctor to choose the most effective combination. Candidiasis cause a fungi called Candida albicans. They are very common in nature and are on the human body without causing symptoms. Become pathogenic in marked decrease in the protective forces of the organism.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    In the folds of the skin, including intimate areas, redness, covered in bubbles with the liquid. They burst, leaving behind areas of erosion. The epidermis peels off, going to white flakes. Affected including the genitals, which can develop vulvitis. Accompanied by a pronounced itching. The mucous membrane appear small abscesses and erosion accumulates a cheesy plaque. Upon detection of such symptoms, you must consult a dermatologist. The treatment is a topically ointment with nystatin or imidazole. The ineffectiveness of the therapy connected fluconazole, Itraconazole.

    Viral diseases

    Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 or type 2 (Herpes simplex), sexually transmitted.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    Symptoms: itching, pain, fever, body aches, impaired urination, blisters with clear or purulent contents in the groin area, on the genital mucosa. Lymph nodes near the site of inflammation increases and becomes painful. Quickly the disease takes a chronic nature. The recurrence rate ranges from annual to monthly.

    Fact: the disease is very dangerous during pregnancy as it affects the fetus, causing malformations.

    Therapy: acyclovir, valcyclovir. For stimulation of immunity using tilorona, Panavir, Imunofan in cancer. Herpes difficult to treat, to prevent it may require serious measures, including plasmapheresis.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    Council. During an exacerbation it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse.

    The causative agent of molluscum contagiosum is a virus Molitor hominis. It is transmitted by contact and sexual ways.

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    Interesting fact. Name openoptions acne Bazin disease received poprawianie retraction at the top. The same is, the vesicles of smallpox.

    On the skin of the perineum appear smooth pale pink, small nodules with impression on top of that contain white mass. When unfavorable course they merge, forming a giant form. Depressed immunity, the rash spreads throughout the body. Treatment is usually surgical removal of the elements of the rash. With severe lesions use antivirals or antibiotics: isoprinosine, interferon.

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    Sexually transmitted diseases

    This is the common name for sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis is called Treponema Treponema (Treponema pallidum).

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    The first stage in place of the introduction of bacteria forms a chancre. This is a painless round ulcer with smooth bottom. It is safe, go away on their own after about a month, sometimes goes unnoticed.

    In the second stage, perineal or across the body appear rash. It may be vesicles, ulcers, spots, warts and so on. Characterized by the absence of itching and discomfort. They too are themselves. There may be several «waves» of exacerbations.

    Fact. The first two stages are contagious to sex partner.

    Despite the mild exacerbations occurring without treatment, syphilis is not harmless. The most severe changes begin on the third and fourth stages. Tertiary is manifested by formation of large nodes (Gumm) in various places. They can destroy the bridge of the nose, to canker internal organs and membranes of the brain. For the fourth stage is characterized by neurological lesions: tabes dorsalis and in Tarbes dorsalis. When this affects the spinal cord, denied his feet, disturbed function of pelvic organs. Some researchers highlight the mental manifestations of syphilis (progressive paralysis) in the fifth stage, some consider it the fourth. This disease can be hallucinations, delusions, dementia.

    Did you know that M. A. Vrubel suffered from progressive paralysis?

    The first two stages of syphilis are easily treatable with antibiotics penicillin intramuscularly and intravenously. In other applied complex therapy aimed at elimination of the main symptoms.

    Interesting fact. All the stages of syphilis are shown in the movie «the Libertine» with johnny Depp.

    The causative agent of chancroid is a bacteria Ducray-Peters (Haemophilus ducreyi).

    Опасно ли появление гнойных прыщей на интимном месте у женщин?

    In place of the introduction of the microorganism appears vesicle with purulent contents, which then turns into a painful ulcer with jagged edges. Of ulcers liberally bloody-purulent secret, which can lead to repeated samsarajade. Lymph nodes and adjacent lymphatic vessels become inflamed and thicken, can ulcerate.

    This disease is dangerous numerous complications, until the development of gangrene of the genital organs. Therapy drugs tetracycline and sulfa antibiotics.

    Pimples in the genital area can be a manifestation of basic acne and a symptom of dangerous diseases. Therefore, you should not self-medicate, if rash is better to consult a doctor.