Barrett’s esophagus: symptoms and treatment

Barrett’s esophagus — symptoms and treatments

The disease is not responding to therapy or doctors prescribed the wrong drugs — so I think people suffering from severe illnesses. But there are processes that formed as a result of incorrect or irregular treatment, and the impact on them should not in two to three weeks. Therapy of severe cases is at least two months.

In this complication of GERD, the esophagus (syndrome) Barrett’s symptoms are complex and treatment often are not restricted to three months. Below we will discuss symptoms of this disease and all its treatment methods.

Symptoms of Barrett’s esophagus

This disease has no specific symptoms, telling that once you can assume the existence of this process. Adrift disease resembles GERD, in rare cases, symptoms were completely absent and the diagnosis is exposed with casual studies of the gastrointestinal tract. The main symptoms of Barrett’s esophagus can be considered the following.

  1. Sore throat after eating, aggravated by eating spicy and hot food.
  2. Heartburn, a burning sensation in the chest. It is also usually associated with food. Burning pain often occur during physical exertion after a heavy meal, when bending the trunk forward.
  3. Often the first sign of the disease is the appearance of blood streaks in the vomit — the consequences of the established bleeding from the esophagus.
  4. To unusual symptoms of Barrett’s esophagus include sleep disturbance, hoarseness, the appearance of wheezing, expressed General poor health.
  5. Violation of swallowing: feeling of lump in throat and difficulty swallowing.
  6. Burp.

One of the most important prognostic signs of the emergence of an unusual epithelial cells in the esophagus is a long term GERD. To suspect the presence of Barrett’s syndrome is possible if GERD does not respond to treatment and worried man at least five years, and no episodes of exacerbations are extremely rare. Often prone to the development of the process of white-skinned men older than 50 years with overweight (if concerned about the constant heartburn).

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Diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus

Timely detection of the disease process — the key to early, adequate and complete therapy. It can save people from developing cancer of the esophagus later. How to expose the disease and what for today the most informative methods of diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus?

Пищевод Барретта: симптомы и лечениеFor early prevention of the disease need to undertake endoscopy to all people experiencing long-term heartburn. If the symptom is troubling for at least five consecutive years or occasionally for 6-7 years to undergo fibrogastroscopy (FGS) is required annually.

Signs of changes of the esophagus during the examination with the help of FGS.

  1. Columnar epithelium of Barrett’s esophagus (this is the one that replaces the normal stratified squamous epithelial cover) has a characteristic bright red «velvety» appearance. Normal layers of the esophagus glossy soft pink hue.
  2. You can find long strands of such a cover and small areas with a length of 1-2 cm.

To more accurately determine the presence of abnormal tissue, it is important to take a piece of modified cells for further histological examination (biopsy).

Treatment of Barrett’s esophagus

When Barrett’s esophagus treatment begins with the discovery of atypical cells. Specific therapy does not exist, it is directed primarily at eliminating the root cause of the disease — esophageal reflux (reflux of stomach contents back into the esophagus). To this end, people are prescribed drugs to reduce gastric acidity, to improve the movement of food, used substances that improve the functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter. But in medicine, the use of not only medical therapy of the disease. Treatment starts with proper nutrition affects the way of life, and if necessary, surgical correction is performed.

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Correction lifestyle

Пищевод Барретта: симптомы и лечениеIn contrast to GERD, the treatment of Barrett’s not diet and lifestyle and medical therapy. But to start treatment is still necessary with correction of lifestyle and diet. What doctors recommend?

  1. Small meals at least 5 times a day.
  2. Complete elimination of food and liquids from a diet, which stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid and weakens the lower esophageal sphincter: chocolate, spicy food, alcohol, some fruits and vegetables.
  3. After eating any physical activity and lie down to sleep it is necessary not less than 2 hours after a meal.
  4. Quitting Smoking.

Medicinal treatment of Barrett’s esophagus

Treatment of Barrett’s esophagus medical methods depends on the degree of dysplasia of the cells of the esophagus (the process of their degeneration in malignant).

If low-grade dysplasia:

  • prescribe proton pump inhibitors in double dose course of 8-12 weeks;
  • antacids or alginates for 10 days;
  • prokinetics.
  • After 3 months needs a follow-up endoscopy and, if changes in the cells are not stabilized — treatment continued.

    A high degree of changes in the cells of the esophagus requires the appointment of drugs the course of at least three months, additionally applies laser therapy, and complications discusses the surgical treatment.

    Treatment using other methods

    1. Пищевод Барретта: симптомы и лечениеEndoscopic treatment of Barrett’s esophagus in our time are used as primary and secondary after ineffective medication. This is not invasive methods that help to stop the progression of the disease, they are carried out with the help of an endoscope and argon Plasmacluster. With the aid of an optical system in control of the process, and the coalescent burn the modified sections of the mucosa.
    2. In recent years, carried out the treatment of Barrett’s esophagus by laser. The method is given in conjunction with therapeutic. It is similar to the previous one, laser is carried out the burning of abnormal cells.
    3. A new and controversial method of treatment is ablation of Barrett’s esophagus. The esophagus catheter, creating an electromagnetic field in an affected organ. Thanks to this allocated heat energy, leading to the development of burns and subsequent atrophy of the substituted tissue.
    4. The final frontier in an attempt to get rid of the Barrett’s esophagus — surgical treatment. Resection of the esophagus performed during the development of the malignant process, if all these methods prove ineffective or were the indications for emergency removal of part of esophagus (massive bleeding, narrowing). In our time, trying in rare cases to resort to this method of getting rid of the disease in connection with the presence of postoperative complications.
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    Barrett’s syndrome is a dangerous disease that almost 10% of cases goes into cancer. Therefore, treatment is important to use all available methods. Home treatment — change in the approach to food and administration of medicines. In severe cases you can trust the gastroenterologists for endoscopic procedures or surgeons to remove the affected area. But it is better not to endure years of heartburn, acid constantly burning your esophagus, and in time to see a therapist or a gastroenterologist to proactively avoid such serious complications.