Pimples on lips and chin: key causes and treatments

Probably not such a person, who has never had acne on my face. Rashes are concerned not only because wrong skin care, but can also be a symptom of serious diseases. A common problem is pimples on lips and chin. Often the rash appears in the female, becoming a symptom of problems in the genitourinary system. Such pimples bother adults and children, and the causes and proper treatment can make only a specialist.

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  • Dangerous rashes in the mouth
  • Infectious rashes
  • Treatment
  • Not contagious pimples
  • Treatment
  • Causes of pimples on lips and chin
  • Internal causes of pimples on lips and chin
  • External causes of pimples near the mouth
  • Incorrect shaving
  • Insufficient care
  • Wrong cosmetics
  • Recognize rashes in the mouth
  • Dermatitis
  • Disruption of the ovaries
  • Pimples the child
  • Dysbiosis
  • Allergic reactions
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Traditional methods
  • Popular recipes
  • What rash do not touch
  • The recommendations of experts
  • Dangerous rashes in the mouth

    Pimples near lips and chin are not only an aesthetic problem, but also bring their possessor the discomfort and pain. The most common cause of the rash is a violation of the digestive and endocrine system, hormonal changes in the body of a teenager. The danger of such rashes is that girls want to squeeze them, because they are located in a prominent place. Infection due to dirty hands can enter the wound and lead to dire consequences. Incorrect squeezing often leads to clogging of the sebaceous glands and more festering. On the lips is very thin skin, so the scars often remain after the self-squeezing pimples.

    Application of cosmetic products to mask pimples, skin cleansing scrub becomes a cause of the spread of inflammation all over the face. You need to be extremely careful with such lesions, as close to the mouth are important vessels through which the infection enters the bloodstream. Special attention should be paid to the health of your skin while re-appearance of pimples without a dermatologist not to do.

    Infectious rashes

    Among the infectious diseases that manifest in a rash at the mouth, a common problem is herpes. It looks like a small watery pimples on the lips, accompanied by itching, swelling. Herpes is transmitted through household items, kisses. It is prohibited to pierce and crush the bubbles, because they apply to the area of the chin.

    Other infectious diseases, during which the formation of rash around the mouth, there are syphilis, tuberculosis. If the body is a dangerous infection, it is often manifested in the form of stomatitis. Often the cause of the rash becomes SARS, when rashes appear reaction at a high temperature or the presence of virus in the body. Acne on the chin can indicate a sexually transmitted disease.

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    To get rid of rashes around the mouth that are contagious in the first place is to consult the dermatologist to figure out their causes. The herpes virus is well treated with the ointment or cream with antiviral effect. Medications help to quickly remove the itching and rash, but completely eliminate the virus is impossible today, because there is a high probability that a pimple on the lip will appear again under certain conditions.

    Acute respiratory infections also are a common cause of pimples about the mouth. Their treatment consists of intake of antiviral medications, fever-reducing drugs. Rash from cold-related diseases specific to childhood, especially when the kids have a high fever.

    Bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids and proper treatment will relieve not only the symptoms of cold, but also from lesions on the lips.

    Not contagious pimples

    A rash on lips and chin due to diseases that are not passed from one person to another, can be a symptom of diseases of internal organs, various inflammatory processes and hormonal disorders. Women have the same rash is often associated with premenstrual syndrome, as well as with hormonal changes in the body.

    Прыщи на губах и подбородке: основные причины и методы лечения

    Male acne at the lips on the chin are associated with malfunctions of the urogenital system and development of prostatitis. In women of various gynecological diseases also cause rashes in the mouth area. Small pimples in the area of the upper lip associated with diseases of the duodenum, in the center under the lip indicate problems with the small intestine, and the rash on the corners and edges of the lower lip can be a sign of disease of a thick intestine.

    Прыщи на губах и подбородке: основные причины и методы лечения


    You will need proper nutrition, probiotics and prebiotics, anti-bacterial agents. External ointments or gels will help only in case of complex treatment. To eliminate pimples on chin the doctor often assigns a special talker.

    Causes of pimples on lips and chin

    The main task of any skin disease is eliminating its root cause, because all the money is for external use will be useless if the body is a chronic process.

    Internal causes of pimples on lips and chin

    Pimples in the lips and chin can occur due to internal diseases or other diseases:

  • herpes on the lips;
  • the disruption of the digestive system;
  • dental disease;
  • hormonal changes;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • gynecological problems in women;
  • prostatitis in males.
  • All these factors affect the appearance of pimples in the mouth, external treatment which does not bring result, if not to cure the underlying disease.

    External causes of pimples near the mouth

    In addition to internal changes that affect the health of the skin, there are a number of external factors, why popping up a pimple on the lip and chin.

    Incorrect shaving

    In men, the cause of pimples around the mouth have irritation from shaving. A poor hygiene, a dull razor, and sensitive skin can cause rashes. Mechanical damage to the skin and adding to the wound infection will also lead to an inflammatory process. The reason for the rash becomes improper technique of shaving.

    Insufficient care

    Daily cleansing and moisturizing of the face and will protect you from skin diseases. Violation of the rules of personal hygiene and care of the skin leads to the blockage of the sebaceous glands grease or dust particles. Clogged pores can become inflamed and lead to comedones and pustules.

    Wrong cosmetics

    The quality of cosmetics directly affect the health and cleanliness of the skin. When choosing products for daily care, it is worth considering the date of production, composition and type of the skin.

    Recognize rashes in the mouth


    In the mouth area in children and less often adults formed oral dermatitis characterized by small red rashes. The treatment is to eliminate factors of the rash, and then you will need medication, ointments and creams.

    Прыщи на губах и подбородке: основные причины и методы лечения

    Disruption of the ovaries

    Rash in the form of black dots or small inflammatory formations in women is often caused by disease of the ovaries. To cure the root cause and clean your skin will help the gynecologist. Will need to be examined for hormone levels, possibly hormonal or anti-inflammatory therapy.

    Прыщи на губах и подбородке: основные причины и методы лечения

    Pimples the child

    Reaction to external stimuli, food and care products for skin cause acne the child at the mouth. Children often wipe their face with dirty hands, chew on various items, especially because their skin is much softer and more sensitive than adults.

    Прыщи на губах и подбородке: основные причины и методы лечения


    Problems with the digestive system, for example, dysbacteriosis, directly affects the condition of the skin. The disease is treatable with medication according to doctor’s recommendation. Need vitamin C vitamin complexes to restore the intestinal microflora.

    Прыщи на губах и подбородке: основные причины и методы лечения

    Allergic reactions

    Almost always small red rash around mouth cause Allergy. It cause be foods, pollen, medications and other causes. Increased sensitivity of the organism to various stimuli have an allergic reaction and the pimples in the mouth area, palate, near the nose and the whole body. The first thing to eliminate from the diet citrus fruits, honey, chocolate and spicy, smoked food, allergens. Different creams and pills it is better to use only on the advice of a doctor.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    To eliminate rashes in the mouth area require complex therapy.

    Traditional methods

    Modern medicine offers many treatments for skin rashes in the mouth area, but the main principle is the elimination of the factors affecting skin condition. Depending on the type of lesions are assigned antibacterial drugs, hormone therapy, antiviral pills.

    Popular recipes

    Daily washing with a decoction of a succession will have a beneficial effect on the skin. Antiseptic action offers the skin decoction of chamomile. Copes with inflammation aloe. Fresh sheet leave in a dark place for 7 days, then make it a paste and apply to the affected area on a small piece of gauze gadgets. Juice as well just wipe their face.

    What rash do not touch

    If the pimples associated with climate change, lack of vitamins, especially in the spring, most likely, they will be independently. However, an important condition for such eruptions is the prohibition of squeezing pimples. If you regularly clean your skin and not to push a rash on the chin, with time it will pass by itself without consequences for the skin.

    The recommendations of experts

    To eliminate acne around the mouth you need to follow the advice of doctors:

  • General principles of healthy nutrition,
  • eliminate bad habits
  • find cosmetics of high quality;
  • care products should match the skin type;
  • daily to cleanse your skin.
  • Any pimples on your body are causing discomfort, they want to get rid of. It is important to remember that pimples the lips and on the chin can not push, to touch it with dirty hands. Intake of medicines, proper diet and beauty products will make the skin clean and healthy.