Drops and nasal spray Tafen, Nasal: application instructions and analogues

How to apply drips and spray Taven?

Seasonal or year-round rhinitis causes serious symptoms that prevent the patient to maintain quality of life. Flowering plants reaction to pet dander, dust, Allergy to certain foods causes itching, burning, swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose and watery eyes, a feeling of pressure between the eyebrows, mucous membranes and the formation of abundant viscous secretions. In addition, some forms of allergies are accompanied by painful sensations in the head, frequent sneezing or coughing, irritability of the patient, malaise.

To get rid of such symptoms is possible with comprehensive treatment. Today the pharmaceutical market offers a variety of medicines that reduce the severity of the disease. However, doctors would recommend you to use drops in the nose «Tafen, nasal». Intranasal spray allows you to destroy the signs of allergic inflammation almost immediately after application.

About the spray «Tafen, nasal»

«Tafen, nasal» is intranasal means of local impact. The properties of the medication to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and allergic reactions. With proper use of a spray or drops, the drug has no negative effects on the mucous membrane and prevents irritation of the afferent nerves.

«Taven natalem» you can be treated for a long time, as the drug may not cause the formation of effects, including cause drug-induced rhinitis.

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In addition to the main action, «Taven, nasal» has a detrimental effect on some microbes and reduces inflammation in the nasal ways.

Reducing the number of mast and labrocyte, «Taven, nasal» decreases the amount of fat cells to the site of lesion and the activation of allergens. This process allows you to restore nasal breathing and improve the activity of protective cells of the body.

Nasal spray «Tafen, nasal» reduces the manifestation of allergic rhinitis, suppresses the reaction with the penetration of irritant to mucous membranes, and reduces inflammation in the area of hollow organs of the lungs.

For reference! The therapeutic effect after use of the spray comes on the first day of treatment.

Instructions for use of nose drops «Tafen, nasal»

Spray «Tafen, nasal» can be used for seasonal or year-round symptoms of allergic rhinitis, as well as to maintain health during remission of the disease. In addition, a means is indicated for rhinitis non-allergic nature and in the case of the formations of polyps in the nasal cavity. Dosing in each case is different, so before use, verify an individual course of treatment by a physician.

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To treat allergic reactions it is possible to use a metered-dose spray, but «Tafen, nasal» is available in powder form for inhalation.

When choosing the nasal spray usually is assigned the following doses:

  1. For treatment of kids under six years of age dosage it is important to choose a therapist, as a lot depends on the form of the disease, height and weight of the child.
  2. For adults and children over the age of six can be applied in two doses in each nostril.
  3. For the prevention of allergic rhinitis is assigned to the introduction of a single dose once a day. Maintenance treatment should be the lowest throughout the course of treatment. That is, preventive measures can only be used two hundred micrograms of funds from the day.

Do not enter a greater quantity of spray than prescribed in the instructions for use. Violation of the doses will not improve the patient’s condition. In addition, you can provoke the formation of side effects or overdose.

Before the instillation of the spray is recommended reorganization of the nasal passages with the help of firstgov sea or ocean water. If the medication was not at home, rinse the nose with saline solution.

How to prepare the saline solution and rinse your nose can be found here.

The course of treatment should not exceed three months. If necessary, after treatment take a break for two weeks and repeat the treatment.

Side effects

«Tafen, nasal» almost does not cause the formation of undesirable processes, but if the patient has violated the rules of application of the spray or increased dosing indicated the formation of side following syndromes:

  • dryness of the mucous;
  • violation of stimulation of protective cells in the nasal cavity;
  • itching and burning in the mouth;
  • education bleeding from the nose.
  • reflex cough;
  • frequent sneezing;
  • the appearance of a rash on the skin;
  • quick fatigue;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus;
  • violation of the structure of the nasal cavity, in particular, perforation of the septum;
  • swelling of the nose and face;
  • complete or partial loss of smell;
  • painful heart palpitations;
  • the violation of physical development.

With the appearance of adverse effects, treatment should be reviewed.

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You can’t use the spray «Tafen, nasal» in the case of the following cases:

  • fungal infection of the respiratory tract;
  • viral disease;
  • tuberculosis;
  • for the treatment of newborn children;
  • in case of special sensitivity to the components included in the composition of the drug.

Spray use during pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby’s chest should be discussed with your doctor. Experts usually allow «Tafen, nasal» only after multiple studies, in which it is proven that the benefits of the medicine higher than the risk for the embryo.

Important! Do not use this medication if dysfunction of the heart or at risk of developing adrenal insufficiency.

Similar drugs

In appointing the nasal spray, many patients consider the analogues of nose drops «Tafen, nasal». There are several similar drugs, but the use of these drugs should be discussed with your doctor.


For the treatment of allergic reactions, the doctor may prescribe «Apulien». The active component of means – budesonide, which is included in the group of glucocorticosteroid.

«Apulien» has a strong anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action. Improving the work of lipokortina, medication reduces the activity of allergic reactions, and destroys synthesis products metabolism arahidonova acid. Thus, «Apulien» reduces the intensity of the inflammatory response.

The use of «Apoleia» seamless tolerated by patients of any age. However, in case of violation of the dosages of the remedy may cause itching, burning, dryness of the nasal mucosa. In addition, the excessive application of funds becomes the cause of a rash and hypertrichosis.

«Apulien» contraindicated for patients suffering from glaucoma, hypothyroidism, bacterial or viral rhinitis, and fungal infections of the respiratory tract. With caution the preparation is used in the case of tuberculosis, amoebiasis or herpes eye.


Another analogue of «Tefen Natalia» — «Benary». Product intended for the treatment of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis, has a rapid impact on inflammation and reduces the symptoms of the disease.

In addition, the spray «Bearin» intended for the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis and reduce symptoms at the onset of irrigation in the nose.

«Bearin» as «Tefen, nasal», can not be used when fungal, viral or bacterial lesions of the respiratory tract. Doctors do not recommend burying the tool in pregnancy and use for the treatment of children. From the use of «Bearina» should be avoided, if recently you have had surgery on the nasal cavity or you suffer from frequent bleeding.

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In the formation of the burning sensation, dryness and irritation of the mucous membrane from the use of drops should be discontinued. Other side effects include:

  • sneezing;
  • headaches and temporal pain;
  • pain in the nasopharynx and throat;
  • the appearance of abundant viscous secretions;
  • allergic reactions such as rash and urticaria.

In this case, the drug should be suspended or fully revoked.


To get rid of allergic reactions by using inhalation, on the basis of the drug «Pulmicort».

The tool has a rapid impact on the affected tissue and restores the nasal passages after the first inhalation. But when you use «Pulmicort» we need to be especially careful and study limitations.

These include:

  • particular sensitivity to active and additional substances of medication;
  • prohibited from inhalation for the treatment of children up to six months;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • glaucoma;
  • microbial and fungal inflammation in the nasal ways;
  • in viral infection.

Use in gestation should be discussed with your doctor.

How to conduct the inhalation properly find out here.

Among the side effects of the «Pulmicort» there are the following symptoms:

  • candidiasis of oropharynx;
  • dryness of the mucous;
  • throat irritation and throat;
  • itching and burning;
  • reflex and a dry cough;
  • hoarseness of the voice.

In applying the drug should monitor the total clinical picture of the patient. When any symptoms of overdose treatment should be stopped.


Seasonal or year-round allergic reactions the patient must follow the immune system of the body and in temper. Eat only healthy food, spend a lot of time in the fresh air and exercise.