What to do if popped pimple itchy

Skin rashes are often the first signal that there were problems with health. They not only disturb the young people in their Teens, but in the different period of life. Considerable discomfort create acne at the same time with the itching and to know their reasons and as soon as possible to begin treatment, you should consult a specialist. They can be a point or on large areas of skin, to break the habitual way of life and to be an inconvenience, and their shape and number depends on the diagnosis and duration of treatment.

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  • Acne
  • What causes itching?
  • The weakening of the immune system
  • Why itchy pimples?
  • The possibility of allergies
  • Changes the body
  • Psychosomatics
  • Wrong way of life
  • Erroneous conclusions
  • When you do not need to be afraid of
  • When you need immediate examination by a dermatologist
  • The main recommendations of the doctor
  • Acne

    Various external and internal factors affect the appearance of acne on the body. If a person comes to the doctor with itching and rash immediately suspected an allergic reaction of the body and sent it for tests. Often such typical Allergy symptoms such as runny nose, redness of the eyes never appear, so patients don’t suspect about it. Also, the reason may be the Demodex mite which causes acne, swelling of the face and itching in the evening.

    Mange, weak immune system and many other factors cause irritation of the skin. There may also be neurological problems, because the doctor’s advice is very important. People carefully treat the skin all kinds of creams and ointments and do not receive, because the reasons lie within the body.

    What causes itching?

    If acne and itchy, it becomes a disaster for many people and prevents to lead a normal lifestyle. The danger is that when there is itching, skin comb, and the infection is spreading. The usual remedies against acne in such cases have little effect, because itchy skin often means disruption of the endocrine, digestive or nervous system. The first step is to eliminate the cause of a skin rash, then the itching will be along with small pimples.

    The weakening of the immune system

    On the skin of the person there are various forms of bacteria both beneficial and not. Some of them in small quantities is essential for the normal functioning of the skin, but when conditions are created for enhanced and uncontrolled growth, the microorganisms begin to cause harm. In the case of strong immune system, should not be afraid to attack bacteria, but if a person has a cold or other disease, lack of vitamins, minerals, its defensive system is weakened and can not cope with such an attack that is manifested by skin diseases.

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    Why itchy pimples?

    To establish the true cause of the rash at the same time with itching will only specialist. Because pimples itching for the disorders of many internal organs, by yourself will get rid of them is extremely difficult.

    The possibility of allergies

    Small rash that won’t stop itching may be an allergic reaction. The first thing you need to do an Allergy test for drugs for the treatment of rashes. Perhaps initially the itch was not, and after the therapy with medicines or drugs for external application he suddenly appeared. Allergies can also be to external stimuli, insect bites, pollen and some foods.

    To determine the allergen is enough difficult and impossible at home. Turning to the doctor, you can get competent advice and pass all the necessary tests and trials. After determining the nature of the pathogen is much easier and faster to get rid of the unpleasant itching and rashes.

    Что делать, если выскочили прыщи и чешутся

    Other skin diseases

    Often under the skin aktiviziruyutsya tick, why there are different pimples that are very itchy. One of the skin diseases is scabies, which is characterized by small bumps on the skin, itching does not stop in the areas of tick bite there are always new rash. The mite can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, therefore the treatment should start immediately. In addition to medicines need a complete disinfection of personal belongings of the patient and the room where he was.

    Что делать, если выскочили прыщи и чешутся

    The skin can also be damaged by the mite Demodex, which causes acne that itches mostly at night before bedtime. Lose this kind of parasites is called demodicosis. The reason for such pathology often becomes the weakening of the human immune system, a disorder of the digestive tract.

    Changes the body

    Sometimes cause rashes that itch so often, there are hormonal changes. Age-related changes in the body lead to imbalance of hormones, especially during adolescence, when various rashes rarely can be avoided. Sometimes they are accompanied by slight itching. The problem needs a complex treatment, which includes medication, ointments, changes in diet and lifestyle.

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    It is a violation of the ratio of basic substances in the body during the hormonal changes cause acne. Enhanced secretion of the sebaceous glands, the pores and be difficult to clean after their constant clogging blackheads are formed first, and then inflamed pimples and pustules. Itching appears if there is no cure and the problem becomes chronic.

    Что делать, если выскочили прыщи и чешутся


    If there is constant stress and neurosis can occur such changes in the nervous system, which will be expressed in a rash on the body and constant itching. Overall health and emotional state will have a direct impact on health. The body in such cases, perceives your own cells as foreign and begins to attack them, after which the itchy rash. Generally, pimples are periodic in nature. If you remove the irritant, to establish sleep and rest, to stop worrying they will be. You can’t touch your face with your hands, what often happens to people during the day, because that’s the easiest way to transfer bacteria.

    Wrong way of life

    Smoking, alcohol in large quantities and poor diet can affect skin condition. If the person moves a little, rarely in the fresh air, his skin sooner or later can respond to unpleasant pimples.

    Erroneous conclusions

    To determine the cause of the rash, you need to understand what type of acne is troubling the person. They can be inflammatory or inflammatory in nature. The danger is that after scratching they can leave marks on the body. In any case it is impossible to push them and much scratching, because then the wound can get infected.

    Many people are mistaken, eliminating itching with topical treatment. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to remove the internal factors of the problem.

    Что делать, если выскочили прыщи и чешутся

    When you do not need to be afraid of

    If the pimples appear in teenagers, it is not necessary to be afraid, because such changes are natural for this age. The itching usually goes pretty fast, but without specialist advice is also not necessary, because even ordinary acne need proper treatment and prevention.

    When you need immediate examination by a dermatologist

    Acne can be due to serious diseases in the body. One of such conditions requiring urgent care, there’s poisoning. In addition to the load on the liver, which is unable to cope with a large number of toxins, for withdrawal of harmful substances connected with skin. Urgently need to visit a dermatologist in the following cases:

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  • Small rash and redness of the skin;
  • Multiple ulcers or boils;
  • if in addition to the rash there is fever;
  • weakness;
  • swelling of the skin;
  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting and nausea.
  • Что делать, если выскочили прыщи и чешутся

    The main recommendations of the doctor

    At any age the person can appear rashes on various parts of the body. If they are accompanied by itching, of course, first and foremost you need to seek professional help, but adhering to the recommendations of the experts, can not only alleviate the patient’s condition, but also to prevent disease.

    1. Follow personal hygiene and to choose products based on natural water infusion with herbs, and a baby bath more often to add a series and chamomile.
    2. Regularly clean the skin of impurities with special cosmetics that has accumulated on it during the day.
    3. To monitor their diet, because lack of nutrients can negatively affect the condition of the skin. To avoid spicy, fatty and salty meals.
    4. Lead an active lifestyle, play sports, relax in the fresh air. All this will help to avoid stress and depression, improve physical condition and the nervous, endocrine and other systems of internal organs.

    Causes of pimples that itch different, but timely access to a dermatologist will help you choose the right course of treatment and not to lose time. Mandatory scraping for the Demodex mite and other tests will clarify the picture of the disease and help rather to relieve the patient from unpleasant itching. Such pimples are often unpleasant consequences, so you need to be attentive to the health of your skin.