Treatment of herpes on the tongue: from symptoms and diagnosis to specific drugs

Good day, dear readers! Have you had a herpes on the tongue? Perhaps he is now and you don’t know how to get rid of it? Then read this article where I will discuss how treatment of herpes on tongue in adults and in children.

A personal example

Лечение герпеса на языке: от симптомов и диагностики до конкретных препаратовExamples of this pathology you see in the photo. It’s all the same is herpes a rash, but she appears in a very unusual place – inside the oral cavity.

Most often you can ignore the child, because children are easier to catch, but rather to tighten infection in the mouth through dirty hands and toys. In adults, a similar phenomenon is also observed, but not very often, as adults are more neat and tidy.

With the same herpes confronted me, but rather my child. Most likely, he got it in the garden, playing common toys. Herpes is transmitted through household items and it for anybody not a secret.

To get is very simple: if the saliva of a sick person got a toy that someone then dragged into the mouth, that someone will pick up girisindeki.

The symptoms we had a standard: it all started with poor health and the increase in temperature, and in a couple of days there was a specific rash on the entire surface of the tongue.

So developing a herpes on tongue in children and adults in the standard case. The symptoms are unpleasant, the constant itching and pain to endure very difficult, so my child was capricious, refused to eat, was lethargic and irritable.

Of course, we immediately started to treat the problem. Want, will tell you how to treat at home?

The main methods of treatment: what will it take to get rid of herpes?

Basic rules of treatment, which must be observed, are as follows:

  • accepted drugs are the main symptoms;
  • the patient is provided bed routine and fluids;
  • for adults additionally used antiviral drugs.
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Лечение герпеса на языке: от симптомов и диагностики до конкретных препаратовLet’s start with patient care, as it is important. Ill have to eat right, lots to drink, most of the time to lie down and get fresh air in large volume.

We ate soups, mashed potatoes and other soft foods that can’t hurt the already irritated mucous membranes. We drank teas and compotes without sugar, and simple warm water.

The room in which the patient is located, need to air. If you come up with herpes in the summer, then it is better to open the window all night. The body needs fresh air to the immune system began to work properly and powerfully and, as a consequence, to fight the virus.

Drug treatment of herpes on the tongue consists of:

  • protivozanosnoy therapy;
  • antiviral therapy;
  • stimulation of the immune system.

Stimulation of immunity, by the way, not everyone will need, but only people with immunodeficiency.

The rest treated first in two ways, but there is also need to take into account a very important rule – children under 12 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding antiviral medication is better not to give. Why?

The reason is the high toxicity of these drugs, so these patients have to do therapy against the symptoms.

The most popular and effective drugs against herpes on the tongue:

Drugs based on interferon to stimulate the immune system and makes the immune system to produce antibodies to viruses of herpes.

These drugs are appropriate to take at the first outbreak (if herpes). By the way, most often the rash language provoked the first type of herpes viruses that most often causes the common cold on the lips.

To drugs-Viferon Immunostimulants include, Interferon alpha, Gaperon. Children up to 5 years, they in any case are not given, since it is pointless to stimulate the immature immune system.

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Drugs based on human immunoglobulin – destroying virus in the blood. They are very powerful, so are only used in severe forms of herpes. Often these drugs are administered intravenously in the hospital.

Лечение герпеса на языке: от симптомов и диагностики до конкретных препаратовAntiviral – most «running» the drugs that suppress the virus in the body. The most well-known antiviral — Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir. All other preparations are made on their basis.

Protivosemnye – from Ibuprofen to Aspirin. These drugs can be given to children after consultation with a pediatrician, and you can also take adults on their own.

They are designed to fight a high fever, intoxication, inflammation.

We were treated protivozanosnoy therapy, since antiviral medications we can’t. By the way, a healthy person, even a child is able to fight herpes infection.

It is not excreted from the body completely, regardless of whether you take antiviral. Treatment can only slightly speed up recovery and prevents complications.

Definitely needs to be treated seriously, only people with immunodeficiency and other abnormalities that increase the risk of complications.

National treatment: how to get rid of herpes in the language of the folk remedies?

If you have a standard (mild) form of infection and there is no indication for medical treatment, then you may be treated with folk remedies.

When my child was ill I used some folk remedies are quite effective and are absolutely safe.

Are you curious about what to treat cold sores on the tongue offers traditional medicine? If you’re interested, then here’s a list of these natural medicines:

  • Sea buckthorn oil is a great remedy, reduce itching and accelerate the healing process of the rash. And it fights disease causing bacteria, which can enter the wound and cause an abscess. Oil to smear the lesions 3 times per day.
  • Any pine oil, but preferably the fir is used as well as sea buckthorn. Coniferous essential oils have a powerful antiseptic action.
  • Decoction of chamomile and St. John’s wort to rinse – rinsing as often as possible, especially after a meal. We rinsed the mouth every 2 hours and it helped for a time to remove the unpleasant symptoms of herpes.
  • Zinc and oxolinic ointment — used if the herpes appeared not only on language but also on the lips. These ointments have a powerful healing effect, and provides an antiseptic effect.
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    We have cured herpes on the tongue for 5 days. By the way, this is the average duration of the disease.

    If you or your child develops symptoms then first consult your doctor, do the tests and then start treatment that the doctor advises. Do not self-medicate!

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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)