Herpes during pregnancy in the 1st trimester: how dangerous is he?

Hello my dear readers! Finally come true your dream – you are pregnant. Everything is going well, but then suddenly appears herpes. What will happen now? Whether it is dangerous? In this article you will find reliable information on issues such as herpes during pregnancy in the 1st trimester, and learn how to deal with it.

To assess the danger of viral infection

Герпес при беременности в 1 триместре: насколько он опасен?How do you think herpes dangerous for future moms or not? And I’ll tell you, as a specialist that threat, but only in certain cases.

If you become infected during pregnancy, then get ready to various kinds of complications, which may occur at any time.

The most common complication of primary infection is the spontaneous termination of the pregnancy process. The body responds to viral introduction of aggressive, the immune system starts working with increased power, that’s why there’s a miscarriage.

Primary infection with erisipela, even if not to provoke a miscarriage can be dangerous to the fetus. Because of him there are different pathologies, for example:

  • CNS;
  • defects in the brain;
  • blindness and deafness (congenital);
  • different types of physical abnormalities.

I can see how serious and dangerous for you and for your future baby, is a primary infection with erisipela.

To protect the child he above-mentioned pathologies, doctors try to promptly to weaken the virus and can recommend the woman in labor caesarean section to prevent infecting the baby during the labor process.

Герпес при беременности в 1 триместре: насколько он опасен?The forum to me recently asked a girl this question: «I’ve jumped cold sore on the lip and I’m pregnant, now what do I do and whether you want to be treated»? To answer this question is difficult without examination and careful study of the history of the disease.

The doctor needs to know if you have herpes prior to this and in what condition your body is now. In any case, treatment will have, if you don’t want to face the consequences described above.

Another very important factor is the type of herpes virus. Today we know 8 types, but the most common ones are two:

  • first facial (causes «cold sores» on the lip);
  • second genital (infection occurs in the genitals).

Want to know what herpes is more dangerous for you if you are in position?

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Genital or facial – what is herpes dangerous for pregnant?

Genital infection affecting the genitals, is located in close proximity to the fetus. Erisipela on the lip, in turn, affects the area of the face, which is much higher abdomen.

Which of these diseases would be dangerous, do you think? Of course, the first, moreover, it is a genital infection most often associated with the complications described above.

In any case, is herpes disease will be the most dangerous for a child?

Герпес при беременности в 1 триместре: насколько он опасен?Greatest hazard is considered the primary infection. Why? It’s very simple: in the body of the mother does not develop antibodies to the herpes viruses.

If, during the carrying a child there will be a relapse, your body can protect against complications, as there will be antibodies that you have developed after the first outbreak, and will stay with you for life.

These antibodies are instantly transmitted to the child through the placenta and will protect it further.

If you know that you may occur relapse, and then carefully watch your health and do not provoke him. What could trigger this?

The causes of recurrence of any girisindeki:

  • hypothermia;
  • stress;
  • immunosuppression;
  • overheat in the sun;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • SARS and similar diseases.

How can get pregnant?

Герпес при беременности в 1 триместре: насколько он опасен?If you still haven’t dealt with the infection and there you have it suddenly appeared, it means you have been infected. Girisindeki are transmitted in different ways.

For example, a cold sore on the lip easily transmitted during kissing or by contact (by contact of infected fluids with the skin and mucous membranes of a healthy person), air (mixed with saliva and sputum).

Genital herpetic disease, in turn, passes from person to person, primarily during sex, with anyone: oral, anal, vaginal.

Similarly other transmitted diseases, so we should be able to distinguish girisindeki from them in order for her to react.

Symptoms of herpes in women in the position

I have to say, the symptoms in pregnant women are no different from these other people. The main feature acts as a rash that appears during the primary infection, and secondary outbreaks (relapses).

The rash is small, reminiscent of the blisters, are close to each other. Inside her transparent content, which gradually becomes cloudy, and then the blisters opened and in their place appears an ulcer, gradually becoming covered with a crust.

If facial infection rash will be located in the lips, nose, around the mouth, while genital – labia, pubic hair, perineum, thighs, inside the vagina.

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Additional signs of girisindeki (any) look like this:

  • temperature rises (slightly, to around 37-38 degrees);
  • the affected area becomes inflamed, itchy, bakes, it swells;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • there may be signs of intoxication – nausea, dizziness, etc.;
  • there is a permanent weakness;
  • when genital disease possible abnormal vaginal discharge.

If the above symptoms, you need time to react. Immediately go to your doctor and get tested, which he will direct you.

After diagnosis you prescribe treatment. As it is not harmful if treated in the process of carrying a child?

Treatment of girisindeki women in position

Герпес при беременности в 1 триместре: насколько он опасен?To cure the infection completely impossible, as long as there is no medicine that can destroy it.

The virus will forever remain in your body and will periodically let you know about yourself, namely where you will have to decrease the immune system. Therefore, in the future, try to strengthen their immune system.

The treatment of women in the position is selected strictly individually. Are usually prescribed antiviral medications, but be aware that they are very toxic and their influence on the fetus is practically not been studied.

Antiviral pills or injections are assigned only in cases when the risk is less. What does it mean? If the doctor thinks that without drugs, complications of the infection will be more serious than the possible side effects he will prescribe drugs with antiviral action.

The most popular among these drugs is Acyclovir. In the Internet you will find a lot of positive reviews about it.

If you have a relapse of the infection that threatens your child is less than the first flash, then you will prescribe a safer medication, for example:

  • ointment on the basis of the Acyclovir;
  • ointment to promote healing — oxolinic, yellow, tetracycline and erythromycinbuy;
  • a solution of interferon and vitamin E to strengthen the immune system.

Treatment should begin with the first day of illness. It lasts 5-7 days (usually) and pass without consequences in the form of side effects, if you will, of course, will comply with all recommendations of your health care professional.

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Some women prefer to treat girisindeki folk remedies

Герпес при беременности в 1 триместре: насколько он опасен?For example, my friend says that for pregnant women there is nothing better and safer than the popular drugs, so she was treated for the above disease in the first trimester its methods and recovered, and quite quickly.

Want to know how to treat the infection offers traditional medicine?

If you want, then here’s a simple and safe tips.

Folk medicine recommends to treat herpes in women situation the following means:

  • earwax – apply it on the problem space instead of the ointment as often as possible;
  • the aloe juice – take fresh plant, take the juice and apply it instead of the ointment;
  • calendula tincture and apply it only on the skin, if it is herpes a rash;
  • salt and soda – if the bumps just appeared, sprinkle them with salt or soda;
  • garlic – garlic lubricate the rash 3-4 times a day.

Remember, the traditional methods will help you to get rid of only relapses. If during pregnancy you had the first outbreak, be sure to consult your doctor and get professional treatment!

That’s it, dear readers. Now you know what happens if you receive herpes in the first trimester, and how to treat this problem.

I hope the article was interesting, and if so, then share the read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to the updates of this website. Good health to you and your baby! Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)