Ringworm on the belly: the systematic treatment will save you from the disease

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниGood day to all who are interested in skin issues!

When on the body and on the skin, in particular, appear strange modifications is always scary.

And when it is suspected ringworm – even a little shocking.

In this article we will tell you what can be and what be the cause of spots on the abdomen.

What kind of shingles can affect the chest and abdomen, and what are the types of lichen there is never localized?

Characteristic pathology

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниLet’s start with clarifying what is ringworm? This term combines several similar, but diametrically opposite in their nature diseases.

They are similar only in that all the lesions of the skin, and almost all of them are of infectious nature, but is contagious and passed from person to person – just two.

Now we will briefly consider each of them and try to understand what ringworm may occur on the abdomen.

But in each description, we attach the photo with the classic manifestations of the disease, so that you can see clearly the similarity and difference of different manifestations of the disease.

Pityriasis rosea

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниThe disease is most common in teenagers and the duration usually does not exceed two months.

Still science does not have the exact answer to the question about the reason of its origin, but all agree that the prerequisite for it is a reduced immunity.

Plaque pinkish color cover the entire body, and the mother is often localized spot is on the belly or a little higher.

This kind of lichen is not contagious and in case of a leakage it mild, no specific treatment is required. It runs its own in a few weeks.

Just yesterday, we wrote a separate article about this disease, I recommend to read it here.

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Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниInfectious disease, which is very easy to get as from a person, from a homeless animal.

It is for these two reasons, the disease caused by the fungal microflora, usually found in children of younger and school age.

He appears, usually on the scalp, although there are exceptions, and forms one spot, prone to sprawl.

Its localization on the abdomen can be only with running and severe case of the disease. But the first focus occurs only on the head under the hair.

Lichen planus

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниThe disease is autoimmune in nature and affects not only the skin but also the mucous membrane.

Its causes can be caused by stress or severe infection previously.

Its first manifestation is a papule filled with fluid, localized on legs, arms, mouth and on the genitals.

This disease requires mandatory treatment under the supervision of a specialist.


Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниCan also occur on the background of stress because of a failure of the immune system in humans.

Externally psoriasis looks like bright pink spots, slightly raised above the skin surface that appear on the bends of the feet and hands.

The disease may go to the neck, lower back and buttocks area. On the abdomen this species does not appear ever before.


The name itself makes clear its location:

  • on the chest;
  • on the abdomen;
  • on the back;
  • on the lower back.

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниRed watery papules, seems to surround the body, bringing along with inflammation, itching and aching with unbearable pain.

Pathology caused by the Herpes virus and there for the first time at the child when he gets sick chicken pox.

After, the causative agent for many years, moving in a latent state,falls asleep. In the form of denying it manifests itself in older age and, as a rule, it is preceded by a number of factors, which are strong stress for the patient.

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Treatment of Herpes in zoster must be started immediately, and antiviral drugs to begin to be taken no later than the third day from the onset of the illness. This form may have very dangerous consequences.

Pityriasis versicolor

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниThis peeling of the skin spots without inflammation, redness and pimples. Localization in the stomach and back, begins with a small plaque with a brownish tint, and gradually expands to the entire area of the torso.

The fact that the causative agent of the disease is a fungus that attacks the melanocytes, the cells responsible for pigmentation of the epidermis.

Disease refers to the infectious, although the extent of the prevalence of disease is much lower than that of ringworm.

Treatment it is receiving antifungal drugs internally and externally in the form of a cream. It also must be under the supervision of a physician and accompanied by weekly tests for the presence of the fungus in the scales.

Because after the analysis is negative, the medication should not stop even for a few weeks, only a slight dose. This form of disease, has a high percentage of re-infection.

Now, we all know that the stomach may not appear every lichen, but only a few of its species.

So if you notice yourself or your loved ones plaques on the skin, you need to immediately consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis of the disease

Лишай на животе: методичное лечение избавит вас от болезниFirst of all, the doctor carefully examines the patient with the goal of understanding the location of spots. Also used the x-raying of the affected places with a special lamp which is clearly visible areas where they settled the fungus.

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Used still scraping scales to determine the pathogen, as, depending on the species of fungus and assigned appropriate medications.


Each type of lichen in its own way unpleasant, and some of them are a real danger. Therefore, identifying the cause and accurate diagnosis, treatment should begin without delay.

In addition to the treatment you need to follow a diet and wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics, and the tub to replace with shower.

By orderly implementation of all recommendations of the specialist, the disease will soon recede and the skin will again become smooth and beautiful.

After come stable recovery, please do not forget about methods of prevention and maintaining immunity at a high level, because ringworm on my stomach at relapse treated longer and more complicated. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)