Belching air and pain in the chest — a description of the reasons

Pain in the chest in the middle and burp

The nature and intensity of pain in the chest prior to the special methods of investigation can be assumed about the underlying disease. But in recent years due to uncontrolled taking many drugs some disease lurking behind other sometimes more severe.

Despite this there are significant grounds on which it is easy to suspect a painful process. Even two such common symptoms as chest pain and belching, talk about a lot.

What diseases are accompanied by chest pain

In the chest are vital organs, from the operation of which depends not only health, but also the work of the body as a whole. Heart, lungs, esophagus, blood vessels and nervous plexus are located there, and, therefore, failure can occur in any of them.

On violation of any of the processes is to signal the person pain?

  1. Burning pain more in the left half of the chest, radiating to arm, jaw and back are characteristic of heart problems.
  2. Pain on inspiration, after a serious emotional surge or hypothermia is often caused by neuralgia.
  3. Cough, heaviness in breathing and pain symptom is the result of the defeat of the respiratory system.
  4. Belching air and pain in the chest more like problems with the digestive system.

There are several diseases of the digestive organs, accompanied by these signs. They should stay in more detail.

GERD and other diseases of the digestive system

Gastroesophageal reflux disease — often, it is the problem of wrong behavior. This disease, the development of which involves two main mechanisms.

  1. The weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter (circular muscle of the esophagus, near the border with the stomach).
  2. Pathological reflux or backward reflux of stomach contents — food or gastric juice into the esophagus, causing its wall constantly inflamed.
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GERD is often accompanied by heartburn, pain in the chest in the middle and acid regurgitation. The main symptom is a burning retrosternal pain radiating to the left arm. That is why reflux disease is often confused with heart problems. To understand what ails the human heart, or the digestive system, you need to take the drug that reduces the acidity of gastric juice — an antacid. If the symptoms will go away of heart disease can be safely deleted.

This pathological process without proper observation and treatment leads to even more disastrous consequences — develop complications. One of the most painful and unpleasant — the appearance of narrowing of the esophagus. They result from the substitution of soft and elastic fabric on the rough connective. Over time, the lumen is significantly reduced. Since then almost every process of eating is accompanied by belching and pain in chest. Especially eating solid food aggressive and leads to a pronounced painful symptoms.

Achalasia cardia and esophageal diverticula

Another painful oesophageal achalasia cardia. Its essence lies in the inability of the lower esophageal sphincter to relax during swallowing. Today is one of the most mysterious disease, the causes of its development, the doctors still argue.

Отрыжка воздухом и боль в грудной клетке — описание причинThe disease is more common in middle age and characterized by the appearance of painful burping before, during or after eating it. Chest pain occur when swallowing, and sometimes regardless of the meal. They provoke a strong emotional surge, and they are accompanied by vegetative manifestations:

  • heartbeat;
  • sweating;
  • a feeling of lack of air.
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    The next cause of painful belching air diverticula or diverticulum of the esophagus. This is often a congenital anomaly of the digestive tube. The pain in this process are moderate. All the symptoms appear in the case if the diverticula get pieces of food. Zastaivayas and rotting inside, they irritate the walls, causing soreness and resulting in belching with fetid odor.

    Hernia and cancer of the esophagus

    A hiatal hernia diaphragm is formed when part of the stomach accidentally penetrates into the chest cavity through natural openings in the border muscle (the diaphragm). Useplease with minimum movements such education is a wild pain in the solar plexus and constant belching. This problem is corrected only by surgery, in contrast to all of the above diseases.

    Отрыжка воздухом и боль в грудной клетке — описание причинCancer the process of the esophagus as a percentage of all diseases this body go in the first place. Cancer is found in 80-90% of cases. Manifestations of the disease depend on the stage of the disease.

    Come first the following symptoms:

  • feeling of fullness behind the breastbone;
  • dysphagia — a violation of the act of swallowing;
  • pain in the esophagus, especially when burping;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • excess secretion of saliva;
  • regurgitation food.
  • If the pain compared to the above processes — in this case, it can appear on one of the last stages when the cancer reaches an impressive size.

    Pain in the chest — not just a temporary unpleasant feeling of discomfort. It is often a symptom of severe processes. It is impossible not to pay attention to it. Health care for a person!

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