After heartburn and sour belching appeared a lump in my throat

After heartburn and sour belching appeared a lump in my throat

Ruslan asks:

Good day! This problem. Quite a long time tormented by heartburn and acid regurgitation. After these two disease were gone, there were a lump in the throat. Drink Ganaton and Ranitidine does not help. Lately though the lump moved in his throat a little to the right and hurts more. What to do?

The answer of the doctor:

Good afternoon, Ruslan.

Heartburn and acid regurgitation — symptoms of many diseases of the digestive system. As a rule, signs of lesions of the stomach, duodenum and pancreas. Feeling a lump in my throat is more typical of problems with the esophagus, and sometimes appear nervous stress, sore throat, inflammation of the thyroid gland. Ranitidine and Ganaton in this case will be ineffective.

You should undergo a full examination. First examine the esophagus. In cases of suspected esophagitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus) need to go sleduyushie survey.

  1. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (or EGD). This method will allow to detect changes in the esophagus, stomach and the initial part of the small intestine. Often diseases of the esophagus be the cause of diseases of the stomach.
  2. Fluoroscopy of the esophagus. This research more accurately identifies the lesions of the esophagus.
  3. In parallel, schedule a consultation narrow specialists: ENT, endocrinologist, neurologist to rule out other diseases with similar symptoms.
  4. It will not hurt to do an electrocardiogram — heartburn often hides the damage to the heart, and chest x-rays or the lungs with a burning retrosternal pain need to make a minimum the study of light.
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With a strong desire all of this will take a few days. Then the results should see a physician, who will prescribe the treatment according to the exposed diagnosis.