Pimples after shaving in the intimate area: modern methods of treatment

One of the most sensitive areas on the body there is an intimate area, and caring for her many women gives a lot of trouble. Any rash on the body may be the cause as external factors and internal diseases. A rash on the delicate skin in the intimate area after shaving many women are concerned. Proper care and technique of the procedure will help to avoid rashes. If after shaving in the intimate area there are spots, they can be simple irritation or a symptom of a more serious disease.

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  • Causes of acne after shaving in the intimate area
  • Mechanical damage
  • Machine and requirements
  • Allergic from the media used after shaving
  • What better machine or epilator?
  • Machine for shaving
  • Epilator
  • Treatment of rash after shaving
  • Products recommended to use
  • Soothing and rejuvenating ointments with natural composition
  • Rescuer Forte
  • Boro plus
  • Malavit
  • Recipes ointments you can prepare at home
  • Remedy with aspirin
  • Clay and stuff
  • Aloe
  • Video
  • Shaving machine
  • Shaving epilator
  • Causes of acne after shaving in the intimate area

    To discover why shaving intimate areas, pimples, the doctor looks at the nature of the lesions and their number. Most often, this is a delicate area reacts to a razor blade, a variety of pimples. Causes of rashes in intimate areas can be the following:

  • improper technique of shaving;
  • the wrong cosmetic for skin care;
  • a violation of hormonal background;
  • tight underwear;
  • allergic rashes;
  • infection if acne is not only in the bikini area;
  • sensitive skin type.
  • Mechanical damage

    A sharp razor removes not only hair but also the top layer of skin, which often leads to irritation and pimples. Little cuts, which are formed due to improper shaving can become infected and can lead to various rashes.

    Machine and requirements

    For the most comfortable and safe shaving of intimate area you need to choose the right razor. When choosing a machine, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the convenience of the machine and its reliable fixation in the hand;
  • the handle of the product is better to choose from a soft rubberized material than plastic;
  • three blades will be easier and faster to shave hairs, less to injure the skin;
  • the swivel head will allow you to make movements smooth and less traumatic.
  • Regardless of the type of razor during the procedure of hair removal is necessary to apply emollients for hair removal. Timely replacement razors or tapes will be the best prevention of cuts, infection and various pimples. Change the blade as often as possible, and ideally are changed after each procedure. After shaving in the intimate area of the pimple appear much less frequently, if you use special tools.

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    It is prohibited to use the same razor at the same time for legs, underarms and bikini area.

    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения

    Allergic from the media used after shaving

    Delicate skin needs special protection, but among the huge range of cosmetic products used after shaving, it is easy to make the wrong choice. Gel or cream low quality lead to irritation and some ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. Tight underwear from natural fabrics, too often becomes the cause of the Allergy leads to irritation and redness. Itching leads to scratching rashes and increase its size.

    What better machine or epilator?

    Modern epilators have become for many an alternative to simple machines, but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Machine for shaving

    Removal of unwanted hair familiar to all razors fairly quick procedure. Also significant advantage is the availability of this method and the cheapness of the product compared to the epilator. But the machine also has its drawbacks. Sharp blades remove the top layer of the epidermis, thereby damaging delicate area and leaving cuts. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, the new hairs grow on the second or third day. As the razor cuts the hairs, they become thicker and stronger.


    Using the epilator to achieve long-term effect when the hair does not grow from 2 to 5 weeks. This result is due to the fact that the appliance removes the hair completely, along with the onion. Razor leaves no irritation and cuts. Slight redness may be after the first treatment, but later after regular epilation, the hairs become finer, softer, much easier to remove. The advantage of the epilator is a rare replacement of parts relatively to the machine where the blade quickly becomes unusable.

    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения

    The epilator also has disadvantages, including its high price, and also soreness treatments. The degree of pain depends on individual sensitivity of a woman. Power supply device for depilation limits its portability, a conventional machine with no problems you can take with you anywhere. For many, this method of hair removal is becoming a favorite with the first application, but not everyone can overcome the pain and opt for simple and affordable shaver.

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    Do not use the appliance to shave in the deep the bikini area, it can be very painful and traumatic, because the skin there is thin and delicate. As an option, to give preference to wax Polonicum or sugaring.

    Treatment of rash after shaving

    Purulent rashes often appear after waxing, and to eliminate skin treated with chlorhexidine and put one of pharmaceutical ointments. Small rash will clear quickly, if after treatment with a peroxide to put a dot with a cotton swab with the iodine solution.

    When the cause of the pimples become ingrown hairs from shaving, you need to steam the skin in the delicate area with herbal bath, then wipe the skin with alcohol-means. Ingrown hairs pull with a tweezer, needle helping to raise the hair. After the procedure, the area of the skin grease will levomekol. Purulent and large red pimples, better not to squeeze, and immediately consult a specialist.

    Products recommended to use

    To get rid of unpleasant pimples in a delicate area and make the skin soft and tender, use of special tools, which are in every pharmacy. Drugs with panthenol soothe inflamed skin, will kill bacteria. Funds from the drug substance manufactured in the form of ointment, spray, cream. Any pharmacy you can find tincture of calendula, which lubricate the pimples. After shaving lubricate delicate skin hlorgeksidinom or miramistina.

    The next effective remedy is the ointment levomekol. It is applied to cleansed skin a thin layer 2 or 3 times a day until complete disappearance of the rash. The skin before the procedure is treated with hydrogen peroxide. If the lesions are purulent, used or Ichthyol ointment Vishnevsky. The tool is applied to the acne with a thick layer and fix with a bandage or band-aid over the cotton ball. A bandage leave overnight.

    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения

    Soothing and rejuvenating ointments with natural composition

    In addition to the medicinal remedies for acne there are creams with natural ingredients that have many advantages and no contraindications.

    Rescuer Forte

    Gives good results ointment the rescuer. In its composition many natural essential oils that soften the skin, reduce inflammation and promote rapid healing of the microcrack. The product is applied in a thick layer, on top you need to cover the affected area with a piece of cheesecloth and leave in the morning.

    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения

    Boro plus

    The broad popularity of cream with botanicals, too. The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties and also prevents purulent processes of the skin. It is applied in a thin layer on pimples up to 3 times a day.

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    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения


    Less common, but is designed for women’s health malavit cream gel also has a positive feedback in the treatment of rashes in intimate areas. Natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and soften it, removing pimples.

    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения

    Recipes ointments you can prepare at home

    To reduce inflammation and remove pimples prepare ointments and masks from ingredients available at home.

    Remedy with aspirin

    Take 3 tablets atsetilsalitsilovoj acid, chop, add 1 tbsp. lodges. glycerin and apply on the pimples for 5 minutes.

    Clay and stuff

    Any clay dries and reduces inflammation in the delicate area. To cosmetic clay, add 1 teaspoon of concoctions.


    The aloe plant very quickly removes pimples, but that one sheet was placed in a refrigerator for one week. Then the aloe is cut in half and smeared the cold flesh of the affected skin. Applying aloe immediately after waxing is the best prevention to any lesions.

    Прыщи после бритья в интимной зоне: современные методы лечения

    After shaving the intimate area can appear purulent pimples every time because it is important to disinfect the skin. After each hair removal procedure it is desirable to treat redness or cuts with hydrogen peroxide, apply natural tea tree oil, has wound-healing and antiseptic properties. A few drops of essential oil combine with a tablespoon of water and applied on the groin.

    Respect to the skin during hair removal from the bikini area will help to avoid unpleasant rashes. Through minor cuts penetrates the infection, because of the need to respect the rules of the shaving machine to cut. Other methods of hair removal also require the use of special tools before and after the procedure. Creams and gels with natural ingredients, modern pharmaceutical remedies will help to prevent the emergence of dangerous for women’s health acne and microcracks.


    Shaving machine

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