Belching and heartburn due to hernia of the esophagus

Belching and heartburn due to hernia of the esophagus

Olga asks:

Hello, my mother has hernia of the esophagus for 6 years, now found and the diaphragm. To receive Omeprazole is already not the effect, have to drink soda solution, constant dry mouth (sugar OK), belching and heartburn not allow to live normally. Could you recommend what to do next?

The answer of the doctor:

Good day, Olga.

Gryzenia protrusion of the esophagus is a saccular formation. They often get stuck pieces of food or drugs. They are accompanied by symptoms such as belching, burning sensation behind the breastbone due to acid or eaten food in your mouth. Any drug therapy for this pathology is temporary and not always effective relief, symptomatic relief from some symptoms. From the main problem pills or any folk remedies won’t cure. Drinking soda can worsen the disease. This substance temporarily reduces the acidity, so temporarily removes heartburn. But after a short time all phenomena are returned, sometimes with greater force.

To help better use of modern antacids, but a short course (10 days). If you have taken Omeprazole for a long time, have developed addictive, so go to the more modern drugs — Lansoprazole, Esomeprazole.

With regards to the disease itself — the only thing that can help is surgical treatment. Talk with your doctor about the possibility of surgery. Modern techniques allow them efficiently, quickly and without complications. Given that the number of hernias is increased, it is the right solution.

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