Herpes on the body: symptoms, treatment and prevention of illness

Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезниGood day, dear readers! How long have you had a cold on the lips? Did you know that this is not just a rash, and a real cold sores, which, unfortunately, is not as harmless as you think.

This unpleasant sore can occur on any part of your body and then you will have serious problems with health.

Today you will learn how to recognize herpes on the body in order to start to heal and not to unpleasant consequences of the disease. Read and memorize!

Why do I get herpes on the body?

Let’s start with causes of herpes on the body, inherent in absolutely all herpetic diseases, regardless of severity and cause. So, from-for what there can be such dermatological disease? Call it is capable of various factors, for example:

  • reduced immunity is the most dangerous and common factor provocateur (the lower the immunity, the more likely there will be herpes);
  • hypothermia — even one draft is sometimes enough to activate the virus;
  • old age — older people have a chronic lowered immunity due to natural causes and therefore become prone to many dangerous diseases;
  • chronic heterogeneous disease — if you carry SARS and influenza «on his feet» without treatment, these diseases into a chronic form, and, consequently, will always weaken the body, as well as regularly reminded of its presence;
  • exhaustion — irregular and unhealthy eating and debilitating diets, can also trigger herpes rashes on the body;
  • stress and depression — nervous system more than others affected by the herpes viruses and, therefore, directly connected with them, therefore, can provoke outbreaks.

Having dealt with the causes, let’s examine varieties of herpes viruses that can cause a rash on the body.

The main types of herpes viruses that creates rashes on the body

Simple or type 1 — often, the virus provokes the appearance of ulcers on the lips. Such herpesvirus infected more than 80% of the world population.

For some it is dormant, the other wakes up regularly. If the virus moves to other areas of the body, it can create a rash on the body, in the nose and eyes, under the fingernails, in the groin, and even in the mouth.

Simple or type 2 is virtually indistinguishable from the previous one, but prefers to be in the intimate area. Besides the genitals, the rash may spread to the hips and lower limbs and on abdomen and back.

Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезниThe virus chicken pox is also a herpes virus, causing a well-known childhood illness. To recover it is possible only once in life. The disease is very rare relapses in the form of herpes zoster.

Virus-the agent provocateur of the disease Epstein-Barr — he happens mononucleosis infectious nature.

The disease itself does not create a skin rash, but can be supplemented with various bacterial complications.

What complications if they are treated by certain antibiotics, can cause an unpleasant symptom of the above.

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Cytomegalovirus — provokes skin rashes in exceptional cases, if the immunity of the media critically weakened.

6 type — virus-provocateur provokes about rubella or pseudorange, as it is called. The most striking symptom of this disease is a rash all over the body, very similar to skin blemishes when the real rubella. The disease occurs mainly in infants children.

Simple type 1 herpes viruses and the symptoms are rashes on the body

Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезни

Rashes with this defeat have a broad list of features. Symptoms develop rapidly and brightly, transitions from one stage to another is almost imperceptible.

At the initial stage there is a weakness and a slight temperature rise to subfebrile values. Then the skin up a small blisters with a diameter of 1-3 mm with transparent sticky content.

Gradually the epidermal defects burst, and in their place are formed crust. All this is accompanied by an itch and burning.

Most often, the disease provoked by type 1 herpesvirus, is located in the following locations:

  • on the lips or in the nasolabial triangle;
  • on the genitals (in men on the penis, in women, sometimes in the vagina);
  • on the buttocks;
  • around the eyes;
  • on the cuticle or under the nail;
  • on the neck and on the chest (often this is herpes infection in athletes who play contact sports such as wrestling and Boxing);
  • on the scalp;
  • in areas of skin folds (under the Breasts in women, on the belly, behind the knees, on the elbows);
  • throughout the body (generalized form).

Examples of typical herpetic lesions of the epidermis on the body. Unpleasant phenomenon, but not the worst. Chicken pox worse at times, and even more unpleasant is its relapse in the form of herpes herpes zoster.

Varicella zoster and herpes zoster-type

Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезни

The herpesvirus chickenpox is called «varicella zoster» and often affects children under the age of 8 years. The sooner people get over a disease, the better, as in early childhood, symptoms of chickenpox are light and harmless.

Surely you know what it looks like chicken pox and herpes shingles are heard not all.

Ringworm of this type may only have been ill with chicken pox person. If infected contacts are absolutely healthy people, who are not faced with smallpox in the past, then he will develop chickenpox.

Vetryanaya rash located throughout the body, delivers a strong discomfort in the form of itching and pain. If it hurt, then in its place formed a deep scars.

The chicken pox passes quickly (in a child), after her develop a strong lifelong immunity. It recurs in the form of herpes zoster is extremely rare mainly in the elderly.

Shingles herpes zoster has its own characteristic features:

  • first, the affected area is red and swollen;
  • then a rash surrounding the body;
  • together with the skin affected regional nerve.

Herpes on the body because of provocateur of the disease Epstein-Barr and cytomegalovirus

When these infection skin rash is not always a mandatory symptom. It may appear, but only if the immune system ill will be critically weakened. You’ll be herpes mainly on the sides and thighs, as well as in the genital area.

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Pseudocrassa or baby roseola

Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезниThis disease mostly attacks infants and very similar to rubella. Cutaneous lesions are placed randomly throughout the body.

The child is fussy because of the itching and can be seriously dangerous complications such as meningitis, encephalitis, seizures.

Rash is different from other types of herpes lesions are more bright red. They are completely alone in 4-7 days after the occurrence.

What to do if the body appeared herpes rash?

First and foremost, you need to see a specialist-a dermatologist, who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective antiherpetic therapy. Diagnosis is often visually given the complaints of the patient.

Your doctor may recommend you to take a standard tests in order to understand how a weakened immune system. If the doctor suspect that it is not herpes, then he will be sent for specialised tests.

Treatment of herpes infection on the body

Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезни

The treatment of such dermatological diseases is chosen individually for each patient based on the type of virus-provocateur. To the question: how to treat, can only answer the doctor as self-medication in this case is strictly prohibited.

The origin of the herpes virus always and, therefore, the primary therapy is antiviral drugs. The kit is specific for every herpes infection:

  • Treatment of herpes simplex on the body and chicken pox is done with the help of Acyclovir, Valacyclovir. These drugs are taken in pill form and in some cases are assigned optionally in the form of ointments. They also treat shingles herpes zoster. Advanced against such infection use of human immunoglobulins to enhance the protective properties of the immune system.
  • Rash from mononucleosis treated with protivozudnam and antiseptic medicines. If she does not care, then treatment generally is not assigned. The only thing to do is to stop taking the antibiotics that could provoke such an unpleasant cutaneous symptoms.
  • To treat pseudorange also not necessarily. If the child has a high fever, he may be given antipyretic drugs, but only with caution and under the supervision of a pediatrician. For the entire period of illness, child is provided with strict bed rest.
  • The rash of chickenpox should be treated with a disinfectant, to control its population.

    Other cold sores too can be treated with antiseptics, for example, Panavir-gel or ointment Tetracycline to prevent the spread of viruses and further infection by pathogenic bacteria.

    Instead of the purchase antiseptics and ointments protivozudnam many people prefer to use folk remedies.

    Fast folk treatment for herpes on the body

    Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезни

    Are you curious about what folk remedies to quickly get rid of symptoms of herpes on the body? Below are the list of the most common and effective for the treatment at home:

    • rash on the body, wipe with alcohol Echinacea tincture, diluted 50/50 with water.
    • apply an anti-itch for rashes compresses decoction of chamomile;
    • for quick healing, lubricate rash juice or pulp of aloe leaves (you can use Kalanchoe);
    • more useful are antiviral compresses decoction of licorice root;
    • additionally, take licorice orally — brew a tablespoon of crushed root a Cup of boiling water and drink throughout the day;
    • powerful antiviral effect has fir oil, which lubricate HSV skin blemishes three times a day;
    • when genital lesions take sitz bath in a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
    • wiping leather with a solution of Shilajit will quickly heal any cold sore on the body.
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    Now you know how to look different types of herpes on the body. Do you know what to do for prevention? If you do not know, then read.

    Prevention of herpes infection

    To protect your body from the herpes infection, you need to temper it, strengthening the immune system. For hardening enough contrast ordinary everyday soul. Most importantly, do not overdo it with fortitude, and not Zabol. Such procedures are used to gradually and smoothly.

    Remember that the outbreaks normal cold sores occur mainly in autumn and winter. So at this time of year you need to take prophylactic antiviral medications.

    Герпес на теле: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактика болезниHerpes rash in an adult can occur due to hypothermia. Therefore, dress warmly and avoid long to be outside in the cold.

    If you see a man with obvious signs of herpes infection, try not to approach him too closely.

    Almost all of the herpes viruses are airborne. Infection can occur during banal conversation or a kiss.

    To strengthen the immunity in autumn and winter using vitamin-mineral complexes. In modern time popular dietary Supplements, nutritional supplements. They are available in any pharmacy.

    The cost of them is not so high, especially if you compare it to good use. Before using supplements, make sure that no allergies to grass and pollen, as in the composition of such reinforcing drugs often contains plant extracts.

    That’s all, dear readers. Now that you know the varieties and features of herpes on the body. I hope the article was interesting and informative. Read you can always share with friends on social networks, and if you subscribe to the updates site, then do not miss the new articles that come out regularly. I wish you good health!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)