Why peel off the face and pimples

As you know, oily skin are more prone to different rashes, but sometimes pimples appear on dry or combination skin simultaneously with the peeling. In most cases, this pathology causes a lack of moisture, but a rash is also a consequence of internal diseases or external factors such as improper care and cosmetics is of poor quality. First you need to figure out why the flakes the face, and pimples in each case, appear for different reasons and need proper treatment.

The content of the article

  • How to flaky skin with acne
  • Wrong treatment of acne
  • Skin types and how to recognize them
  • Using the wrong cosmetics
  • Internal causes
  • External causes
  • Allergic reactions
  • Recognize diseases associated with peeling of the skin
  • Peeling of the skin depending on age
  • Peeling for men
  • Skin adolescents
  • Why peeling skin in women
  • To what doctor to address
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Traditional treatment
  • Folk remedies
  • Expert advice
  • How to flaky skin with acne

    Rough areas on the face most often associated with a lack of vitamins or may be a symptom of serious diseases of internal organs, so, don’t ignore the problem. If the dryness and peeling is observed a rash on the face, without expert advice can not do.

    Wrong treatment of acne

    Usually people with skin problems are trying to cope with the acne and peeling of the face, and for this they select the wrong drugs. Treatment is prescribed only after determining the causes of rash and skin type. For example, the antibiotic may not be suitable for all varieties of acne. Sometimes you will need two kinds of medicines to eliminate flaking and a rash on the face. Not without changes to his diet.

    Skin types and how to recognize them

    Of course, to determine the exact type of skin you need to consult a beautician or dermatologist. The type of the skin affected by the sebaceous glands and the amount of moisture in it. Often skin changes after moving to another area, climate change and nutrition. Normal type is the most healthy and hassle-free, but found it rarely. This type most often have babies with a pink hue and free of pimples and roughness. There are three main types of skin:

  • dry
  • fat
  • combined.
  • A symptom of dry skin has narrow pores, frequent irritation. It is the most delicate of all types and ages faster. Sudden changes in temperature, wind, sunlight almost immediately affected by the peeling and redness. Dry by nature often causes roughness of the skin in certain areas.

    Women with combination skin have dry and flaky areas simultaneously with a greasy luster in the region of nasolabial triangle and forehead, where there are black spots or pimples. Oily skin can be identified by the Shine of the face, extended pores and comedones. It is the least likely to accumulate dead skin cells, but they are characterized by pimples and blackheads. Usually, oily skin is peculiar to young women under the age of 35 years.

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    Watch the video Determined by the type of your skin for further care

    Using the wrong cosmetics

    The skin at the time of treatment in need of intense moisture. Often, the habitual use of cosmetics does not give any results, because skin peeling need special care. Without proper cleansing, the pores are closed due to the large number of dead skin cells and rashes appear again and again. Soap to cleanse the skin not to apply, because it’s very dry face. Also forget at the time of treatment of alcohol-containing lotions or tonics, which will further damage the skin.

    Internal causes

    The condition of the skin depends on its type, from nutrition, daily care, and many other reasons. Among the internal factors that lead to dryness, there are:

  • medication;
  • improper diet;
  • crashing at the hormonal level;
  • allergies;
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Low levels of vitamin A typically leads to the accumulation of dead skin flakes on the face, and inflammation of the skin pustules and pimples. Sometimes peeling is a normal reaction to certain medications. After the treatment the skin returns to normal. Malfunctions of the thyroid gland and the female reproductive system cause hormonal imbalance that directly affects rash on the face.

    Often, the deterioration of the skin caused by an Allergy, but it can be not only on food and plant pollen, but also for natural cosmetics. In the case of cosmetic products of high quality can be picked up correctly skin care. To diseases that are accompanied by peeling skin, include ichthyosis, erythema, dermatitis, systemic red lupus, fungal infection, psoriasis and others.

    In the case of severe itching along with rough areas on the face need to immediately consult a dermatologist.

    Почему шелушиться лицо и появляются прыщи

    External causes

    Any change in skin condition associated with the influence of internal and external factors. To deal with external effects on the skin much easier than with the causes which affect the internal organs.

  • environment;
  • cosmetic products of poor quality;
  • abrupt climate change;
  • aggressive tools for cleaning the face.
  • When selecting cosmetics, you need to always consider your skin type, and do not forget to read the cream or lotion. Before going outside you need to protect your skin from the sun and wind.

    Allergic reactions

    An excessive amount of dead skin cells on the face often appear because of allergies. The main culprit of peeling is allergen, which affects the skin from the external environment or diet. People with allergic reactions will need a special diet with the exception of the possible allergenic foods. This delicate skin needs delicate care with a special natural beauty products.

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    Recognize diseases associated with peeling of the skin


    Почему шелушиться лицо и появляются прыщи


    Почему шелушиться лицо и появляются прыщи

    Red systemic lupus

    Почему шелушиться лицо и появляются прыщи


    Почему шелушиться лицо и появляются прыщи


    Почему шелушиться лицо и появляются прыщи

    Peeling of the skin depending on age

    There are age factors that affect the condition of the skin.

    Peeling for men

    Usually the male is much less likely to suffer from peeling of the face. Mainly source of problems is the incorrect means of washing and skin care, allergic reaction, infectious processes. Men often choose the easy remedy to skin care, there is a soap that dries your face. In this case, it is better to refuse from aggressive cleansers and use a soft lotion or gel for daily cleansing.

    Skin adolescents

    The body of the child in adolescence intensively changing and growing, because it often lacks useful vitamins substances due to bad food. The lack of protein in the diet will lead to flaky skin and various pimples. Hormonal changes also makes itself felt in the form of a rash on the face. During this period, parents need to carefully monitor the nutrition of children, and apply for facial only quality products designed for Teens.

    Peeling in children

    In childhood most often leads to flaking skin reaction to external stimuli, for example, detergents, wind, cold, medication. Children’s skin is very sensitive, so you will need a special tool to care for her. It is important to first establish the cause of skin problems with the help of a doctor.

    For detection of other lesions in a child read this article.

    Why peeling skin in women

    In most cases, the skin of the face suffers the female sex. The main reason is the lack of moisture, improper care, poor nutrition due to constant dieting. Experiments with cosmetics also harm the skin. To choose the means for washing and moisture should be strictly according to skin type.

    To what doctor to address

    Peeling represents the excess of dead cells, but the reasons for this state can be completely different. Depending on what triggered the acne and excess dead skin cells on my face turn to a different specialist. First need to visit a dermatologist which will determine the type of skin diseases. If the cause of the internal disorders or peeling appeared because of allergies, the patient will be directed to an allergist.

    In the case of psoriasis, shingles and other skin problems, which concern the nervous system, you will need to consult a neurologist. If in addition to peeling on the face are painful pustular formation, to eliminate the problem will help the surgeon. Sometimes the cause of the disease is infection in the body, because you need to refer to the infectious disease.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    Any method of eliminating the acne and peeling involves regular and long run good for the skin treatments. A variety of masks, peels help restore skin health. For peeling most often used acid, which gently dissolve the top dead skin layer. It is best to avoid scrubs because they can spread disease to healthy areas.

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    Traditional treatment

    When a simple moisturizing is not able to cope with the peeling, the doctor prescribes a special medicine. Suitable dexpanthenol, which not only removes the roughness, but also help to quickly restore the top layer of skin. The next effective remedy is huge discomfort in the form of a cream or lotion. Fast results gives a ointment with hydrocortisone. It is applied once a day for two weeks.

    Folk remedies

    Traditional recipes suggest the use of natural moisturizers. For masks suitable olive oil, egg yolk. Ground oatmeal combined with honey, and the result is an effective compound to gently cleanse the skin. Moisturizes the face mask of sour cream, cottage cheese, cucumber. For example, to combine fat methane with curd in equal proportions and apply on clean face for 15-20 minutes.

    Select a mask for your problem here.

    Expert advice

    To avoid unpleasant peeling, pimples, and dryness of the skin, you need to perform the following professional practices:

    1. Every day, the skin needs proper cleansing. In the morning and before sleeping you should wash your face with a special soft gel or lotion.
    2. Can’t do without regular cleansing masks, and cosmetic peels. If it is not possible to make such treatments in the salon, there are lots of recipes for independent use.
    3. After the deep cleaning do not use rough towel, it is better to take a normal soft cloth to eliminate excess moisture.
    4. At the time of treatment peeling should not be used for the purification of the remedies with alcohol, because it causes skin dryness and can exacerbate the problem.

    Uncontrolled use of drugs leads to bad consequences, therefore it is better to first try a moisturizing cream and if the problem persists, you must consult a doctor. If there is itching or pimples on the face simultaneously with the peeling, then a visit to the doctor should not be delayed. Timely medical help restore skin health and beauty.