Ichthyol ointment for acne, especially the use of tools

There are many external means to correct acne by acting directly on the cause of their appearance. One such remedy is the ointment of Ichthyol in acne is long-developed and effective tool in the fight for the purity and health of the skin. You need to understand the peculiarities of application of the ointment, contraindications and adverse events, but also see the reasons for the effectiveness of the ointment and its advantages over other means.

The content of the article

  • The application of Ichthyol ointment in the correction of acne
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
  • The composition of Ichthyol ointment
  • Properties of Ichthyol ointment
  • Rules for the use of Ichthyol
  • The side effects of using
  • The benefits of using Ichthyol ointment
  • Counterparts funds
  • Storage Ichthyol ointment

    The application of Ichthyol ointment in the correction of acne

    The effectiveness of this tool in the treatment of acne is due to the following effects:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • drying effect by eliminating swelling of tissues and reduce moisture;
  • resolving infiltrates in the skin;
  • healing effect allows you to quickly get rid of the rash and restore the structure of skin.
  • This combination of effects Ichthyol ointment allows its use for the correction of different kinds of acne, including those located deep enough.

    Apply Ichthyol ointment should be spot on for 1-2 hours, then rinse. Thus there is a more rapid “maturation” of the pimple. He is torn, leaves a purulent content, rapidly healing open sores. The ointment “draws out” the pus to the skin surface, and thus there is the maturation of a pimple.

    When deep pimples you can apply Ichthyol ointment at night. To do this, after applying it to put on top of a cotton pad, to fix with the patch, and remove in the morning. Once the wound open, it should be washed with disinfectant — hydrogen peroxide or Chlorhexidine.

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    If using the ointment did not lead to maturation of the zit, it is possible to pierce it with a disinfected needle, and the wound first with hydrogen peroxide, and then apply Ichthyol to heal.

    Be careful! This method is resorted to only in extreme cases because of improper conduct may lead to deterioration.

    Also, the use of tools allows to get rid of blackheads on the face. Correction the ointment is applied in a similar way, that is the point, for 1-2 hours, then washed with disinfectants.

    Indications for use

    The range of useful actions Ichthyol ointment allows the use of the drug in the treatment of various pathological processes. Among all the diseases, which is assigned to this tool, you can select:

  • burns;
  • cuts;
  • injuries;
  • of frostbite;
  • erysipelas;
  • eczema;
  • trichophytosis;
  • microsporia;
  • streptoderma;
  • hidradenitis;
  • furunculosis;
  • inflammation of the joints;
  • neuralgia;
  • osteopathically;
  • sycosis;
  • prostatitis.
  • Ихтиоловая мазь от прыщей: особенности применения средства


    Ichthyol ointment has almost no contraindications to the use. You should not use this tool if you are hypersensitive in case of an allergic reaction to Ichthyol. During pregnancy and lactation ointment can be used, but with caution and after consulting a specialist.

    Please note! To limit the use of the drug should be at too sensitive skin.

    The composition of Ichthyol ointment

    This tool is made in the form of a ten — or twenty-percent ointments in tubes or jars made of dark glass. A part of the ointment comes with Ichthyol and vaseline medical. The tool has a dark brown hue and a characteristic sharp resinous odor.

    Ichthyol is also known as “ichthammol”, and the structure is a salt of ammonium and sulfonic acid in the composition of shale oil.

    Ихтиоловая мазь от прыщей: особенности применения средства

    Properties of Ichthyol ointment

    Ichthyol ointment has the following properties:

  • correction of the symptoms of inflammation — swelling, formation of exudate, pain;
  • stimulation of healing of injured skin;
  • antiseptic action, through which occurs the destruction of the structures of microorganisms, which can trigger the formation of acne.
  • Rules for the use of Ichthyol

    Ointment on the basis of aitola recommended for the correction of acne according to the following rules:

    1. The application to the skin should be point, do not apply a continuous layer, to avoid burn injury.
    2. The tool is applied to some time — 1-2 hours or overnight, and then washed off with a disinfectant — Chlorhexidine, or hydrogen peroxide.
    3. You need to remember that when using the drug for the correction of acne on the skin, can light a darkening of sections of skin.
    4. It is not necessary to use structures on the basis of Ichthyol after conducting aggressive cosmetic procedures — chemical peeling, or grinding using the laser.
    5. The application of the ointment must be one of the stages of comprehensive measures of correction of lesions on the skin. In addition, it is necessary to determine the cause of acne, to balance diet, to fully take care of the skin using a cleanser, moisturizing, nourishing.

    The side effects of using

    The application of Ichthyol ointment can cause such side effects as:

  • allergic reactions — rash, itching, irritation;
  • staining the skin a dark color.
  • To prevent the development of side effects, it is necessary to use very carefully. Apply ointment on the pimples spot through the day. Allowed and daily, but a single use of the drug.

    Important! You can not use the ointment in combination with medications which contain iodides and alkaloids.

    The benefits of using Ichthyol ointment

    This tool is widespread in the treatment of skin rashes due to a number of advantages, including:

  • high efficiency;
  • ease of use;
  • a small number of adverse events when using;
  • a wide range of beneficial properties;
  • affordable price.
  • Through the use of Ichthyol ointment is possible to abandon the expensive topical treatments, but it is worth remembering that the treatment of skin rashes it is necessary to conduct complex for greater efficiency.

    Ихтиоловая мазь от прыщей: особенности применения средства

    Counterparts funds

    Market pharmaceutical no means similar to Ichthyol ointment. But there are range of drugs that have similar effectiveness. These include the following:

  • Elon;
  • liniment Vishnevsky;
  • Antiseptic N;
  • The treatment;
  • Salicylic-zinc paste;
  • Netrun.
  • Ихтиоловая мазь от прыщей: особенности применения средства

    These medicines relieve symptoms of inflammation and have an antiseptic effect, characterized by an acceptable cost

    Storage Ichthyol ointment

    This drug is not stored for more than three years in a dry dark place inaccessible to children. The presence of this drugs in the home medicine Cabinet is welcomed, as the Ichthyol ointment is considered a universal medicine applicable to a variety of pathologies.

    Thus, the study of the composition and properties of the ointment that contains ihtiola allows to understand the reasons for its effectiveness for the correction of acne on the skin. It is important to observe all directions for use means that the result does not keep itself waiting. It is also necessary to remember about restrictions to the use and possible side effects. This will prevent allergic reactions and skin damage. Reasonable cost and ease of application creates additional benefits, allowing you to choose exactly the Ichthyol ointment for the correction of lesions on the skin.