How to remove the traces of pimples on face and why do they appear?

Not always, getting rid of the pathological lesions, the people rejoice in their appearance. Replacement pimples come inflamed red spots and scars which spoil its appearance the whole aesthetic picture. How can you remove the traces of pimples on face and why do they still appear, discussed below.

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  • Why are spots and scars on face?
  • How to treat acne, so as not to leave traces?
  • Remove marks from acne at home
  • Mask based on white clay
  • Essential oils
  • Green clay
  • Medical paraffin
  • Remedies to lighten red spots
  • Aloe
  • St. John’s wort
  • Parsley
  • Exfoliation of the face and its types
  • Recovery skin folk remedies
  • Conclusion
  • Why are spots and scars on face?

    There are several basic causes of residual effects on the skin:

  • investigation of the inflammatory process;
  • an incorrect choice of therapy;
  • squeezing the pimples without consulting with a specialist.
  • With the development of inflammation is increased production of the pigment melanin that turns the skin. On the face and body remain pink, brown or red spots, the appearance of which remains for life. This is a reversible process, and residual effects eventually pass.

    Be aware! The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the depth of penetration of inflammation. The deeper the infection occurs, the brighter and larger spots may remain after acne.

    Wrong selection of drugs to combat acne is due to the fact that most people consider consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist something unnecessary. Using advertised and well-known means not always is possible to achieve performance as an etiologic factor in the appearance of the rashes will be ignored.

    Squeezing pimples – another possible cause spots and scars after pathological elements. Unprofessional approach can lead to generalization of inflammatory process with the transition to the surrounding tissue.

    How to treat acne, so as not to leave traces?

    To prevent residual effects you need to observe some rules:

    1. Preventive measures to reduce the appearance of lesions. For this you need to monitor the daily cleanliness of the skin, use cleansers in the form of tonic or lotion without the alcohol base.
    2. When you see a pimple treatment should begin immediately, using disinfectant, drying and regenerative agents.
    3. In the Sunny season to use the tool with the factor of protection from ultraviolet radiation.
    4. Never squeeze out the pathological elements, in particular not respecting the rules of personal hygiene.

    Remove marks from acne at home

    The appearance of red spots and scars after acne remains for a certain time, however, the process of getting rid of them can be accelerated. For this purpose, the masks made at home.

    Mask based on white clay

    To prepare the mask you need to purchase in pharmacy the powder of white clay. To the powder add the freshly squeezed lemon juice in the ratio 1:2. The mass becomes creamy and apply onto problem areas. After complete drying of the face should be washed with warm water and apply moisturizer.

    Essential oils

    The effects of essential oils on the skin showed the performance a few weeks from the beginning of use. These funds are beneficial for the regeneration, enhancement of local blood circulation, to combat swelling.

    For cooking tools mix 3-4 drops of oil:

  • incense;
  • lavender;
  • neroli.
  • To put the matter on the entire skin is not needed, handled exclusively by dark spots. Before using essential oils tested individual sensitivity to the components used to prepare the mixture. To do this, a drop is applied to the area where the thinnest skin, such as the forearm. The result is assessed after 15 minutes.

    The appearance of mild redness with no accompanying manifestations is considered a normal result because the oils are irritating. In this case, the use is allowed. With the appearance of flaking, itching or severe redness should the mixture be replaced by other means.

    Green clay

    For making the mask based on green clay to a tablespoon of its powder add few drops of rosemary oil and water. To prepare for the future, this tool is not necessary, as it is economical to use. Apply on spot blemishes or scars. Rosemary oil is used for spot application and as a separate therapeutic agents.

    Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?

    Medical paraffin

    1. In pharmacy item purchased medical paraffin and melted in a water bath to a liquid consistency.
    2. A cotton swab dipped in wax and applied on problem areas.
    3. After complete solidification removed.
    4. Used the tool does not need to be disposed of, since it is possible to melt it again and continue to use.
    5. After the treatment, your skin apply moisturizer.

    Remedies to lighten red spots

    This group of substances include medications and traditional recipes that are used for whitening of the skin. Drugs based on salicylic acid help to accelerate regeneration and peeling of the top layer of the epidermis. The same effect have glycolic and azelaic acid.

    Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?

    Retinoids – medications that are used for carrying out exfoliation of the skin. This process allows you to remove the top layer of dead cells, contributing to rapid regeneration. To the group of drugs include «Differin», «Tazorac», «retin-A».

    Be aware! Retinoids can make the skin more sensitive. At the time of their application need to use sunscreen.


    Among the more benign substances that contribute to the fading of the spots after acne include aloe Vera juice. The leaves of plants placed in the cold for a few days. Then grind them on a small grater, to obtain a slurry. The mass can be used in a similar form, and you can squeeze only the juice. Cotton swab applied directly to the pigmentation spot. Rinse is not necessary.

    St. John’s wort

    Alcohol tincture of St. John’s wort for skin lightening need to be applied infrequently, however, its effectiveness is proven. For the manufacture of infusion at home have a glass of vodka or diluted half ethyl alcohol pour 2 tbsp. l. chopped herbs Hypericum. Insist in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight.


    Having made the tool in the form of a decoction from this plant, they fill the ice trays and put in freezer. To treat the face of the frozen cubes several times a day. The tool not only will help lighten the skin, but also moisturizes, tones and gives a healthy look.

    Exfoliation of the face and its types

    To remove the residual effects is possible through the use of cosmetic procedures: face peeling, the process of polishing and laser correction.

    The peel is used to exfoliate the skin. For this purpose, special peeling agents used, depending on the type of procedure. Distinguish types of peels:

  • chemical;
  • mechanical;
  • physical.
  • Treatment using chemical agents is based on the application of the last on the skin and then remove it. When the surface exposure is affecting only the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Median peels designed to exfoliate the cells to the border of the dermis with the epidermis. With profound impact damage to reach the papillary dermis.
    Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?

    For the treatment polevoshpatnyj spots using the procedure of surface exfoliation. To combat scars have harm to the deeper layers, so use medium-depth and deep peels, depending on the extent of the process.

    Mechanical exfoliation is carried out by mechanical removal of the top layer of skin. For the treatment of post-inflammatory scars dermabrasion is used. This method is used in case of failure of other cosmetic procedures because it is quite sensitive receptors.

    Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?

    Laser resurfacing is a good fight with pigment spots after the pimples and the scarring. This method is good because the cosmetician accurately determines the depth of impact of the laser beam. When the absorption of the beam by the skin it heats up, water evaporates. Is removal of the epidermis and partially the dermis.

    Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?

    Photocoagulation is based on sotatalous the destruction of tissues. All processes do not occur in the upper Horny layer and the epidermis and the dermis.

    Important! Only a doctor can assess the depth of peeling required and the necessary procedure after evaluation of the condition of the skin.

    The procedure of exfoliation has a number of contraindications:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute viral illness;
  • mental pathology;
  • traumatic injuries of the skin;
  • pathological lesions in the area of the procedure;
  • therapy with retinoids;
  • the predisposition to the formation of colloidal scars.
  • Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?

    Recovery skin folk remedies

    Regenerative processes occur in the body continuously, however, can help the skin recover faster after inflammatory processes. This is done, for example, using potatoes. A few potatoes, rinse and boil. Then remove the skin and mash to education puree. Add egg yolk and a few tablespoons of warm milk. The resulting mass is used as a restorative mask.

    A similar tool is made by mixing the ingredients:

  • moisturizer;
  • 2 tbsp of carrot juice;
  • 2 tbsp honey (preferably liquid).
  • Any vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, sea buckthorn) is mixed with crushed oatmeal. The resulting weight is applied, leaving for 15 minutes, then wash off. This allows the skin to be enriched with the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

    Как убрать следы от прыщей на лице и почему они появляются?


    The use of additional tools that help to restore the skin and get rid of the residual effects, can’t act instantly. For complete regeneration shall take from several months to half a year. Patience and the use of complex therapy will help to shorten the process and make the face beautiful and healthy again.

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