White pimple inside and out: how to fight for the beauty of the face

White pimple inside is filled with pus, and the secret of apocrine glands, called milima is a solid education that can reach in size from 3 to 15 mm. do not Develop in the surface layers of the skin and in the deeper than and different from the usual acne. Usually are a problem of adults, in prosyanka, and is the popular name of a white eel, occurs in preschool children, and babies.

The content of the article

  • What we face
  • Causes of acne
  • The formation of acne and symptoms
  • People’s treatment and care surgeons
  • Effective diet from a dermatologist
  • Forecast for complications and consequences
  • Need for prevention
  • The rash often affects the face, acne covered cheeks, cheeks, eyelids and chin. But if the symptoms associated infection, Milia can spread to the breast skin, areola, nipple, genitals and back. In cosmetology see the cause of corn Buntings in the following factors: clogging of the ducts of the apocrine glands, which leads to the accumulation in the pores of the skin secret. This provokes the formation of seals in deep dermal layers, but the inflammatory process is not observed.

    What we face

    What is the difference between miniumum and closed comedones, which also falls under the category of «white pimple»? These formations are similar in appearance and manifestation, but etiologically represent two different problems. In addition, pimples never occur on the skin of children until, until you reach the puberty age.

    Patients, faced with the white acne and comedones, can you tell us about their main difference: eliminate the comedo is very easy, you just need to steam the skin and squeeze it. The process will be a bunch of yellowish color, and in front of it and separated itself grease tube, zakopalova duct. Comedones are localized only on the surface of soft tissues, for example, on the wings of the nose, cheeks, and chin. Rarely appear on the shoulder blades, chest or shoulders. But in fact, they can appear on any part of the human body, if apocrine glands start working in emergency mode. But for centuries-comedogenic does not happen. When heavy lesions should undergo treatment at the beautician.

    Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица

    Important: this white eel, that is, milium, squeeze mechanically impossible. Heavy pressure will not lead to the outpouring of content on the skin surface, and trauma. To remove the Bunting can only be surgically, at the opening of the spot to separate a certain amount of paste-like content with a characteristic yellowish white color. But the Milia, and closed comedones traditional medicine treats the same way.

    Causes of acne

    There is another version of the formation of Milia, and this theory fits the explanation why whiteheads occur not only in adults but also in infants. Based on the results of clinical studies conducted in the field of cosmetic dermatology, it can be concluded that corn Buntings are often located separately from clogged sebaceous ducts. This was clearly illustrated by using histological samples obtained from the skin of patients suffering from whiteheads.

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    What is inside of the white dense pimple? The capsule contents consists of keratin deposits, that is, the accumulation of dead skin cells of the dermis, not of excess sebum, which are the products of the sebaceous glands. If we consider education from the perspective of dermatology, the adults, whose face is dotted with the white acne, should be treated as kestose from epidermal keratin type.

    And cysts that appear in newborns do not require treatment and will eventually resolve themselves. This means that the main problem is not only in eliminating keratin accumulations in the deep layers of the skin, but also in addressing the original causes of this condition.

    Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица


    The formation of acne and symptoms

    Subcutaneous pimple can develop on the skin regardless of the age of the person. At the beginning of under the skin begins to define a small seal. As maturation of milium above the surface of the skin appears tubercle white or yellow if affected small blood vessels, the color is pink or even Burgundy red. On palpation there is a sharp, but short pain. Inflammatory foci are most often localized on the face, involving the tissues of the chin, nose, forehead, cheeks.

    Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица

    Inside of acne is pustules, a cavity filled with keratin mass and pus. Inflammatory cells may persist in this form for very long, it does not wisrawa and not bursting. First they reach in size, only a couple millimeters, but then become larger, and the pustules begins to accumulate pus. Bump gets bigger, but remove the pimple hard, since its base is located deep under the skin.

    People’s treatment and care surgeons

    Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies can’t offer such people resources that would radically and effectively solved the problem. Quickly remove whiteheads, prorezalsya on the skin – it is impossible. To treat them only two ways: complete a series of cosmetic cleansing of the skin, or seek the assistance of a surgeon or dermatologist. He’s using the special tool, make a deep puncture, and displays the contents of the pimple. If lesions are many – it is recommended to seek treatment with laser or electrocoagulation. But these two methods in their effectiveness is no better than a standard surgical procedure the autopsy corn Buntings. Besides, they are absolutely not suitable for children.

    Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица

    Important: the lesions are whiteheads that have already appeared in the facial area can disperse independently in a few months if skin cells will be updated regularly. But in these areas very soon will be a new miliums. So a person prone to rash, will actually suffer from them all the time, while trying to get rid of the problem by all available means.

    National treatment also offers effective recipes to help get rid of acne. At home, you can only resort to mechanical removal of pimples, but doing it of the eyelids is strictly prohibited. All the tools used in the removal of acne, treated with an antiseptic. And this procedure need to be repeated regularly, as miliums will appear again and again. You can’t even try to squeeze such acne without preliminary puncture, because its Foundation lies deep in the dermal layer. Superficial trauma to the skin will lead to infection and the appearance of new lesions. And then the treatment regimen will be based on antibiotics.

    However, there are several recipes of alternative medicine that can help quite effectively accelerate the regeneration process of the skin on the face. With their help, white pimple can quickly dry up and new foci would not often occur.

  • Masks of potatoes: tuber is Cooked, mash it with a fork, mix with cream, egg yolks and liquid honey. Localized pasty mixture applied to the affected areas. If you use the mask regularly, you can dry even the great saphenous acne.
  • Compresses on the calendula. You want to buy in the drugstore tincture of calendula, one tablespoon diluted in 100 ml of warm water, soak the bandage and the resulting solution applied to the skin.
  • Cheese and cucumber: cucumber Juice take two tablespoons and mix with 100 g of fresh cheese. Apply to face for 10-15 minutes.
  • Aspirin and mask out of it: first you need to determine if allergic reactions to this remedy. 10 tablets soaked in warm water and the swelling after warming up with a fork. In the resulting mass add a dessert spoon of honey and cream with antibiotics. On the face the mixture was incubated 10 minutes, and then rinse.
  • Effective diet from a dermatologist

    People with skin problems dermatologists recommend sticking to a special diet. You must completely eliminate from the diet fatty meals, alcohol, sweets, butter cakes and products, leading to gastrointestinal disorders. As strange as it may sound, but the majority of rashes that appear on the face, due not only to changes in the hormonal background, but also with disorders of the digestive tract.

    Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица

    Important: the diet should be balanced, and during the treatment better and go to a separate food. Add more vegetables and fruits, sea fish, seafood and cereals. Do not forget about dairy products with probiotics, sprouted wheat bread and trubna. You can refer to a dietitian, who will pick up food complex in accordance with the needs of the body, but with an eye on the skin problems. Keeping only the mono-diet – the person will exacerbate their condition, because the body needs the full range of vitamins and minerals.

    The restriction on the use of alcohol – categorical. Even alcoholic beverages are included in the list of prohibited products. You can’t use energy because they indirectly affect the internal organs that produce hormones. And in addition to the alcohol it is essential to limit myself in sweet and strong tea, give up coffee and caffeinated beverages. Sweet drinks – a taboo, it leads to problems with the intestines, and the sugar contained in a liquid, will necessarily affect the fat content of the skin. Driving the sebaceous glands, improper diet leads to enhanced their secretion, to produce more closed and inflamed pores.

    Forecast for complications and consequences

    Without proper care, and specific treatment – acne can merge into a large purulent conglomerates that will lead to General intoxication and irreversible deformation of the skin. With the normalization of activity of sebaceous glands and the right selection of drugs for internal and external use – skin condition is normalized after 4-6 months, and to get rid of white acne will work approximately 12-15 months.

    Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица

    Need for prevention

    To prevent acne, you can use diet to accelerate the disappearance already appeared – it is necessary to stimulate regenerative processes in the dermis. To do this, the skin must be regularly and properly cleaned, with the use of antiseptics, and special cosmetics.

  • Used keratolytic that helps the contents of the miliums to rise to the surface from deeper layers. Then the pimples will begin to open and clean the acne will be using a simple pressure on its Foundation. Keratolytic not be applied on the eyelids.
  • For preventive purposes use medications to help eliminate acne and closed comedones: retinoid group «Etretinat» antibiotics «Monocyclic», antiseptic and podsushivayuschee funds «Tretinoin»(similar to you will prompt in pharmacies).
  • Белый прыщ внутри и снаружи: как бороться за красоту лица

    White pimples – the problem is very common, but do not despair and give up. Through an integrated approach and patience, they can not only eliminate but also prevent recurrence. Timely enough just to pay attention to changes with their own eyes. As well as properly care for the face, eat rationally and do not try to squeeze acne appearing on their own.