As in house conditions to determine the acidity of the stomach

How to know stomach acidity at home

To take care of your health should always be seen in the clinic. It is necessary to make an appointment to see the doctor, then had to stand in line to pass tests and receive special study. In cases where specialists are needed do not exist in this medical institution to be sent for consultation to another place. It all can last for months, and help you want to get faster.

Is it possible to speed this process does not try to improve health? For example, how to find out the acidity of the stomach? This figure affects the health and leads to many diseases of the digestive system.

What you need to know stomach acidity

The normal environment in the stomach acid. The main merit in it of hydrochloric acid that is normally produced by the glands of the gastric mucosa to protect and neutralization of poor quality food. Increase or decrease this figure affects not only the gastrointestinal tract suffers the whole body. The high content of hydrochloric acid leads to the following diseases:

  • hyperacid gastritis;
  • stomach ulcer or duodenum;
  • inflammation of the lining of the esophagus;
  • the weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter (the muscle located on the border with the stomach);
  • the deterioration of the adjacent organs — the pancreas, the small intestine, the gallbladder.
  • These diseases are much easier to prevent than they are after to get rid of. As in house conditions to determine the acidity of the stomach? This will require a little attention to their health.

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    Myths about the definition of acidity

    Как в домашних условиях определить кислотность желудкаIt is impossible to determine gastric acidity with litmus-paper — in some sources there are tips on determining the level of acid in the stomach. According to the authors, it is sufficient to place the indicator on the language (so the paper stuchitsja saliva) and depending on the pH it will change color. But to determine the acidity can not gastric mucus, and saliva.

    Another feasible method is to determine indicators with the help of baking soda. It is recommended to mix with water and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. If there is a pronounced burp — there is excess acid in the stomach. The method is not informative, the acid in a small amount is present in the stomach always. But because of the individual characteristics of the organism it can stand out a little more. For example, before the person has overeaten or celebrated throughout the night. This is an inaccurate indicator.

    Exact data stomach acidity can only be obtained through research in the clinic or hospital. How to determine acidity of the stomach in the hospital?

    1. Как в домашних условиях определить кислотность желудкаEndoscopic examination with a probe.
    2. Rapid laboratory methods.
    3. One of the most accurate research — daily pH-metry.

    Such procedures are conducted only in the presence of health workers. Own especially at home, no one will. All other methods — a relative, thanks to them it is the definition of a problem.

    Symptoms and indirect signs of increased acidity

    How to test stomach acidity at home? It does not need to buy expensive reagents, to breathe into a tube or to collect the morning portion of the test. Enough more carefully to see to their own body. What does it mean? In the case when the acidity increases the health of the person also varies — there are some unusual symptoms and changes being. Normally, the stomach is produced not only hydrochloric acid but also neutralizing its substance. When the number of more acid — see the following symptoms.

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    1. Как в домашних условиях определить кислотность желудкаTaste acid in my mouth. This is the most common symptom of acidity. He worried often after eating, but in some cases the feeling of acid is the sight and smell of acidic products. People celebrate the emergence of such a symptom when a sour Apple, lemon, sauerkraut, pickles, candy. In some cases, an excess of protein in the diet also cause a sour taste in my mouth.
    2. Belching and indigestion (or burning sensation in the chest) after drinking carbonated beverages. Spicy fried and smoked food, alcohol and sweet food will also lead to prolonged heartburn.
    3. In the morning may disturb the copper taste in my mouth.
    4. Discomfort in the stomach or the appearance of pain after consumption of the above products.
    5. The symptoms of acidity are frequent constipation.
    6. If a person is taking anti-inflammatory drugs («Aspirin», «Nimesulide», «Diclofenac») at high acidity of nausea or pain in the stomach immediately after consuming these drugs.

    At the same time all the signs will only appear in rare cases. So sometimes increased acidity will manifest itself one or two symptoms.

    How to determine the acidity of the stomach without gastroscopy? This is possible only through indirect methods. Aversion to once-loved vegetables and fruits, a slight disturbance of health and the body’s response to irritating products should give the person the idea of having to take care of your health. It is important to remember that the ideal home ways to test the acidity does not exist! Definitively diagnosed only by using special advanced techniques. The earlier you start the survey, the less health problems will have rights in the future.

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