Cream and ointment mastitis: list and reviews

Cream mastitis is the most popular tool in the treatment and prevention of disease, as it is made from natural ingredients.

The big risk was found in women aged 35-40 years. Just as in the world of mastitis affected more than 75% female.

The causes of mastitis


The mammary gland is an important organ for women. Any failure in the work system of the mammary glands entails a number of consequences. So the most important thing is determining the cause in the early stages of development that will allow us to start the complex restoration.

For the continuous work of the breast meets many hormones. Directly to the imbalance affect progesterone, prolactin and estrogens, resulting in and formed breast.

The reasons that lead to hormonal imbalance. The most common are:

  • the lack of vitamins in the body, including protein and minerals (and thus is a violation of the synthesis of hormones);
  • the injury of the breast;
  • the absence of pregnancy and labor prior to 35 years;
  • termination of pregnancy;
  • depression or a stressful situation;
  • insufficient dopamine levels, affecting the synthesis of prolactin;
  • production in a small amount of progesterone, which leads to an increase of estrogen;
  • the use of different diets;
  • obesity;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • reduced thyroid function;
  • genetic predisposition (diagnosed in people close relatives which suffered from cancer).


The main symptoms that you need to pay attention to include:

  • painful sensation in the chest that is worse when walking or when touched;
  • change in breast shape, and a lower side;
  • soreness in the nipples;
  • burning sensation in the breast itself;
  • cracks or sores;
  • induration of the glands;
  • a feeling of tension;
  • different discharge from the nipple;
  • the sudden appearance of hair on the skin of the breast.

Some symptoms may announce the onset of the menstrual cycle, so first day it is not necessary to sound the alarm. If after a time the symptoms become constant or even increase, causing a feeling of discomfort, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

Impact creams

Today one of the most effective ways of treatment, especially in the early stages, is cream. Tool to adjust hormone levels in the body.

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The cream is made from natural ingredients. Thus, the application is completely safe for human health.

Applied directly to the chest, penetrating into the very epicenter. Reviews of women who used the cream from mastitis, speak about the positive effect. And also advantage is the possibility of the period of breastfeeding.

When applying cream on a regular basis observed the following results:

  • reduction of the inflammatory process glands;
  • reduction of swelling to a natural condition of mammary glands;
  • restore healthy look of the breast;
  • the resistance to inflammatory processes of the breast tissue;
  • elimination of pain.

Application of ointments

Ointment mastitis has also hormonal components that affect the elimination of the inflammatory process.

Used as creams and ointments for treatment of mastitis it is absolutely safe, as there is no absorption in the blood. Both drugs inhibit the inflammatory process, thereby not allowing the estrogen to accumulate in the body.

Ointment to the breast with mastitis may be administered by a physician in the facility along with the pills. Thus, the course of treatment is significantly reduced. The hormones contained in the creams, synthesized from plant materials. In the composition a small amount of hormones.

The tool is aimed at the effects of estrogen receptors and a decrease in its concentration of mammary glands. This reduces painful symptoms and stop the growth of tumors.

Among the opinions about the means to the breast in the treatment of mastitis, there are reviews of women who completely got rid of the disease for a short period of time.

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Use a cream wax

Most women try to write off any discomfort in the chest area for various circumstances. Cream-wax from mastitis Healthy used both for prevention and for the treatment itself. The rich composition of the cream-wax acts primarily on the cause and reduce the symptoms.

Cream-wax consists only of natural components, thereby does not cause allergic reactions. It consists of:

  • bee venom, which affects the microcirculation and relieves pain;
  • beeswax, promote wound healing and relieve inflammation.
  • pine oleoresin, relieves swelling and reduces seals;
  • horse chestnut extract has the recovery process, contributes to the reduction of the tumor;
  • olive oil, improves blood circulation, softens the skin;
  • propolis extract, helps to eliminate seals and reduce the healing process;
  • extract of bee moth, restores the metabolism and nourishes the skin;
  • extract of bee Podmore, has an analgesic effect, protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Cream-wax Healthy from mastitis a completely natural product and contains no chemicals. Suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. All components of the product are immunostimulatory. Substances have a positive effect on the endocrine system and restoring hormonal imbalance.

Comments about cream-wax from the women who tried it for yourself, tell about a significant improvement already after 4 days of daily use. Already on day 2 of application of the pain is eliminated, and heaviness in the chest disappears completely.

Cream wax easy to apply and instantly absorbed. Apply 2 times a day. A treatment to prevent is from 14 to 30 days.

Features of the impact of the cream

Comprehensive prevention of mastitis is most effective. For treatment, depending on the stage of mastitis, and use a variety of methods. It can be pills, ointments, creams, decoctions, injections and other medications.

Series of creams from a Doctor is suitable for comprehensive treatment, and separately from other means. Thanks to the natural substances contained in the composition, the cream does not cause allergic reactions when interacting with other drugs.

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This tool eliminates puffiness, prevents discharge from the nipple, removes pain, improves the condition of the skin.

The cream contains palm oil, known for its beneficial effects on metabolism. This significantly improves circulation and lymph drainage, as part of palm oil are antioxidants.

Fat-soluble vitamins A and E, also included in the cream has softening properties. Thereby promote deep penetration of active substances.

With regular use during treatment seals are much smaller, and the Breasts to restore the former form.

All components of the cream are natural. The composition includes herbal extracts such as chaga, gingo biloba, bodyaga, Arnica and others. Through this combination cream can be used during and the menstrual cycle. And can be used in combination with compresses.

The product is taken 2 times a day. The best time is at night before sleep and early in the morning. The recommended course of treatment at the initial stage of mastitis 2 weeks.

Women should be attentive to their health. Especially if we are talking about this disease, like breast. Most importantly, remember that in identifying in the early stages of mastitis, treatment will be gentle, timely and painless.

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