Pimples on the face: psychosomatic problems

Called psychosomatic direction in medicine, which studies the influence of psychological imbalance on the development of bodily diseases or pathologies. One of these problems are pimples on the face. Psychosomatics explains the relationship of pathological lesions in different stages of life, with psychological disorders in the body.

The content of the article

  • The main causes of acne
  • Psychosomatics of acne on the skin
  • Back to the past
  • Psychosomatics pimples on the face
  • Age belonging to the problem
  • Rashes in adults
  • Psychosomatic help in therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Gelstat therapy
  • Holotropic breathing
  • Prevention and tips

    The main causes of acne

    According to traditional medicine based on the appearance of the lesions is the blockage of the sebaceous glands due to excessive production of subcutaneous fat. In parallel, creating conditions for the proliferation of pathological microorganisms causing inflammatory response. This whole mechanism develops on the background of provoking factors:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diseases of the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance;
  • the decrease in the protective forces of the organism;
  • improper diet;
  • bad habits;
  • incorrectly chosen cosmetics or personal hygiene products;
  • use of synthetic clothes;
  • a metabolic process;
  • mechanical microtrauma to the skin;
  • sweating;
  • stressful situation.
  • In most cases the pimples are the result of the simultaneous action of multiple pathologic factors.

    Psychosomatics of acne on the skin

    Psychological disorders and internal imbalances of the body – one of the common causes of the emergence of upstarts on the skin. The visual relationship between these two processes is almost impossible to find.

    Acne often occur against the background of intolerance due to frustrations. Was the perfect order of their actions, but because of small obstacles or ridiculous actions surrounding the whole plan collapses. Inside flashes of discontent and aggression, having the form of a suppressed response. The reason is not affect the problem on the surface of the skin?

    Traced the chronology of events, especially if the lesions are the exact frequency, you can determine what events matched the period of the appearance of acne. Long-term inflammatory processes involving deep skin structures, the presence of subcutaneous pathological elements can be the result of low personal self-esteem.

    Back to the past

    The specialists of the field of psychosomatics prefer to look for skin problems in the relationship of the patient with the outside world, the foundations of which are laid in early childhood.

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    Прыщи на лице: психосоматика проблемы

    The problem of acne can be the result of the following events:

  • the lack of satisfaction of needs of the child in emotional terms;
  • excessive concern about the baby, takes the form of pathological;
  • excessive rigor and harshness of his upbringing and social interaction.
  • the underlined formalism of the relationship with the baby;
  • ignoring thoughts and emotional state of the child.
  • In families where there is an authoritarian parenting style, the kid sees from his parents the example of a harmonious interaction with environmental factors. His opinion does not pay attention, he is not considered, nobody wants it – is deposited in the child’s head, causing a storm of negative emotions, anger and rebellion.

    If the kid can openly cry, yell and otherwise vent their emotions, children of senior school age, so as not to show their weakness, just keep everything inside. Negative energy accumulates and, subsequently, the result of an internal imbalance translates to problems on the skin.

    Psychosomatics pimples on the face

    The skin acts as a physical shell that reflects the inner state of the organism. It says on the skin in the same condition in which they exist, not in kilograms of cosmetics over.

    According to the experts rashes on the face are most relevant. They become a manifestation of the rejection of himself, his personality, character traits. This is manifested in the fact that people can’t admit their desires or to accept deeds and thoughts.

    Serious skin problems on the face are evidence of people trying to distance themselves from the outside world, to isolate, to hide. Due to the problem appears modesty of appearance and the actual separation from their friends and acquaintances. Communication becomes essential standard phrases.

    Прыщи на лице: психосоматика проблемы

    Skin condition should not become a defense mechanism, and should be evaluated as a signal of the body about the need for inner change and restore emotional balance.

    Age belonging to the problem

    Rashes and acne dots on face – the most unpleasant problem. Often begins its emergence in adolescence that the dermatologists associated with the hormonal changes in the body. This period is characterized by the first serious failures, the emergence of false shame, of rejection of himself and his appearance. Appears pathological dependence on the opinions of others.

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    The skin reacts to similar circumstances excessive sweating, the appearance of erythematous spots, presence of pruritus, an unpleasant smell. If people continue to not can make, the problems become massive in nature, resulting in a large number of pathological inflammatory elements.

    Rashes in adults

    Regarding gender, men suffer more from back acne, and women on the face. In most cases, males try to ignore the constant issues, but all the emotions from the prison. Women, conversely, perceive the problem situation «close to heart», pouring out a flood of tears.

    Psychosomatics also links the appearance of acne in adults:

  • problems at work;
  • the pressure from the authorities;
  • the conflicts in married couples;
  • money trouble (especially for men);
  • misunderstanding in relations with teenagers.
  • Psychosomatic help in therapy

    It is necessary to help stomatologov to be part of a comprehensive acne treatment. You can seek the assistance of a neurologist, psychologist, psychotherapist.

    It should be understood that psychosomatic care is not a treatment of the body, and in the correction of internal state of the organism and elimination of psychological problems. With prolonged stress the immune system weakens, losing the opportunity to fight with pathological agents. People are exposed not only to inflammation and skin problems and viral infections, colds.

    Прыщи на лице: психосоматика проблемы

    Psychosomatics actively uses the following psychotherapeutic methods:

  • hypnosis;
  • cognitive treatment;
  • recovery and correction of personal attitudes;
  • holotropic breathing;
  • gelstat therapy.
  • Hypnosis

    In itself the hypnotic state (trance) is a relaxing and therapeutic effect. The normalization of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, aktiviziruyutsya the processes of regeneration and recovery.

    When communicating with the patient, the technician releases his inner fears, the rejection of himself and his personality. Determined by underlying causes that have roots far in the childhood.

    Cognitive therapy

    It is a way of helping the patient through the correction of cognitive functions (memory, speech, thinking). In other words, cognitive therapy is a set of trainings of personal growth and human development. They allow you to restore the person as a person, to define its role and social position in society, strengthen character, promote inner self-worth.

    Gelstat therapy

    A method of psychotherapy that helps the patient determine what is happening «here and now». This formulation is the basis help. Gelstat therapists are taught that each person has their own past, which often leaves a negative trace and also the future that most dream of and fantasize. But about the present moment of life, no one thinks about letting things slide that can bring joy and satisfaction.

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    Holotropic breathing

    A method of therapy practised by rapid breathing (hyperventilation of the lungs). From the patient’s blood is washed out carbon dioxide, a narrowing of blood vessels, including the brain. In the cortex aktiviziruyutsya the processes of braking that brings the person in a specific state involving euphoria and hallucinations.

    Experts in the field of psychosomatics who are supporters of the method believe that in this state man is able to free up their internal problems and experiences that are already repressed into the unconscious.

    Prevention and tips

    The main task is to learn to control your emotions and confront stressful situations. Helpers in this can be complexes based on vegetable drugs with a sedative action, effective for dealing with chronic fatigue.

    If possible, you should get rid of sources of stress or to reconsider the attitude to them. Allow yourself to relax. This may be bathing in a calm and quiet atmosphere or going to the movies, the opportunity to buy your favorite candy or to please a loved one a souvenir, thereby raising and your mood.

    Прыщи на лице: психосоматика проблемы

    To get rid of acne it is important to love and accept yourself, your thoughts, actions and desires. Make the decision to forgive those who even slightly contributed to the development of complexes or internal dissatisfaction. And about pimples ought to forget or refers to their appearance of calm. It doesn’t take long, as the skin will again become beautiful and healthy, emphasizing the tranquility and inner peace.