Hair ringworm: what to do if the medicine did not come up for treatment?

Волосяной лишай: что мне делать, если медицина ничего не придумала для его лечения?In childhood we were taught that shingles is only about cats and dogs. But it turns out that manifestations of depriving a lot and not all of them are transmitted by contact, especially from animals.

A large part of the varieties of this disease is inherited and caused due to lowered immunity.

Today we find out details of one of the non-contagious forms of the disease, about hair Stripping. We will consider its causes, symptoms and all possible methods of escape.

Hair ringworm is also called follicular keratosis, and it is a dermatological disease that affects the hair follicle and sebaceous gland in the epidermis and is another name for the disease Diverge by the name of its discoverer.

The main symptoms

Волосяной лишай: что мне делать, если медицина ничего не придумала для его лечения?The first changes occur in the hair or in places where there is at least a little fluff. Spot, which is red in color, spread rather quickly.

Inflammation begins in the follicles, and over time a few spots merge and take a yellowish tint.

When you touch the patient feels discomfort and severe pain. Also the rash may resemble a «goose skin», with the difference being that the tubercles are red.

They can be brighter or paler, can cover the body densely or rarely, but the point is they lose hair follicle.

Above we presented several options of pictures with the clearest symptoms of skin disease.

In General, the clinical picture can be described as follows:

  • follicular nodules in large numbers;
  • they can be located at any part of the body;
  • the rash begins in the scalp;
  • appears layer of scales;
  • after two days of malaise are observed keratinous particles over the surface of the lesions;
  • there is a small itch.
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Causes of disease

Волосяной лишай: что мне делать, если медицина ничего не придумала для его лечения?Science is still investigating the disease Diverge and accurate answers to all the questions that would lead them to her yet.

But medicine has identified several version, that accompanies this disease:

  • the occurrence of infectious diseases in acute form;
  • pathology of the endocrine system;
  • abnormalities in the nervous system;
  • a lack of vitamin A.

How is diagnosis of the disease?

Волосяной лишай: что мне делать, если медицина ничего не придумала для его лечения?The first symptoms may vaguely resemble other species of lichen and similar skin disease. For starters, during a visit to the clinic of the dermatologist is necessary to exclude fungal diseases, such as pityriasis versicolor and tick-borne infections.

Keratosis and follicle disease is determined by histological test. A more detailed study is able to understand the state of the epidermis deeper and check degenerative changes of the sebaceous glands.

What disease is similar fibrous versicolor:

  • atrophy of the hair follicle;
  • lichen planus;
  • syndrome morrow-Brucke;
  • leheny spinous forms, and other.

A distinctive feature is that on the head this disease is never localized. And the skin remains untouched inflammation.

Small pimples located directly in the hair follicle.


Волосяной лишай: что мне делать, если медицина ничего не придумала для его лечения?To get rid of the disease is not so easy despite the fact that special cure does not exist. We can only take some measures to alleviate the condition:

  • diet is adjusted so as to eliminate all possible allergens;
  • the amount of carbohydrates and sugar reduced to a minimum;
  • obligatorily vitamin complex;
  • clearly respected the rules of hygiene;
  • dishwashing matched only natural;
  • the same applies to washing powders;
  • excludes synthetic underwear and clothes.

Helper methods serves as a moisturizer and diet, rich in vitamin A.

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When the patient’s condition is started, and studies show profound defeat, a good helping of physiotherapy.

Preventive measures

Волосяной лишай: что мне делать, если медицина ничего не придумала для его лечения?First and foremost, the prevention of such manifestations depends on the immune status. The fact that depriving the pathogens can reside on the skin of any person, even a child, but at high resistance of the body the infection can take root and multiply.

Therefore, a fundamental principle in situations with various forms of lichen, including the hair, is a healthy lifestyle.

You must comply with rules and power, and the mode of the day, and try not to drink alcohol or smoke.

Stress nowadays is able to lick any, so far as possible we must make every effort to avoid them, the same applies to nervous tension.

I recommend to watch an interesting video about how to strengthen the immune system and increase your immune status:

In General, the treatment of the disease Diverge, despite the extended time the process is successful and provides a great chance for the absence of relapse within a few years, and possibly forever.

So if you suddenly find yourself suspicious rash, be sure to see a doctor.

The task of a qualified professional to eliminate more serious ailments and to monitor the healing process of the patient.

At observance of all prescribed rules of diet and hygiene recovery may occur in a few months. Health to you!