Do I have to remove the ovarian cyst?

An ovarian cyst is a common disease in gynecology. A cyst is a cavity containing liquid or semi-liquid contents. Some types of formations are absolutely harmless, and the operation is not assigned. Other need thorough treatment. It involves hormonal drugs. In some cases the Bush you need to remove in order to avoid danger.

The activated form of this disease causes complications such as infertility, menstrual disorders, and Oncology.

Cyst carries a risk in the case of kinks, damage or sepsis.

Fortunately, in most cases it is a small entity, resembling a bubble.

The cyst are divided into the following types: functional, dermoid, endometrial and true.

The main manifestations of the disease

For this disease typical signs:

  1. pain in the abdomen, which are amplified before menstruation and during sexual intercourse;
  2. disruptions in the menstrual cycle;
  3. while rupture or torsion of the cyst is observed vomiting, nausea, sharp pain in the lower abdomen.

The detection of several of the above manifestations indicates the presence of the disease. Therefore, to delay the visit to the doctor is not necessary.

In the clinic of the gynecologist performs a pelvic examination, which allows to detect the cyst and change the appendages. One of the most informative ways considered ultrasonic method of research. This method uses transvaginal and transabdominal transducers. A cyst can be diagnosed by laparoscopy and computed tomography.

Options for disposal

Distinguish between conservative and operative methods of treatment.

In most cases, the removal of the cyst surgically assigned patients under the age postlimiting state. At the age of 50 – 70 years significantly increases the risk of tumors. On examination, the doctors insist on the immediate removal of the formations, to prevent the development of cancer.

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In women of childbearing age, surgery is extremely rare. For the treatment prescribed medications and special procedures.

Conservative method

In the case when the ovarian cyst is the main factor of failure of hormonal status, treatment need to hormonal products. Their choice, the doctor performs for each of the patients separately. This method of treatment is considered effective when the functional form of the cysts. It disappears completely after six months.

However, to delay medical treatment is impossible if there is no result. For the conservative of treatment is determined period (three menstrual cycle), during which should be visible dynamics in reduced dimensions. If no improvement is observed, the doctor prescribes surgery.

Medication is allowed to be combined with folk remedies. Assistants can become herbal infusions and decoctions of chamomile, mint, and succession. Herbal medicine has a General positive effect. Proper application of herbal medicine promotes a positive impact not only on the ovaries but also on the entire body. But this therapy acts only as a Supplement to the basic treatment.


If within the time allotted for treatment, the cyst has not disappeared, is assigned to the operation. Very often, in addition to the therapy prescribed physical therapy and drugs that strengthen the immune system.

Surgical intervention also occurs when non-functional type of cyst.

The method of operation depends on age, General condition of the patient, the type and size of education. In most cases, a benign cyst removed by laparoscopy. This is the most advanced method of treatment. This operation involves an incision of a few centimeters. Through it and remove the affected areas. This surgery does not damage healthy ovarian tissue and allows you to retain the ability to reproduce. Three days later, the patient can return home.

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In the case of true tumors use hysterectomy and ovariectomy.

If hysterctomy is removal of the uterus and appendages. Oophorectomy involves the removal of the cyst together with the ovary. Endometriotic cysts should be treated surgically.

Only 15% of cases ovarian cyst is characterized as a manifestation of cancer.

The probability that the benign forms of education in a malignant tumor does not disappear. Therefore, it is important scheduled visits to the gynecologist.

Malignant cyst must be removed as soon as possible.

Removal of the ovary will entail some difficulty when trying to get pregnant. Therefore it is not necessary to wait until the problems start, and should immediately seek help. Consultation will be required.

Do I need surgery?

This issue is of concern to every woman facing this disease. The main reason of this issue is the lack of obvious symptoms of the disease. We must remember that the conservative method does not differ high efficiency. For the time that a woman spends on conservative treatment, there are complications. They can later lead to loss of the ovary or the development of cancer.

Importantly, as with any other disease, the cyst cannot be run. In the advanced form to do without removing the ovary can not. A small cyst can be easily removed from the body and to preserve the ovary, which is very important for women who want to have children. After such an operation they are able to become pregnant and carry a fetus to term.

However, most women try to avoid surgery and find an alternative to surgery in people’s methods and drugs. Be sure to remember that time is against women and to use for treatment is necessary every minute. Be healthy!

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