Ringworm on the hand: why you should not self-medicate disease?

Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?Human skin is probably the most vulnerable place on his entire body, and the skin on the hands especially. Every day our hands are faced with billions of different bacteria and of the epidermis, not to allow harmful pathogens to penetrate deep into.

So, unfortunately, is not always the case. Now we will talk about this issue, as the shingles on the hand.

Ringworm is a group of pathologies which can be designated spots on the body of man and animal. But not all shingles are the same, and not all have the same nature.

In case of appearance of rashes on the hands it is important to clearly distinguish one from the other and correct diagnosis.

Below we will explain each of them: looks like one or the other form, why it appears and what treatment is best suited.


Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?Manifested by vesicles on the body, most often the chest and back, rarely it may appear on the hands.

Small pimples and bubbles of small size and cover the skin accompanied by severe itching and pain. The disease can last about a month.

The reason for its appearance – the Herpes virus, after migrated in childhood chicken pox for a long time he falls asleep, and wakes up in the form of herpes zoster due to stress or serious illness.

This kind of this disease dangerous and contagious for people without a history of chickenpox in childhood.

But pain arises from the fact that the virus primarily affects the nerves. The disease is almost safe for those who in the childhood has transferred a chicken pox.

Main symptoms:

  • vesicular pimples on the body which contains the liquid;
  • the rash may be located asymmetrically on the body;
  • localization on the trunk, arms, legs and head;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • pain syndrome;
  • severe itching.

This lichen often occurs in the elderly and provocateur it can become malignant tumors, even at an early stage.

Methods of treatment of the disease

The classical scheme primarily involves drugs that suppress the Herpes virus. In parallel accepted adjuvants, in order that the body have power to fight the outbreak and also – the medication relieves pain.

External treatment is to apply ointment that relieves itching and inflammation. Successfully applied physiotherapy, namely reflexology and ultraviolet radiation.

Pityriasis versicolor

Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?His second name – colored, for the spots appear bright, the dark tones, depending on the type and color of the skin of the patient.

The disease occurs due to fungus, and stains to half centimeter with the disease grow and merge together, forming one large lesion.

Causes of infection

As a rule, the fungus feels good on the skin of people with excessive sweating often begins in the armpits.

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According to the latest data, there is a genetic predisposition to this form of this disease. For others it is not contagious.

Symptoms of multi-colored lichen:

  • white spots on the skin become dark, if the skin has a dark tone, lesions, on the contrary, will look lighter than the base shade;
  • the border of the rash is fuzzy;
  • often accompanied by the peeling;
  • small itching.

For accurate diagnosis, the doctor resorts to the test of scales and microscopic examination of the epidermis.


Therapy of pityriasis versicolor limited to the use of antifungal creams and good hygiene.

If the disease appeared on the background of seborrheic dermatitis on the head, special attention should be paid to the correct choice of shampoo for hair.

Pityriasis rosea

Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?It is a large pinkish spot, with another name of the virus Gibert and remaining in the body for several weeks.

Pathology can not meet the child or elderly person, they’re only in their Teens.

Causes of

In this form of lichen causes are not fully understood, but there is speculation about the same Herpes virus, which could trigger a decrease in immunity.

There is also a version that the virus Gibert occurs when supercooling of the epidermis and is similar to catarrhal disease of the skin.

Based on the above we can conclude that pityriasis rosea is not contagious.

The main symptoms of pathology:

  • circular spots that flake in the middle;
  • the red border at the contour;
  • slight itching and pain;
  • unlike other manifestations, the lesions do not merge.

Does the disease treatment?

The infection usually does not require special treatment and for three to four weeks goes away. But antihistamines relieves itching and inflammation, can be assigned. Also not superfluous will be taking vitamins to improve the body’s resistance.


Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?This form of the disease is the most contagious and cheer her students up to 16 years. In adulthood you may encounter with ringworm is extremely rare.

Sources of development of the disease

The disease occurs because of a fungus that hit the upper layers of the epidermis and began to breed there.

Infection can occur from person to person and from animal to appear. Method of infection – domestic, by touch and through objects designed for personal use.

Manifestations of this depriving a man:

  • severe itching;
  • peeling;
  • red spots, often weeping;
  • partial baldness;
  • the lesions rapidly increase in size;
  • a light sweet smell.

It is localized primarily on the scalp but can spread to the chest, shoulders, hands, in the most severe cases, can also be on your toes.

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As diagnostic uses a special lamp and a few tests on the affected area.

The fact that in the beginning, the pathology is similar to pink deprive, but as you have already understood, it is much more dangerous than the last. Therefore, the diagnosis must enroll to a specialist.


Antifungal drugs are prescribed both internally and topically as an ointment. Successful treatment includes hair removal, lubrication iodine and sulfuric ointment.

Helps to accelerate the healing process physical therapy: electrophoresis, UV radiation and phonophoresis.

Lichen planus

Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?Appears as a red and pink nodules on the body and can strike in addition to of the epidermis, mucosa and nails.

Its causes are rooted in heredity and related ailments. Lichen planus non-infectious disease, so it is not contagious.


  • pink papule with fluid inside;
  • localization in any part of the body, including the head and mucous membranes;
  • rashes cause discomfort and pain.

Therapy disease

As therapy is applied antihistamines, vitamins and sedative drugs.

Topically used ointments or creams, can ease pain and discomfort from rashes.


Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?Us he is better known under the name of psoriasis. It is a chronic form of the disease characterized by red spots, which then become inflamed then you have a more dull character.

Why do they appear?

Getting psoriasis may be due to hereditary predisposition, and also after stress. The disease is not contagious.

How to distinguish psoriasis:

  • red spots raised above the skin surface;
  • the rash has a dry character;
  • severe itching;
  • localized on the hands, feet, lower back and abdomen;
  • individual lesions increase in size and merge together, forming one big inflammation.

When the diagnosis assigned to blood test, though an experienced doctor will be able to distinguish the psoriasis by visual inspection. Sometimes it requires histological examination to rule out more serious illnesses.

The treatment of psoriasis

Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?As psoriasis still not fully understood, and treatment of the sensible does not exist. Therefore, most therapy is aimed at relieving the itching and healing of lesions. Sometimes successfully used a course of antibiotics.

Above, we made photo of the main types of lichen.

Prevention of disease

Regarding preventive methods, we can note that for any form of this disease they are similar.

The most important is personal hygiene and regular hand washing with soap and water. No need to use other people’s personal items and give use your.

But still the main role in preventing such unpleasant diseases, the immune system plays. A strong body will not only cope with fungi, happened to be on the skin, but also to prevent their further reproduction.

To maintain a high body resistance, it is important to eat right and not overeat, to a regime of the day, find time for the basic exercise and walking on air.

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Organize your activities in such a way to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. Possible the intake of vitamin complexes.

Treatment to the dermatologist

Лишай на руке: почему не стоит заниматься самолечением болезни?If you notice on the hands or on the body of a suspicious rash, do not delay visit to the doctor. It is also important not to try to treat and diagnose over the Internet.

You can lose precious time, which will complicate and slow down the healing process. For example, if shingles, it is important to start taking antiviral tablets during the first three days, otherwise would need more complex treatment regimen for a longer period.

The doctor will do a visual inspection, conduct additional tests that will rule out more serious disease and write out a treatment plan.

Then there is the moment that for each age group and depending on the complexity of the disease, medications and their doses will be different.

Some species of lichen, such as cutting, to be treated under constant supervision and the weekly submission of a scraping from the lesion, to understand the dynamics.

Even after full recovery antifungal drugs taken by the patient within two weeks. The doctor can only reduce their dosage.


So, we understood what kind of lichen can appear on the hands. With the help of special tests, the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

All forms are treated differently, and some are themselves. But despite this, a doctor must conduct weekly monitoring of dynamics of recovery.

Immunity is an important factor to prevent disease, and hygiene – the key to successful treatment.

In conclusion, the article put an interesting video about folk remedies for the treatment of this unpleasant species of lichen, as shingles:

Health to you!